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So cut it quick and clean, I previously had a thread much like this listing off all my Guristas work. but I figured I wanted to make a new one that showcases more of my content that I’ve made during my time in the EVE online fiction community.

“Prosperity” Arc

Over 100k+ words long, The Prosperity storyline (Calling it this for the sake of a name) is my flagship peice of fiction. It’s a book long narrative focused on the Guristas from the perspective of those living in Venal or working within the Guristas’ ranks directly.

While you could start from the actual start and work your way to the end, I highly encourage you to jump around and start with what sounds interesting. Stories all contain Context links to previous stories that I reference. I will never assume you know what Im talking about, and will point you in the direction to learn what Im referencing.

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1 “The Capsuleer I serve isn’t like the oth-”

  • Starting out in Venal, Avio Yaken tries to start working with the Guristas and clean up their space of Rogue Drone threats. Despite trying to aid the Guristas, there is still alot of distrust given his status as a Capsuleer.

2 “That is the worst looking windchime I have ever seen.”

  • One of the first stories looking in the Childhood of Suha Raibuya as she begins to pick up her attraction to Caldari Wayism after her own father is killed by Capsuleers while serving the Guristas

3 “You wanna buy this? Really?”

  • Another look into Suha’s childhood as she meets with frequent Gurista who stops by the colonly to offload and sell nick-knaks and small personal items taken in raids to the colonists

4 “Only thing that’s pussy here is the contact list on my Neocom.”

  • Trying to peddle her spiritual teaching to other Gurista, she has to deal with the occasional heckler at talks she hosts at her shrine aboard the Logistical station in N5Y

5 “Is that doubt I hear?”

  • A Gurista Production miner is fearful about being resigned to a F.O.B in Caldari space and the potential of being killed by Capsuleers or arrested by State forces

6 “I’m calling it how I see it, cousin.”

  • Avio’s family members and previous employers begin questioning Avio’s motivation after he’s developed and extremely close relationship to Suha and worked heavily on boosting the Guristas’ economic capabilities

7 “You heard me, you’re an embarrassment!”

  • Wanting to become a Gurista, Suha applies to join her colonly’s militia force but washs out in record timing. therefore crushing her initial dreams of being a pirate like her father and peers

8 “They’re machines!”

  • A manager for a Spliterz team contacts a skilled drone technician looking for work to create a rogue Drone fighter for future spliterz matches, the drone technician however sees some ethical issues with this.

9 “BOSS is always recruiting”

  • Litterally a meme post i did after my alliance Brotherhood of Spacers got done raiding Tenal of people farming Guristas sites.

10 “I don’t want your ship”

  • A contact of Helmatt’s harriers meets with a Angel Cartel pilot string trouble in Venal and tries to recruit him into Lucash’s branch of the Guristas.

11 “Why? You trying to whack your dealer or something?”

  • A greenhorn from the Caldari State is in search of her sister who suddenly betrays the Caldari Navy and defected to the Guristas. Using the Venal Prosperity Network, he meets a Angel Cartel arms dealer to buy a weaponfor self defense and get some information on where to start looking

12 “You could say I see him as a role-model.”

  • After holding a talk at her Shrine, Suha meets a pilot of the Fatal Elite who’s trying to honor a fallen comrade, Suha takes the time to express how much she admires Fatal and sees him as her role-model

13 “What? I’m not a prude…”

  • Wanting more information on Ship technology, Suha chews the ear off a factory overseer of Guristas productions about frigate blueprints.

14 “Hello User!”

  • Two Guristas argue over these strange pop-ups they get while browsing the Prosperity Networks for Augmentations and Drones.

15 “One Name.”

  • Detecting something suspicious between Lai Dai and Quafe after the Guristas make off with a bunch of Subcranial nanocontrollers, Suha tries to use her infrastructure to gain more information of whats going on

16 ” It’s just the winds.”

  • Trying to get her spritiual teaching off the ground in her home colony, she faces push back from the Commander of the militia and forms a mob to show him the support she has.

17 “Don’t drink that!”

  • Guristas love booze, and her colony did more than just make food with all that grain. Suha at her youngest in these stories learns a bit about the production of moonshine.

18 “Sounds like an opportunity!”

  • Avio and Suha talk about the potential Morphite can bring to the markets of Venal after bringing in a giant whole of Mercxoit

19 “You blackmailing me now?”

  • A Gurista spy is trying to make a run for it after a job and needs to make a pit stop at a shady dock in deadspace. The owner however tries to extort him for large amounts of cash for a small problem knowing he’s a wanted man

20 “Onera Koioki.”

  • After reciving the dog tags of many deceased gurista, Suha talks about the flaws of Gurista strategy and how those in cahrge may be the real reason so many Gurista are being slaughtered

21 “We call it free enterprise.”

  • a contact of the Venal Prosperity Agency meets with a hip-hop artist living in the Federation to come out to venal to do a concert.

22 “Are you a Vepas or a Lucash kinda guy?”

  • Trying to plot a raid, a veteran gurista gets into an argument about who is better, Lucash Helmatt or Minimala

23 “You think I’m making this up?!”

  • After a shockign effective raid by the Guristas. an Ishukone watch commander is questioned by representatives of PKN interstellar about what happened and where the raiders were hiding

24 “I want you to track down this worm.”

  • A cyber attack against the scrip network in Pure Blind has happened while Intara Direct Action launched a raid against a Guristas outpost, the coallteral of this attack ruined an operation Suha was running in State space and has angered her to the point of getting invovled with finding a solution to this cyber attack.

25 “Some Navy washout named Jirai Laitanen.”

  • Take a strole back to YC 94 with the Guristas just starting out as leaders of an established yet obscure pirate gang talk about the damage inflected to them by these upstarts

26 “Contrary to popular belief, I consider pornstars to be athletes, not actors.”

  • Wanting to connect with the youth of the Guristas, Suha purposes an idea for a children show that will prepare children for a life in the Guristas. However Venal isn’t full of holo-reel actors, so she must make do with what she has…

27 “Oh no, I just snuck aboard a prison transport and strangled three people with a garrote just to come say hi to you…”

  • In disguise, a mercenary under Suha’s employ sneaks aboard a prison transport to liberate captured operative’s of Suha’s failed plans

28 “Our docking rights are so legit that the Amarrian Empress can swear an oath on them!”

  • Guristas smugglers run into trouble with some Customs officers while trying to offload cargo. Thankfully for them, they’re dirty."

29 “There is a conspiracy surrounding PKN Interstellar.”

  • Noticing a thread in various news reports, Suha Raibuya pieces together a conspiracy surrounding PKN Interstellar and it’s various investors.

30 “Do you know how Fatal died?”

  • As a way to build reputation as a public figure, Suha Raibuya makes weekly visits to medical centers in Venal to meet with the various Gurista laid out from recent raids or attacks. With this visit particular, she comes across a peer from her childhood.

31 “A toast to the future residents of Venal!”

  • Seeing the unrest and destruction int he Caldari State caused by the recent Triglavian Invasions, Suha Raibuya gloats about the influx of new residents that may very well come to Venal to not only get away from the Triglavians, but the government that has failed their trust.

