"Kidnap?! You were not kidnapped! You were liberated!"

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"What’s the point in evacuating State citizens and sending off to another planet in their borders…? A week later the Triglavians could just appear and make the efforts of evacuating them pointless because the Navy continues to fail and live up to their duties… All they would end up doing is making those same people need evacuation once again, repeating the cycle over, and over again until there are no more planets to send them to and they have to accept their fates as pawns to the new Triglavian regime… I do not want this for these people, I want them to escape such a fate and come somewhere truly safe and secure. At the same time, escape the ever increasing suffocating grip the State government has on it’s citizens… Of course many of these people will not view Venal as the escape as i see it as and reject it even in their most desperate times… So maybe a little white lie is in order to get them to at least put their foot in the door. "

  • Suha Raibuya

“Kidnap?! You were not kidnapped! You were liberated!”

September 8th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Refugee assigned recreational park district,

< Baby cooing >

“Awwww! What an adorable baby!”


“What’s their name?”


“… Well, my name is Suha Raibuya! And it is a pleasure to me-”

“-What do you people want with us?”

“Okay! right out the gate with this! Lovely! Well. Simply put, we want a prosperous future for you! One that the State could no longer provide for you… Or your child.”

“Don’t talk about my child…”

“Then let’s talk about you! What system are you from?”

“You know damn Well…”

“Honestly I don’t… As much as I’m proud of them, I had no say or involvement with the Gurista that evacuated you and everyone else. Everyone being here has been a pleasant surprise…”

“Why ARE we here?! That’s all I want to know!”

“You’re here because you wanted to escape the Triglavians… Why else would you have stepped aboard that ship?”

“Because I made the goddamn mistake of ever trusting you people… I trusted you people had good intentions for once and actually wanted to help! That we’d be taken somewhere where it’s safe and instead you drag us all the way out here!”

“I don’t see what we did wrong… We brought you somewhere that’s safe and secure.”

“I was talking about somewhere still in the State!”

“You think anywhere in the State is safe right now? Tell me, how is the Caldari Navy doing in protecting its citizens from the Triglavian menace?”


“That’s what I thought… Sure, the Guristas could’ve just moved you off to another colony within the State’s borders, but what good would that do? The Triglavains have no concept of frontline warfare, they have the ability to just appear at anytime in the State in any corner of the nation… It would’ve just put all the efforts the Guristas put in evacuating you in vain as you’d be trapped once again on another planet that the Navy will fail to protect and hand off to the Collective… And maybe the Guristas won’t be so generous into saving you that time.”

“… That gives you no-right to kidnap us.”

“Kidnap?! You were not kidnapped! You were liberated!”

“Is that what you’re calling it?! You ■■■■■■■ LIBERATED us?! By taking us away from our homelands and-”

< Baby crying >

“Oh! Ssssh! Ssssh…”

“… You know it’s said that babies can feel their mother’s stress and emotions.”

“Just… Just shut up.”

“It’s not like I’m blaming you for being stressed. I imagine this is infact a drastic change to your life, nobody could possibly take comfort in such things…”

“The life of myself and my child are now in the hands of pirates… This goes far beyond stress.”

“Oh don’t be like that… The Guristas are fine enough people once you warm up to them. And I can promise you that you have my protection that no harm will come to you or your child so long as you stay here…”

“And who even are you?”

“As I said, I am Suha Raibuya. I’m quite a few things nowadays, all of which have given me a considerable amount of influence to ensure you can adjust comfortably into a life out here!”

“Who said I wanted to live out here? I never wanted to come to this place! I asked or chose this!”

“In that case you can be put on the next Jump Freighter out of here and back to State Space…”

“… What?”

“This Structure, a freeported Fortizar-class citadel, is owned by a Capsuleer alliance named Brotherhood of Spacers. This Alliance - like many others - do frequent runs to and from this port to the main trade hub of the Caldari State, Jita. Would be as easy as snapping my fingers to guarantee you passage aboard the next Jump Freighter leaving and back into State Space… Could even give you some money to get you to where you need to be once you’re dropped off.”

“And why should I trust you on this? After you people already lied to us and brought us out here?”

