"Oh no, I just snuck aboard a prison transport and strangled three people with a garrote just to come say hi to you…"



"My plans fell through and it costed me little, but those that I had working for me? Costed them their freedom as they’re now in the hands of State police… You ask me? This is a fate far worse than death, as these men and women won’t be treated with an ounce of humanity due to their ties to the Guristas. They’ll be sent away to some nightmarish hellhole set sides just for those with Guristas affiliations. You think they get sent to the regular prisons with the rest of their citizens to be ‘rehabilitated’? No, they wouldn’t think about giving my people the same kind of status and treatment. They wanna watch us suffer slowly and break us so they can have the satisfaction of making us beg for their forgiveness… That’s what hurts me the most about my failure, that I’m putting people in this situation. I must spare no expense to do what I can to pull them out. Even if they’ll never forgive me, at least I can take comfort in saving them for this fate…"

  • Suha Raibuya

“Oh no, I just snuck aboard a prison transport and strangled three people with a garrote just to come say hi to you…”

July 25th YC 122

In warp-tunnel, Lonetrek Region - State Prison transport Two-Eight-Charile. Gamma Cellblock

“Hey, command sent me to relieve you from your post.”

“Geez, about ■■■■■■■ time… I was about to go in break fourty three minutes ago, the ■■■■ took you so long?”

“Sorry, had to take a dump on the way over here, two cups of coffee for breakfast - you know how it is.”

“Nah I don’t, no ■■■■ takes long. What? Rubbed one out while you were at it?”

“Sure, why not? Found some leaked photos of my favorite halo-actress and couldn’t resist.”

“Do that ■■■■ on your own time man, I’m starving right now thanks to you bullshiting around and leaving me to watch over these deadbeat pieces of ■■■■.”


“Whatever, just for the record I’m gonna inform command of this ■■■■■■■■. Ain’t got the patience for that kind of slacking round here.”

“Hey, come on. Cut me a little slack, yeah?”

“Man, I don’t even know who the ■■■■ you are, you new here?”

“Yeah, just transferred from another ship.”

“Oh yeah? Which ship?”

“Oh uh - Seven-Seven-Alpha”

“Ain’t no ship I heard of.”

“Yeah, it’s a prison ship that makes the rounds in The Forge, not from around here.”

“Yeah sure, you get transferred out for this same slacker ■■■■■■■■?”

“Nah, volunteered as I heard there was more opportunity to move up.”

“Ain’t gonna move up anytime soon spending other people’s time jacking off in the bathroom stalls pal… What’s your name?”

“Leotso, Leotsto Sulainen.”

“Huh… Funny, your uniform says Beldoen. And I already know a guy named Beldoen that works here.”

“Yeah, it’s a mixup in the database. They didn’t have a uniform ready for me for this ship and they had to loan me a uniform off another guard here that was my size.”

“Uh huh… Right, well whatever the reason is pal - Just main this post and watch these cells, alright?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, ■■■■■■■ starving. Been dying to break into that soup of the day they got in the mess hall and-… Hey wait a sec-GHA!”

“Ssssh, Sssssssh!”

“Hyuk! Kugkkug!”

“Ssssh! Just stop breathing - Just stop breathing mother ■■■■■■…”


"There…Was that so hard?


“Now then… Cell G-13…G-13… that’s G-8-”

“Hey! Spring me out of here!”


“You breaking us out of here or what?!”


"Where you going?!

“G-13. Here we are. Agent Violet?”

“…Oh, so they actually sent someone to come get me? Well ain’t that a surprise.”

“Oh no, I just snuck aboard a prison transport and strangled three people with a garrote just to come say hi to you…”

“Real cute smartass… Now drop this forcefield down, will ya? Like to get the ■■■■ out of here before we make it to our final stop.”

“Give me a moment while I hack into this interface.”

“Please, take your time…”

“In case I’ll go get a drink before I start.”

“■■■■ you, just get this over with.”

“That’s more like it… Alright just gotta let this trojan do its work and you’ll be free.”

“How long does that take?”

“Just a minute.”

“Fine… So, the dipshits in charge of this failed op are actually trying to bail me out? Didn’t think they care.”

“They’re paying handsomely to have you recovered. Ask me, think they feel bad about how badly it went.”

“Yeah well… Was kinda expecting it to blow up in my face eventually, the money was real good, but what it was asking for was weird. Why was I going to a bunch of shrines nobody ■■■■■■■ cares about and giving them large sums of scrip?”

“The person that owns the agency has a thing for spiritualism if I recall, doesn’t matter much to me. Their money is good either way.”

“Yeah well that line of thinking is what landed me in here, gonna have to pick my clients better once I get out of here. Speaking of which, how’s that-”

“- It’s almost done. Relax… There, now I can lower the forcefield annnnnd… Done.”

“Bitchin! Alright, how we getting off this ship?”

“We got a Capsuleer coming to pick us up.”

“An egger? ■■■■, that’s high-class transportation right there… Can we trust em?”

“They’re on the level, however I still need to spring three more agents aboard this ship.”

“■■■■ em, let’s cut it and run.”

“Unfortunately for you, I’m only getting paid the big money if I pull everyone out at once.”

“Well how the ■■■■ you expect us to get them? I didn’t even know you had other ‘agents’ on this ship.”

“They should all be in the same cellblock, we can work our way there, make contact, release them and get extracted.”

“How you suppose we do that?”

“Well, first we gotta get you armed.”

“Alright, I’ll take his gun then.”

“Don’t, the guards’ weapons are all fingerprint locked. any unauthorized user will set off an alarm if they pick them up.”

“Fine, I’ll take his uniform at least.”

"No, they’ll recognize your mug and your cover will be blown immediately. These guards keep an extra close eye on anyone aboard this ship associated with the Gutistas.

“Then how the ■■■■ do you expect me to walk around here in this bummy jumpsuit and- AYO! What the ■■■■?! Why you putting cuffs on me all of a sudden?!”

“It’s not much and it won’t last long, but I’ll be ‘transferring’ you to the cellblock we’re heading to. The story won’t get us past actual security, but no janitor or patrol will look to hard at us. We’ll have to hit up the ship’s armory on the way to the cellblock, there I can get you a blank weapon to use and maybe some armor to wear.”

“Then what? We just assault the cellblock guns blazing?”

“Not necessarily, we’ll approach as quietly as we can till our cover is blown and raid the cellblock’s security booth. From there we can release all the prisoners and start a riot. That will cover our tracks.”

“And then?”

“And then the ship will be forced to stop in deadspace so they can get marine reinforcements to quell the riots, that’s when our ride will probe down the ship and we make our escape.”

“I hope this plan goes smoother than that stupid shrine ■■■■ they had us on…”

“It will, now let’s move.”


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