32 “She’s…She’s SO cute!”

  • A Dread Gurista soldier is confronted by a compatriot for his strange and sudden change in dieting and outlook after meeting Suha Raibuya In person.

33 “Kidnap?! You were not kidnapped! You were liberated!”

  • Suha meets with a “refugee” mother that was evacuated from her trig occupied planet by Guristas forces in the area assisting with evacuation efforts. Seeing it as Kidnapping, Suha tries to explain that it’s more of a liberation.

34 “■■■■ you Suha.”

  • Suha Raibuya returns to her home colony in Venal to meet with the closest thing she’s had as a father figure laying on his death bed from crippling illness. Yet not crippling enough to get him to shed any kindness towards Suha.

35 “… It’s a dating app now?”

  • Two Guristas discuss the recent update to the Prosperity Network that allows you to set up a profile and be matched with other users across the region for either short-term or long-term relationships.

36 “Have a juice box and go sit in the corner.”

  • The kidnapped refugees from before doesn’t sit well with people higher up in the Guristas chain of command, more so when it’s discovered the Gurista that did the kidnapping were heavily influenced by Suha. This usurping of the chain of command doesn’t slide under the rug and a very stern - and polite - message is sent Suha’s way.

37 “I want to be just like Fatal!”

  • Now under pressure from having annoyed people far more powerful than her, Suha retreats into hiding and is confronted with her insecurities and failures of living up to be the person she admires the most, Fatal.

38 “Look, we’re libertarians, but we still got rules.”

  • A user on the Prosperity Network selling bootleg clothing and goods and advertising them as the real thing is tracked down by the Prosperity Agency and confronted in one of his storage units.

39 “A symbol of prosperity.”

  • Suha returns back to her homeworld once again to get back in touch with her roots and meet all sorts of familiar faces with her childhood. Despite many giving her praise for her efforts topside, not even the people she respects the most believe she is or ever was cut out to actually be apart of the Guristas.

40 “What are we even fighting against?!”

  • The Rogue Drone cultural Exchange office in Callie has been bombed for the second time,This story - While admittedly loosely and kinda shoehorned into the wider Guristas arc - takes a look at the people behind the bombing and their motives for taking this action.

41 “I wanna see them ‘Prove’ themselves financially.”

  • Avio Yaken discusses his logic and strategy to disrupt trade in the newly formed Pochven region by taking advantage of it’s logistical and industrial hadicaps.

42 “Brand new - Plastic sealed - Captain Cosmos action figures.”

  • A Gurista pirate claiming his share of the loot after a successful raid, explains to another pirate his plan to start a business back in Venal selling toys at a markup.

43 “I can’t confirm or deny that…”

  • The Guristas have a contingency plan for everyone, even those that go out of their way to support them. Utatis Parinen, disgraced Dread Guristas is given one last shot at redemption by spying on the growing economic movement in Venal.

44 “I own a limited edition Clear Skies box set.”

  • A Gurista looking to start up his own Holo-Theater in Venal sits down with a representative of the Prosperous Venal Depository to secure a loan for his business

45 “… Welcome back Suha!”

  • After receiving a sever threat from the Guristas and laying low for several months, Suha returns top-side to resume operations in pushing economic progress in Venal.

46 “This list just keeps getting more lewd!”

  • Getting to work right away, Suha Raibuya acts on her newest idea of creating the newest and most stimulating magazine Venal has ever seen! Bad Bunny! Featuring exclusive photos of Suha herself…

47 “Ja’Tier”

  • Having knocked over some expensive holdings of artwork across the Caldari State, Guristas pirates meet with their employeer aboard the Rabbit’s Warren and learn about the humble turned pariah artist named Ja’Tier Dele.

48 “I’ll skin you alive.”

  • As easy as the Capsuleer market is easy to exploit in Venal, the same applies for the common man. Utatis Parinen is sent to negotiate for the release of some essential medical supplies that were bought up by a local Casino owner to gouge for a profit.

49 “We’re fighting for the betterment of our country! Something you clearly don’t understand.”

  • The Triglavian Invasions have left the Caldari State in a whirlwind of civil unrest with citizens taking up arms to vent their frustrations at the government that has failed them. A perfect opportunity for the Guristas to sell some weapons to the aspiring revolutionary movements springing up.

50 “Speaking of Amarrians”

  • A new branch of the new and radical Sedevacatist Amarrian orthodox church church is opening up in a corner of Venal, which earns the attention of Suha and her immediate staff. Along with news of a aspiring Guristas sympathizer in Amarrian territory.

51 “You know she’s going to spit in your food now, right?”

  • On his lunch break, Utatis Parinen stops by a local diner aboard the Rabbit’s Warren only to encounter his watchdog that questions If he’s still capable of seeing his job though.

52 “Do I look like a merchant to you?”

  • Annoyed at fences exporting stolen cargo out of Venal and back into Empire Space, Suha Raibuya enters the business for herself and meets with a gurista captain to discuss buying their loot.

53 “You wanna know why it’s called crash?”

  • Utatis Parinen drops by the office of Mumo Lang to talk to her about an unhealthy drug habit that is putting her life at risk.

54 “Hey! My art is phenomenal!”

  • A local colony street urchin ad graffti writer by the alias of ‘Okiku’ approaches a shady captain in an attempt to secure a ride aboard their ship and out of the colony to evade colony authorities

55 “I don’t snitch to the police!”

  • In an attempt to negotiate a deal with aforementioned captain, Okiku has flagged herself as a rat after threatening the captain with blackmailing them for their illicit cargo and their ship suddenly being impounded by local authorities soon after

56 “What? Don’t trust me?”

  • Coerced into assiting the captain and his crew, Okiku aids the criminals in their escape from the colony by using her skills to gain access to the hanger to let them in

57 “-I’ll buy her!”

  • Meeting with a Guristas smuggler to get her fix on some high quality blue Pill, Suha Raibuya makes an unlikely transaction when a stowaway is discovered aboard the Gurista’s ship.

58 “Have you tried slapping the s#@$ outta her?”

  • Immediately after, Suha sits down to with Okiku to get to know her only to met with a rebellious and uncooperative youth that she had no plan to deal with.

59 “Touch me.”

  • In the middle of a intiment moment between Avio and Suha, Avio opens up about how he’s been manipulated and taken advantaged of by Suha for her own goals.

60 “Can’t ask for better health insurance than that.”

  • Utatis past ad a failed Dread Guristas Commander catches up to him as he faces several people that served under him and were wronged in some way due to his incompetence.

61 “I was attacked by a staircase”

  • After a brutal beat down, Utatis is hospitalized for his injuries and is visited by Suha.

62 “You know what kind of candy bar this is?”

  • The Guristas have leaked incriminating financial records on PKN Interstellar executives and barracks across the 3 mega corps are “distribution centers” for such information. A crackdown is underway to contain this material.

63 “A suicide bomber.”