“If you truly don’t want to be here, then fine. It be cruel of me to force you into living here. You’re not a prisoner… Look around you! Look at this beautiful and opened up park I found you visiting today! You’re not trapped in a detainment cell. Sure, security may insist that you stay in certain parts of the structure, but you’re free to go where you please… It’s just that most of the districts here are frequently visited by Gurista coming in and out and they tend to get very rowdy and belligerent among themselves…”

“You people already lied to me once…”

“Those that evacuated you may have “hid” or “changed” their final destination in an attempt to nullify any hesitation you may have when trying to rescue you… If they out right said you’d be getting on the express train to Venal, I’m sure the programming the State instilled in you people would kick in and make you prefer staying where you were and being at the mercy of the Collective…”


"Yes… The State has a habit of making drones out it’s people. Selling them on ■■■■■■■■ like patriotism and loyalty to mother mega to make them subservient and unquestioning… Tell me, did you celebrate Union Day?"

“How could I…?”

“Precisely, how could anyone this year celebrate such an empty holiday? It’s a day entirely propped up by propaganda … The same kind of propaganda that told you that the Caldari Navy was strong and capable of stepping up to any threat in or beyond New Eden, and look where that ended up… More systems lost than any other Empire and all the Mega-corps can think to do is start waving their cock around by planting their biggest and most shiny ships in their respective home systems and put them into cute little parade formations to stand there and look pretty while more systems burn…”


“… Do you want to die for the State?”


< Baby cooing >

“… Do you want your child to grow up and die for the State?”

“I told you not to speak about my ch-”

“I no longer can talk around your child! They’re as much apart of this conversation as you and I! Your child has no future in the Caldari State anymore… if it survives? It will be nothing like it was before the Triglavians attacked. Already the signs are showing as the police take the helm the Navy and protesters are being put in the hospital for rightfully being furious at the incompetence of the leaders they swore unquestioning loyalty to. Now I already said you can turn back if you truly want this… You can walk away from what I have to offer you and put your trust in the State being the best possible place for you and your child. Just remember what happened to your last home, just remember how the Navy failed you and what happens when the next place you end in becomes the targets of the Triglavians and their kybernuat allies…”

“… What kind of future can you people even offer me or my child? Pirates? I have to turn to a life of crime now?”

“Who said anything about that? NoNoNoNo, there are other paths to take out here aside from joining the military. You could work for Guristas productions and work aboard a mining barge or on the factory floor! Unless you have some unique skills or knowledge in a certain profession… Then my Agency can help you find work.”

“I teach kindergarteners! There’s no way I can find any use for that out he-”

“-Actually that’s marvelous to hear! Someone like you is high-demand right now!”

“Excuse me?”

“Even the Guristas have children! I myself am the daughter of someone who worked for the Guristas… Unfortunately I didn’t have the most efficient education growing up DUE to a lack of qualified people like yourself… I’d say I turned out fine, but maybe others need that kind of trained guidance while they’re still developing… I’m almost positive I can get you a spot on a sleepy and peaceful agricultural world where there are plenty of children that could benefit from having someone like you around to teach them!”

“… I don’t know.”

“Take your time! Please… It’s a lot to take in, I understand… You’re welcomed to stay here and think about it as long as you need to, no rush. Here, take this card.”

“… Is this you on the card?”

“Adorable isn’t it? This is contact info to get in touch with the Venal Prosperity Agency… They can sort you out with settling in Venal or getting on the next ship out of here and back home to the State, no questions asked…”

“… Thank you.”

“Thank you!.. I’m still curious what your baby’s name is.”

“… He’s name is Runsei.”

“Runsei! What a cute name for such an adorable little bundle of joy!.. Can I hold him?”

“…I-I don’t kn-”

“Come oooooonnnnn, please?”

“… No… No, I’m sorry. You got all the trust you’re gonna get from me already.”

“Oooh fine… Maybe another time then! For now, I hope you find more comfort during your stay… Especially you Runsei! Adorable little munchkin.”

< Runsei Giggling >

“Hey, Hey! Cut that out! Please…”

“Sorry! Couldn’t help myself…”


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