Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!

N5Y-4N VII - Moon 20 - Guristas Logistic Support, Windchime shrine.

September 28th YC 122

The ■■■■?"

Hello Visitor!

We’re sorry to announce that weekly sermons hosted by the Windchime Guru Suha Raibuya, are temporarily canceled until further notice. We apologize for this abrupt inconvenience and hope you can still obtain spiritual enlightenment in the meantime.

The Shrine is still open for prayer and meditation and to meet and have discussions with fellow Wayists.

Once again, we’re sorry for this Inconvenience and hope to have weekly sermons up and running again soon!

With regards, The Venal Prosperity Agency.

“Man… That ■■■■■■■ blows.”

“Doesn’t even say WHY they’re canceled… Think something’s up?”

“Like what?”

“I dunno… Maybe she got sick or something?”

“You know, I heard something about a bunch of Gurista that were Wayists that vanished all of a sudden… Something to do with a kidnapping in Nani I think?”


“Yeah, crazy ■■■■. Might have something to do with that ‘Piracy, not protection’ policy leadership handed down…”

“It’s ‘Protection, not piracy’ dipshit…”

“Hey! Human-error!”

"Whatever… So did Suha get whacked or something? Was she in on it?

“I’d hope not… Sign says temporarily canceled so maybe she’ll turn back up eventually. Best we just keep our heads down about it…”

“Yeah, I’d hate to just ‘Vanish’ all of a sudden…”