  • After some words of criticsm towards EoM, Suha Raibuya brought unwanted attention on herself from the genocidal cult and an attempt on her life was made in the form of a suicide bomber.

64 “Trust me.”

  • A fearful and freshly traumatized Suha Raibuya sits in hiding while the cult is still at large, under the pressure of feeling partly guilty for the attack that resulted in the deaths of some of her followers and paranoid about another attempt on her life. Mumo Lang sits down to provide some comfort with Suha’s emotional struggle.

65 “You poor thing.”

  • Graffiti artist ‘Okiku’ finally reappears on Suha’s radar after getting arrest by station security aboard the Rabbit’s Warren. Suha decides to pay her a visit in hopes of trying to establish some ground with the troubled girl.

66 “Record labels are the biggest thieves in New Eden.”

  • Moving forward with expanding her ventures and opening up more oppertunity in the Region. Suha lays out her intention to establish a regional record label.

67 “Comes off as one giant vanity project to me.”

  • Checking in on how ‘Okiku’ is settling in, Suha makes another attempt to get to know Okiku more, but is instead met with harsh criticisms about the motives behind her intentions

68 “You’re busting my balls here.”

  • Spacelane Patrol pulls over several mining Transports in the Torrinos system and find a wealth smuggled of Guristas holoreels. Figuring them to be more Guritas propaganda trying to take advantage of the current tensions in the State, they instead find something else…

69 “… I don’t like this planet.”

  • Having to open up a new shrine after the first was destroyed by a EoM suicide bomber, Suha Raibuya ponders on the new space-bound shrine being located in orbit of the Terraformed world of 6NJ8-V IV

70 “No, you’re a manipulator.”

  • Wanting to 'Spend time" with Okiku more, Suha takes her out to see her new shrine’s completion. In the process they run into a very - VERY - passionate fan of Bad Bunny.

71 “You never wanting to see me - that’s what’s hurting me.”

  • Trying to push off her crash addiction, Mumo is given a suprised visist from the very woman supplying her. This time however, for pleasure instead of business.

72 “Please.”

  • Agency Director Utatis Parinen takes rookie Agent Thulun as a wingman to set down with a Gurista client refusing to put any money towards paying off their business’ debt to the Depository.

73 “Sir, my boss is a psychopath masquerading as a sane man.”

  • Continuing to bring Thulun along, Utatis takes him out to handle a spy in their ranks

74 “Because I don’t like you.”

  • Still trying to bond with Okiku, Suha makes dinner for the two in hopes that a pleasant evening would help bridge the gap between the two. Yet succeeding in a unintentional way…

75 “That’s not my real name.”

  • After the emotional rollarcoaster the night before. Okiku finally opens up to Suha earnestly and the two continue to find a better understanding between them

76 “When is Vepas’ bakery opening up? When can I hit him up when I need to get some bread and cookies?”

  • In light of the formation of the new Prizefight Comission and the announcement of it’s first promoted bout, Suha invites the two fighters to sit across each other for a few questions.

77 “Died choking on her own vomit right next to you in your sleep.”

  • Now caught up in a relationship with her drug dealer, Mumo wakes up to a shocking turn of events when her partner is found dead in her bed after spending the night together.

78 “I think the real fight is about to happen!”

  • The day has come for a hosted boxing bout between a Representing member of Helmatt’s Harriers and Vepas Minimala’s personal unit. With money on the line with bets and spectators emotional involved with the outcome of the match, things take a turn for the worse after one of the contestants goes down for the coutn

79 Hey, don’t disrespect my swagger.”

  • After the chaos that followed the result of the boxing match, Utatis Parinen meets with the enraged owner of the venue demanding proper reparations for the extensive damage caused. Going as far as to make threats if payments are not made

80 “L-Look, I came here to talk about a job. Not to get a lecture on menstrual cycles.”

  • Suffering from the lack of civilian industries and commodities in Venal, Suha Raibuya enlists the services of a squad expert pirates to plunder for very specific goods related to the care of Menstrual cycles

81 “You don’t know me.”

  • Not wanting to sleep on Suha’s new found attachment to Okiku, Utatis Parinen confronts the rebellious graffiti artist to make sure she knows her place and not to step out of it.

82 A nice person?”

  • After the confrontation with Utatis, Okiku meets with Suha Raibuya for aid, all while lying about what happened between her and Utatis

83 “What made you the person you are?”

  • While out about about on the job, Utatis and Thulun make a stop at a resturant aboard the Rabbit’s Warren. While Conversation is attempted, it is cut short by a violent Interruption.

84 “There’s no turning back from this.”

  • After being attacked, Utatis meets with Suha To relay news of what happened and actions are taken on how to proceed

85 “I’m not your snuff film actor.”

  • Utatis returns to his office space only to find that his handler Sortan sitting in his chair and establishing his dominance over his spy subordinate

86 “Why, yes!~ I am a little high right now!~”

  • At one of her lowest points, Mumo is taken out to dinner by Suha only to be confronted with a harsh reality of who she considers her friend.

87 “I don’t know who the hell I am anymore!”

  • After dinner was ended abruptly. Suha meets with Mumo in her quarters to have a heart to heart

88 “Do you not find it alarming that your hero’s nickname is basically death?”

  • In an attempt to open up more to Suha, Sakora/Okiku finds Suha at her Shrine and begins to ask about her history and background with the Guristas

89 “This whole region is gangland territory.”

  • After the sudden deanchoring of the Rabbit’s Warren, Suha and Sakora/Okiku discuss where they are now

90 “I want you to give me some money.”

  • While sitting Thulun down for a report, Sortan interupts to once again establish that he’s in charge and holds all the power over Utatis

91 “… I have an idea.”

  • Always trying to get into something in her naive attempts to be useful to the Guristas, Suha strides forward with an idea to prove herself.

92 “I… I just want to be told I did good for once!” - [ENDING ]

  • Suha walks into Utati’s office and reveals to him what she’s been up to in silence. All in a desire to earn approval, Suha is scolded with the harsh reality of her actions.


“Perspectives” One-shots

Perspectives (which I’m now just dubbing it) is a series of One-shot stories I’ve written that are not solely focused on one narrative and instead looks all around New Eden in all the different factions. While I can and have gave stories a sequel, these are all short stories that begin with no plans to be expanded on and are too be just little isolated tales around the setting

VV Open here VV


1 “A fitting alibi.” [Amarr One-shot]

  • An agent of the Ministry of Iternal Order pays a visit to a colonly bordering the Solitude region that is under suspicion for Blood Raider influences. She stops at the local chapel for answers to her investigation.

2 "We ain’t selling a product! We need to sell a legacy!” [Gallente One-shot]

  • Members of the Federation’s armed forces sit in a room spitballing ideas for recruitment propoganda

3 “-Mr.Heddian-” [SoCT One-Shot]

  • A gallente Holo-reel director sits with a recruiter for the Society of Conscious Thought and makes as many offers as he can to try to get his son into a SoCT school

4 “I have just as much faith in him as I do God.” [Amarr One-Shot]

  • Nobles meet at a rival’s gala event and scheme among the crowd for connections and advantages over the other.

5 "Don’t be afraid little one, it is safe to come out.” [Blood-Raider One-shot]

  • As the passangers of this boarded vessel flee to panic rooms as Blood Raider forces move in, A child that was separated from his father comes face to face with the man in charge of the attack.

6 "You’re a goddamn mole!?” [Guardian’s Gala one-shot]

  • A couple made between a Serpentis agent and Cartel soldier is torn apart when one spills the secrets they’ve kept from their partner.

7 “I am showing him the truth!” [Blood-Raider One-Shot]

  • Part 2 of the previous Blood Raider story.

8 “Lunatic cause!? That’s what all this is to you now?!” [Minmatar One-Shot]

  • A terrorist gone straight and narrow is haunted by his past as a young and angry member from the Bloody Hand of Matar meets him on his clan’s grounds to get him to one more job

9 "So if I go into your computer over there I’m not gonna find a thousand counts of privacy invasion, right?’ [Gallente One-Shot]

  • A string of murders being done by remote controlled drones forces a loose cannon investigator to harass an old suspect that may have some knowledge on how to find this killer

10 “Look, All I did was get some head, she-” [Angel Cartel One-shot]

  • In a gamma colony where entire districts are either prosperous or slums, A growing criminal element makes move to expand with the help of some higher benefactors

Raata Zaibatsu

Right, The Raata Zaibatsu.

Allow me to pre-frame this as something you should take with a massive grain of salt.

A kilo maybe.

I’m actually gonna dodge giving away specific details here as it’s just better that way. This me just starting to figure out I could take my own writing seriously and tried to be a bit ambitious.

But the Raata Zaibatsu was my first real writing project in EVE where I try to give my best interpretation of what a Neo-Raata society would look like. I try to explore that cultural identity by applying my own theories and interpretations to word. Full disclosure… I for sure took liberties.

Most notably though…





Zaibatsu Associated News Institute

Is the news firm form this Neo-Raata colony that reports on the ongoing developments planetside and the drama between the cast of characters I’ve made to represent this society.

I’ll own up to it. It’s was a puppet show.

I’d argue it’s a pretty decent puppet show tho.

I made a thread in the Intergalactic Summit to be the outlet I publish any and all news stories. While I did mainly just write narratives about this colony, I did eventually venture into actual journalism covering a player RP conflict and even did interviews. And I even did these interviews with my own cast members to flesh 5hem out.

I enjoyed these the most… So much so that they became the inspiration for my writing style today seen above.

Oh, also I edited together an actual video one time.

ZANIE #1: "UNF Arcology" - "Tebu Amkhiman" trade hub - "Fighter pilot tournament" - YouTube

I wrote, recorded, edited and voice acted the entire video. Seeing the scope and Discourse, I was inspired to see if I could do it myself. I think I did okay enough to show people. I initially planned to expand and do more episodes, but my courage and motivation vanished. Was a mental uphill battle, but I’m happy to have pulled it off.

Actual writings


Raata Zaibatsu Chronicles - #4 by Avio_Yaken

Besides that, there were a few short stories made around the time I was working on the Raata Zaibatsu.

Firstly the Zaibatsu Chronicles which was a bizarre attempt at giving reader interaction by writing each part with a vote at the end on a choice that needs to be made or who should the perspective switch to. This was a way for me to jump around and show off all the different characters I made.

Also this is Suha’s debut appearance.

Next we have short stories written in the style that I would proceed to adopt and develop moving into into Guristas fiction.


Windchime Wayism

Windchime Wayism is a byproduct of the Guristas Prosperity Storyarc I written. A component of Suha Raibuya’s Character is that she’s a “Guru” that actively promotes a alternative understanding of the Caldari spirituality of Wayism. An alternative that is plagued with a perspective molded by her upbringing under the Guristas. As such, it a version of Wayism that’s suppose to be far more inline with the Guristas way of life.

Am I claiming this as the true wayism? No, but I was very passionate about expanding Wayism in EVE by explaining what a possible Guristas version of the faith would look like and I took this seriously enough to write various different quotes of Suha Raibuya speaking on the various different veiwpoints of Windchime Wayism. It is taught though spoken word and not texts in a book. Are some of the understandings flawed? Yes and…That’s kinda the point.

Windchime Wayism Qoutes

Regarding Stars….

"What are stars? The ultimate provider. A provider that has given us gifts that we take for granted. Sunlight, vitamins, energy, healthy crops, warmth and…Life. Truly, we owe much to these stars that make up New Eden, but these stars do not function in search of our thanks or gratitude. This is merely what they were made to do, this is their purpose in the mechanisms of nature…

… And these Invaders seek to ruin that. As systems in Empire space fall to the Triglavians, they begin defiling these irreplaceable components of nature. Entire ecosystems and planets are at risk as a result of these Triglavian victories. Light that once shined proudly on colonies is now dimmed by these masked freaks! They must be stopped, they must be fought! We must be prepared to protect our stars if these Triglavians ever decide to Invade our space! We must even consider helping those poor unfortunate souls in Empire space - I care not for the governments, they can burn for all I care - It’s the people and nature itself that is worth protecting.”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Raata Identity…

"I identify as Raata… Does that statement confuse any of you? Typically the word ‘Raata’ is only ever invoked by the Caldari as a buzzword when they start talking about how honorable their way of life is and how much they treasure their culture and history…

… So why would I, in the middle of a Guristas owned station in Venal - ever bring up the Raata and say I identify as one? Because being Raata has nothing to do with being Caldari… Raata is a spiritual identity that transcends meaningless differences in our corporeal forms and insignias.That is what the tribes of Caldari Prime aimed to achieve when they tossed aside their tribalistic ways as they saw in one another a spirit much like theirs, the spirit of humanity. To identify as Raata is to identify with the human spirit that resides in each of us - regardless if you’re Caldari, Gallente, Amarrian or Matari, you all have the right to claim this identity as your own. The Caldari will say it’s impossible unless you’re one of them, but I’d wager they do that out of fear of losing their fragile grip on this heritage and culture they claim to hold dear. I for one say we should help them loosen this grip…”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Purpose….

"Purpose - It’s what we all crave deep down inside, isn’t it? We all want to find something that matters to us, that motivates us to dedicate our lives to. Passion is one of the most powerful feelings that a human can feel as it will drive them to achieve the unthinkable. There’s nothing more human than desiring something to be passionate about, it is apart of our nature…

…And the Empires will happily take advantage of this. YOUR purpose is to work and die for whatever mega-corporation you were born into without question! YOUR purpose is to be a proud patriot of some corrupt lie of a system that tells it’s people that they’re free only to place a bureaucratic labyrinth between them and what they want! YOUR purpose is to kneel before frauds that claim to have been chosen by a god and support the enslavement of others so you can shove a horrific religion down others throats! And YOUR purpose is to keep alive some ■■■■■■■■ nonsensical ancient tribal culture and prop up a faulty Republic! YOUR purpose is defined by whatever vagina you happen to pop out of within a Empire’s fictional boundaries that they call borders.

The Empires will take advantage of our nature as human beings so they create puppets out of us! They will tell us what our purpose is and punish and shame us when we defy them to seek out a purpose that rings true to us personally!

What a privilege it is that the Guristas won’t tell you what you should dedicate your life to! The Guristas offer you a foundation to stand upon, a foundation that is raised above the petty politics and national identities that plague New Eden so that YOU may hunt down and discover your purpose as an individual!"

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Drone Sentience…

“Drones are machines, remember this. No matter how symbolically you can compare the autonomy of a drone to that of a human being or any other living creature - Remember that they are still but machines. Machines are objects, property, tools that are without any spirit or the ability to think and feel. Such things are a gift to biological life and not the petty machines built by man to carry out the work they care not for.”

“These so-called ‘rogue’ drones are nothing more than malfunctioning machinery carrying out corrupted lines of code indefinitely. They’re damaged, broken junk floating in space. Their ‘culture’ is a myth and this notion that drones are our equal is a disillusion lie propagated by those that wish to confuse us and make us lose the meaning of what it means to be human by bringing us down to the same level as cold calculating machines.”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding priorities and commitments in the mortal realm…

"Wow! I’m… Overwhelmed at this turnout! I wasn’t aware how many people were waiting for me to make my return! So many familiar faces too…I see Felsh sitting in the back there, Beldeer and Popri up here in the front… I’d spend the next thirty minutes just listing off all those I’m familiar with that shown up today.

But… Since you all are here, I do believe I owe you an apology. An apology for just… Vanishing like I did. With no word or warning I just went with the Winds and disappeared… How do I even begin after being gone so long? Am I to just start on my usual talking points like nothing happened? No, i don’t think that’s fitting… Instead I’ll use this abrupt disappearance as a starting point…

My friends, spirituality is an important thing in my life. I wouldn’t be standing here talking about it if it wasn’t! But… It’s important for us to give priority to our commitments and responsibilities in the physical realm while we are still apart of it. Should we make spirituality our zealous priority, we’d become no different than the Amarrians. The winds or Maker do not ask for, nor need worship every waking moment of our lives. Respect, maybe - But that is something we can bestow passively as we go about our days as human beings… So when I up and left for two months, i needed to take care of my own mortal commitments, knowing that I could return back here one day and continue offering spiritual advice as I always had. And now everyone here can know that they can come back another day after handling their mortal commitments and duties and still find a deeper connection with their spiritual self."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Augmentation…

“I reject this notion that humanity are destined to adopt augmentations and implants as this 'advancement” of our species’ quality of life. Such things I call “Jove Talk” as it is the very same logic that landed the Jovians where they are today… Jovians were disgusted with what the limitations and cons of being a human being entailed and tried to run away from it by mutilating themselves with augmentations and genetic engineering. And did all this lead to some perfect and efficient society? No, it lead to their society’s utter destruction! It lead to their next generation being cursed with an illness that their ‘advancements’ made them vulnerable to!"

Do I condemn such technology when it comes to replacing a lost limb or retired organ? It be unfair of me to say so… But I find it troublesome when human beings trade in their natural flesh for metal and wire in pursuit of some advancement. Someone that thinks like that will continue to replace their flesh with machinery until it must be debated whether or not they are a human, or a machine."

“Do note that I have said that we shouldn’t fear such technology if no better alternative is present. What I am teaching is not to treat such technology should not be seen as taboo and those that currently utilize such tech are not to be seen asimpure humans. What I teach is that we should come to embrace ourselves as human beings and to accept the cons and limitations of our corporal forms and not go on a mad chase to try to ‘improve’ what the human being is. Prarimily because such an endeavour would be naturally sabotaged by human error.”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Ethnicity…

"It goes without saying that one’s ethnicity is not a factor in their potential… In fact I’d go as far as to say that ethnicity is an entirely made up concept. A product of humanity’s natural tribalistic way of thinking… I can forgive it, but all of you are here to be enlightened to think above such things… You wanna know what names like Caldari, Gallente, Amarr and Minmatar are? They’re all labels. Labels that cultures have created to brand themselves and separate them from humans they deem to be different than them… It goes beyond culture, they go further to brand your very body as one of ‘them’ and place you either in favor, or disgust. If that doesn’t sound like tribalism, then I must not know what is - Regardless, this is why I identify as Raata before I acknowledge any Caldari heritage in me, as I prefer to identify with my human spirit before I identify with some arbitrary skin-tone or facial structure I’ve inherited…

Identifying with such labels is barbaric to me… A close minded and narrow way of thinking that these so called ‘advanced civilizations’ propagate to further control people and bring them under this tribalistic way of thinking… I speak of such things now more than ever of late because of these ‘Sedevacantist’ that have recently appeared in our lovely region and begun spreading a message built on tribalistic and degrading messaging. They speak with their chest out and speak with a tone of pride, but their words are nothing but insecurities.

They whine about the ass of a Uldorian sitting on the Amarrian throne and declare “Not my empress” and pretend that nobody is even in charge… They claim Amarrian superior, yet seemingly lack the mental capacity to process the irrelevance such a label holds because they can’t imagine a world where them identifying as Amarr holds no meaning… They force these racial labels around to keep others out of their prosperous tribe and screech out that those outside this tribe serve them for their interests… And most humoring, they love to point out that a woman with the label of Amarr mating with one labeled as Minmatar is an abomination - Because they all have a insecurity of being cucked by those they deem lesser… Perhaps it’s all some repressed sexual desires they’re failing to express.

Is it not a pity? Could you imagine going on and caring about whose ass sits upon the Amarrian Throne? What arbitrary ethnicity someone is? Feeling unsatisfied everyday that the world isn’t bowing to your meaningless labels and could you process how it must feel to go on everyday thinking your sexual desires are evil and disgusting?.. Well, maybe the disgust is the appeal to begin with.

What I ask of everyone here is just to think beyond such a simple minded way of thinking, to think beyond these labels society has forced on us to control our identity. If you wish to go by one of these labels, then that is your choice like any other - But why? What pride is there to be had in considering yourself Caldari? Or Gallente? Amarr or Minmatar? What significance do any of these labels hold? That is a question, for you to answer yourself."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding the Caldari’s claim on Wayism…

"The mainstream teaching of Wayism is thought to be the truth due to it being backed by the Caldari people… Does that just make them correct by default? Many will argue yes due to it being the popular belief… But does that mean their teaching is without flaw?

Let me tell you what Wayism is to the Caldari… A claim of ownership over Nature. They keep it close to them as if they have exclusive rights over the natural order and mold the message to make it appear as if it all revolves around them… The winds are nothing more than slaves to the State’s propaganda machine. They would claim otherwise, but the manner in which they treat Wayism as a “Caldari” concept only says otherwise. Deep down they think it’s theirs and theirs alone. I wonder, is it out of fear? That as much as they parade themselves around as being a cultural juggernaut, is their interpretations weak and outdated? they’ll puff their chests out, stick their nose up in pride and say no. But in reality it’s all blunder and insecurity.

I preach what I preach in order to liberate such spirits above the petty propaganda mills of nations like the State… Not that they need my assistance, the Caldari can clamour all they want about the Winds backing them, is it true? Well, go ask the recent raid against State property you all conducted…"

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Individuality and human flaw….

"The fact I idolize Fatal isn’t something I consider much of a secret… You could attribute him to the reason I’m even here today, his legacy of exploits and the very words he left behind are a tremendous source of inspiration for me. He is an example of an individual that possessed a mind unshackled by the tribal mindset that plagues the masses of the Caldari State. The villainous branding he’s received is rightfully earned as he is precisely what the State fears - A true individual. Someone they cannot control, someone that rejects their petty tribalistic ways and someone with the talent to find prosperity outside of their authority. The distasteful names they would call him, are nothing more than a deterrent used to prevent him from inspiring any others in the State from following his example…

As much as he has inspired me, I am here today in hope of inspiring others. He was a fearless leader, a remarkable strategist, a wise entrepreneur and most importantly… Flawed. Like everyone here today, Fatal is as flawed as you… Even as I stand here singing his praise - he was no god, no symbol of perfection. Even in his tactical brilliance, took a fight that would cost him his life and even humiliated his own organization… Detractors would use this as a point to mock him, to laugh and joke of the incompetence of the Guristas, but what I see in his death is Fatal’s own humanity showing. His capacity for error despite his remarkable talents and sharp mind - Even he was not immune to the same error we all have faced in our own life…

I pray his spirit finds comfort in the world beyond… Even in his death does he remain an inspiration for me… An inspiration for us all! We should all strive to better ourselves, to sharpen our minds and skills, but never feel shame in our own flaws and mistakes! It is apart of what makes us human, it is that pain we must embrace to be at peace with ourselves."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Scientific advancement and discovery…

"Okay - Okay… If I’m to use this platform to speak highly of Fatal, it’s only fair that I pay respects to the other half that made the Guristas the success they are, and the one who maintains that success to this today. The Rabbit needs no introduction, a natural genius whose mark is stamped across just about every bit of technology in this region.

Science isn’t something I condemn or see as an opposition to spirituality. Science is the means to break down and understand this masterpiece the Maker has left for us, and by breaking it down and learning about the inner workings, we can find admiration in how detailed and complex our reality is, find new appreciation for it’s craftsmanship. And most importantly- unlock the secrets of all natural resources found across it. Technology is human creativity and ingenuity combined with the bounty nature provides us. Where one sees shiny rocks or crude liquid, someone like the Rabbit sees inspiration to turn that into something truly remarkable. Something so amazing that it would make you shocked when you see what the base components started out as. I don’t expect the Rabbit to share my spiritual views, but I find his scientific efforts commendable and the Guristas would be nothing like it is today without him.

The Rabbit is a genius, this respect is rightfully owed. The State failed to pay him his just due - Now they do without the bleeding edge advancements that could’ve been theirs. The scorn the State rains down on him is done out of bitterness, bitterness for realizing the talent they’ve alienated. They’ll downplay him, stating he’s only ever made modifications to the State’s original tech designs. Way I see it? The State provided prototypes and the Rabbit delivered the finished good."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regrading authority in the State (and other nations by extent)…

"Wish to know what the State is? Violence. It is what it knows best. It is their greatest tool. It is the largest monopoly it has influence over and the very syllables in the words of the Caldari language are that of gunshots.

It is an entity that has this conception that it has some divine right to rule over people, to control then and demand their obedience and servitude. The only reason anyone follows along with the State’s laws and orders however is because they have the guns to enforce it. These police outfits are the very thugs they brand the Guristas as - Merely sanctioned and funded by their respective institute of authority to enforce their will. The State does not enforce laws for some greater good, they’re enforced to establish their power over others - to break their back and force them into complicity. Suffocating them into pleading for mercy just for a gasp of air.

What happen in Anin is but the truth of the matter, people emerge with outrage and the response is violence. Violence is the tool to punish those that dare step out of line - a sick way to remind the masses to remember their place and tow the line. Their outrage is hampering productivity, their emotions are not generating them profits and their frustrations at their leader’s incompetence is unacceptable.

The State sees not a human being, but a disposable drone - they see property. A human being is nothing more than another product produced by the State to serve the State, and any blemish in a human that doesn’t meet their production standards will be considered a defect and disposed of without mercy. Anyone they can’t control, anyone that defies to submit to their tribal ways is seen as the enemy and is lashed out at with scornful brutality like none other."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Dehumanization in the State…

"The Caldari of the State reject Freedom as a “Gallente Concept” and scoff at it being a poisonous desire. Is free will not a defining trait of our humanity? Is the sentience our species has been gifted by nature some curse we’re supposed to fear? The State condemning freedom is a testament to their disgust of human nature.

The State projects their loathe of our humanity by obliterating it in their soceity. Preferring to force their people to regress back to a more primitive mindset so they can be controlled. Their workers are to think like ants and live only to support the hive, soldiers are conditioned to be disciplined hounds - loyal to their masters and eager to be unleashed in their enemies.

And you wanna know what breaks my heart? What brings me to tears about this? Is that the State conditioned their people to take pride in this. To stand proud that they’ve been made to think like animals and reject their own calling as humans. They look down on those that have embraced their own humanity and hail themselves up as some higher beings, but the reality is that they’ve been sold a lie by the very people that has done this horrible atrocity to them. Who have broken them into hating their own nature of yearning to have Agency, to have freedom outside of some arbitrary social construct.

Executives of the State dream of Sansha’s Nation. They hate Sansha only because he has the power he has. They thirst for the same level of dominance and being at the helm of a society where the worker works without question and the soldier kills without regret. The bliss of never having to worry about a populace that criticize their motives and exist only to benefit them. Look towards the newest hot product by PKN - Subcranial Nanocontrollers - a device sold to the masses to place in our own heads and give PKN a backdoor to our very mind.

What benefit is worth giving these people such access to ourselves? To willing insert the same kind of technology that slavers use to suppress the minds of others? I think the answer is very clear - No benefit is worth that price."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Identity…

"Is our own identity not one of our most valued possessions? How we envision ourselves? How we want those around us to recognize us as?

Besides our very spirit - To an individual, there is nothing more valuable than your identity. Money, material possessions - These things are worthless compared to the value your identity should mean to you. Your identity is… You. Can you think of anything you own more incredible than that? Can you think of any price worth selling your own identity for? Do you not feel fear of it being taken from you…?

… And societies such as the State? They don’t want the individual to discover themselves and mold their own identity. Such things are dangerous to their whole setup… Instead they seek to shun such things and force their desired identity onto you. Mold you into a cog in their machine and condition you into thinking you are nothing without them. They out right own your identity because it is them that gave you it. That threaten to revoke it if you dare defy them.

As I say, do you not fear losing your identity? Do you not cherish it?

This is how the State controls people so effectively, by shackling them down mentally. From birth these poor souls are given the expectation to live and die for the benefit of the State. To never flee, to never challenge it and to always remain loyal and trust in it no matter what happens. They teach them to take pride in this, take pride that they’ve been reduced to drones that exist only to serve.

Despite the boasting from the State of how unified their culture and people are, day in and day out individuals awaken in the masses, able to think critically of the society they’re in and think beyond the fictitious borders of the State. These people are finally connecting with themselves for the first time after the State tried to erase such traces from them. and how are they treated? Chastised, shunned, casted out and made to feel ashamed for breaking these shackles placed on them.

… Then they find refuge here, among us like minded… Individuals. We are a harbour for all those shunned by the State, those that are made outcasts by their culture and society. And when people hear that they assume we’re nothing but rejects, failures and scum that couldn’t cut it in their pristine civilization. The reality is that we’re all individuals, and individuals just have no place in the State…"

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding the Equilibrium of Mankind…

"The Equilibrium of Mankind… Where to even begin? Is it not obvious to most of you how I would perceive such a group? I’m already very critical of the mainline Amarrian faith, but this offshoot specifically? Revolting.

My love for humanity is absolute, as much as I love it for it’s upsides, I appreciate it even for it’s downsides. We are a product of this masterpiece the Maker left behind and thus belong. These poor misguided souls however, they do not see it the same way… They’ve been led astray to believe that humanity are some kind of plague - That humanity needs to be utterly eradicated without mercy. And for what? Because of some ■■■■■■■ sentences some fool wrote down millennia ago that even the Amarrians don’t want nothing to do with?

This is all for paradise? Well look around you! This world is where we will find our own paradise. It is with our human bodies where we will experience pleasure that only a paradise can provide. The message EoM spouts is for the weak mind and spirit. It is a call of surrender to those that have been taught to loathe their natural selves and to see their own species as something evil.

I do not call out that these people should be met with hatred and fury - but with pity. Pity that they’ve been led down such a self-destructive path over some ancient texts written by a human no more flawed than you.

As it stands now, EoM have shown their hand and the extent of how far their spiritual corruption has spread. Even in our very region does EoM have industrial operations spread out to create the weapons needed to achieve their twisted desires. They will not hesitate to use these weapons on us! They must be suppressed swiftly to ensure our safety and regional security!

… And of course, these sites are home to many finished dreadnought that could become fine additions to the Guristas fleet… We will not welcome their twisted ways, but wholeheartedly accept the fruits of their labour. It’s only fair for the deception they’ve played in harboring such activities in our region."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding the desanctification of governments…

"I realize that I use my platform to condemn the State and by extension, other world power. While it may be inappropriate to mix my feels with my spiritual message, I believe it is necessary that I desanctify their status. For too long in our lives we’ve been led to believe that nations like the State, Federations, Republic and Empire are somehow sacred entities that only the most vile people would raise a hand against. That to strike them is to strike the divine itself.

Want to know what is divine? Nature is. And nature knows no border, knows no language or man-imposed authority! Yet they see otherwise, they believe themselves to be above nature, that their authority and claims are absolute. They’re all imaginary… No amount of bureaucracy would make them anymore special than the pirate clans they condemn.

While I’m on the subject… Any spiritual teaching that demands or expects obedience to an institute of authority is an abomination. I do not stand here demanding that people become Guristas to appease the winds or that the Guristas are the real chosen people of the winds. Why? Because It would be clear manipulation of our desire for a spiritual connection to our world. To place loyalty to a frivolous nation or group before your spiritual needs and connection. Look to the Caldari who preach that the Winds look over them and them alone or the Amarrians who demand people kneel before another human sitting upon a throne. These governments care only about spirituality so that they may further subjugate others, not stopping with their corporeal forms or their mental state, but going after their very spirits itself!"

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Non-Wayists/Non-believers…

"It be a foolish goal to have to see the enter Cluster become Wayists. To somehow make every living individual come into agreement with one spiritual philosophy… Frankly it’s unnecessary. I would have to be insecure about my beliefs to feel the need to see to it that everyone sees the world as I do. If I had any confidence in what I preach, then I’d seek no further than those that willing listen. Regardless if one believes in it or not, they are apart of this reality as much as we are, adhere to the same nature as do we. There will be no punishment or penalty in death for falling to recognize these things in your mortal life.

Why I even bother to put a message out is in hopes of inspiring others, to strengthen them spirituality so that they may go out and achieve greater things and be more enlightened about the world around them. If one does not see merit in what I speak, then the fault is on me, not them. I have failed to craft a message that they find agreement in. They are not to be seen as infidels or non-believers, or practitioners of a false religion. Treat them as you would a fellow Wayist. For regardless of if they know or not, they’re apart of nature as we are."

  • Suha Raibuya
Wincdhime Wayism Qoutes pt2

Regarding surviving an assassination attempt…

Don’t you all find the new place to be marvelous? 1 Spacious, filled with many amenities to suit our spiritual needs and conveniently located within the heart of our beloved region… This is an upgrade and a step forward, but it has come at a tragic price… Not to along ago, the original shrine came victim to a vile attack by the Equilibrium of Mankind, using a poor misguided soul as a suicide bomber in an attempt to not only silence me 1, but to cause horrific collateral damage. We lost good people, some of whom I’m sure many of you knew, and there’s a hole in my heart still that makes me feel as if I’m responsible for what happened… That my words are the cause of this tragedy.

Let me tell you what I felt went… For a moment I felt bliss in looking out to the faces of those assembled. Then the bomb goes over and my bliss turns into a mixture of confusion, pain and fear as I’m blown back and left to see in full view the damage… People I knew by name were dismembered, with part of them one side of the room and another next to my feet… My ears filled with the screams of agony of those fortunate enough to survive but unlucky just enough to still be maimed by the explosion. I was in shock, I was horrified and I uh… urinated on myself even. As embarrassing as that is to just say aloud… It’s the truth of what I went though, how while I say this is a step forward, it’s by far one of the most agonizing steps I wish I never had to take. Because of this I want to ensure everyone that such a matter won’t happen again, that we’re learning from our mistakes and promise the safety of all that come here to connect with their spiritual selves.

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V

Regarding what is “True” Wayism…

Never will you hear me say that the Wayism I teach is - True - Wayism. Such fallacies I will leave for the Caldari to play with in their attempt to present their outdated and closed minded interpretation as the undisputed understanding of Wayism.

For me to claim my teaching is the true teaching would be to claim I have some absolute understanding of Nature. That I hold all the answers of our spiritual world, yet the only truth here is that I am a mere human being no different than those assembled here today. The Wayism I teach today is a teaching crafted from my perspective, one that is prone to being flawed, to being misinformed and even being wrong. Nature does not speak to us through words like another human would, it speaks to us through action and it is in these actions we must examine and understand.

I have confidence in what I speak today, I have examined nature in my own way and made my interpretation, but like any other human I am vulnerable to error. The State will claim perfection in their understanding, I will claim the possibilities of being flawed in my views, for I will not reject my human tendency to be mistaken.

  • Suha Raibuya

Further regards towards Drone Sentience…

"What do you do with malfunctioning machinery? You either fix it, or scrap it entirely. There is no need to waste feelings like sympathy and empathy on dysfunctional equipment. Frustration may be warranted, as there is nothing more infuriating than machinery failing to perform the task it was intended for. Drones, are machines - Simple as that. No matter how symbolic the design of a drone is compared to human, know they’re not us, and they’re not like any other living being we share the Maker’s creation with. They are tools created not with the intention of being a ‘person’ or even a ‘pet’, but rather created with the intention to be just that - A tool.

They have no spiritual connection to our world, no understanding of feelings and emotion and this notion about sentience among drones is a lie either made in genuine confusion, or crafted with malicious intent. Discard these thoughts, see clearly though your own mind what sentience truly is. A blessing nature blessed us with through our species’ evolution and not some lab accident.

These Rogue Drones that infest our space are a ugly nuisance. A potential threat and… A lucrative opportunity! What do you do with malfunctioning machinery? You either fix it, or scrap it entirely. However the parts are absolutely recyclable~."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Exercise…

"Meditation and prayer are all well and good in achieving spiritual attunement. Yet there is a far more productive and beneficial method. I am of course talking about exercising!

Your body is a vessel for your spirit - it is an organism that is constantly evolving and molding itself to reflect your habits. As such, your very spirit will bend to fill the mold. We desire strong spirits, healthy ones that do not break when met with adversity. Should we not refine our bodies to reflect this in the physical realm.

By exercising we provide our body with adversity that challenges it, that pushes it to evolve to overcome whatever is thrown at it. Dedicate an hour - or even half of one - to carrying out some form of physical exercise, and you’ll see a significant improvement in yourself for such minuscule investment, both physically and spiritually.

As a reward for our discipline and commitment, our bodies will reflect our hard work and be the envy of lesser willed individuals. Our badge of honour will not be some piece of tin, but our very own bodies. The symbolism needs no context or credibility from some society or culture, if our bodies look strong and healthy, then we are strong and healthy. Simple as that."

I do desire for people of this region to present themselves in such a way, so before those of the ‘civilized’ world look at us as weak savages. They’ll see nothing but people who are stronger than them, more disciplined and healthy. I want them to be envious… Annnnnd as an effort to make that easier for everyone, I’m pleased to announce that this shrine will be opening up a relatively spacious gym with the extra space we have that is free of charge to use~.

Prayer and Meditation is all well and good, but thirty squats a day are even better~. We should look for our own strength ourselves before asking the divine for theirs."

"O-Oh! And do wipe down any and all equipment before and after use! Hygiene and sanitation is important too~.

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Ancestors…

"Admittedly, the subject of ancestral spirits is one I’ve rarely spoken about. Mainly in part due to me not wanting to ensnare myself in the same trap the State is in when it comes to their dead ancestors. Unlike them, I will not teach people to shackle themselves to the expectations of the deceased.

Where are our ancestors right now? Beyond the tributes paid here and in our private spaces, our ancestors are not with us. They are ones with nature, and we are what they’ve left behind. Such things we can thank them for, but otherwise this is our life to live. Should they offer some support and guidance - That much we can appreciate. But we will not be the vicarious continuation of “their” existence. We will control our lives, make our decisions, and live by our desires, not theirs.

If our ancestors chose to have childrens with the expectations that they will follow in their footsteps and live by their standards - To become THEM - Then I’d say that is an act more greedy and selfish than any act of piracy committed by those here today.

… However I believe our ancestors would understand this once they’ve transitioned. That this notion that we have to live up to their expectations is but an idea the Caldari have shoehorned into the teaching to further control their people, by puppeting their dead ancestors into threatening shame upon their living descendants should they step out of line and fail to do what “They” approve of.

I will not fall into this same trap, and neither should any of you."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Money…

“Money, has no power here in this Shrine… I do not pass around a donation plate expecting any of you to open your wallets up in return that your generosity will purify your spirit or some nonsense along those lines… Your money is of no use to me in providing you spiritual enlightenment. Money will not buy you anything in nature, it will not buy you anything spiritually. Your money is a man-made concept, the natural order of our reality does not revolve around it. The only power money has is to obtain necessities and luxuries in a peaceful manner.

That is all what money is, nothing more - nothing less. While it’s perceived as holding limitless influence in human societies, in nature - The foundation in which all societies are built upon - your money is worthless. The idea of currency is a religion in itself, a religion where we believe these digits, or physical slips of paper and bits of metal have more value than the form in which it’s represented in.

Am I calling for everyone here to abandon their wealth? No… Keep your money. Play along with those that see these digits as something more and use it to your advantage to obtain things far more meaningful and real. If I’m calling for anything of you, it is that you leave here today wiser, that you leave here now seeing for what your currency really is. Illusions that can be traded for things of actual value.”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Windchime Wayism being held back by words of the past…

"I’ve found it… unavoidable when it comes to having my words recorded and transcribed. Why I even see this as something to ‘avoid’ is simple - I don’t wish to teach a spirituality that I’d bond by words made in the past. What I mean by that is I want wayism itself to be an ever evolving spiritual understanding that doesn’t sit and rot like the Caldari’s horrifically narrow sighted and outdated interpretation.

I speak critically not only of Caldari Wayism, but any other religion or spirituality that binds itself to some… tome! Or clings to some “tradition” to justify their stagnated development. What good does some book of holy words do beyond acting as a source of rigid spiritual oppression over it’s followers? What are ‘traditions’ if not some excuse to cling onto old and archaic practices that acts as a barrier for progression.

Society evolves, technology evolves, entire ecosystems on planets evolve and humanity-it-■■■■■■■-self evolves! I see no reason why our spirituality should not also evolve with the times! To not dwell on matters millennia ago and to look at the world we have today and find new interpretations! I want to raise you all up spiritually for a world you live in today and not shackle you down to an understanding made in societies that are practically alien with how primitive they are compared to what you see now.

The future is inevitable, we must not be afraid of it. Nothing it holds will shake your spirituality because we will be ready to evolve with it… Such is, the way…

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding preaching out of a man made shrine…

“I should address the Fedo in the room… Or rather the room itself. Let it be known that the irony is not lost on me when I speak of “nature” and the winds, yet do it inside a man-mad station in space… Admittedly, I’m embarrassed at this fact as much as you may think I should be. This setup is… nice. Yet, not fitting to what I teach. This, ‘shrine’ is for sake of simplicity. So none of you are bothered to go to some planet in the asscrack of this region just to hear me speak… Ontop of that I know not a site on a planet worth erecting a shrine on yet. Yes we’re in orbit of a… Wonderful world. Yet… It is not much different than this very station we’re on now. In Time, I hope to address this and establish a more proper shrine where we can properly commune nature itself. Until then - I ask of you to pay a visit to a planet, taste air that hasn’t been recycled a hundred time. Touch grass, dirt, just… Enjoy what the Maker left for us. Don’t just come here to listen to me speak. act on it. Go out and commune with nature properly and not let just this be it.”

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding discipline…

"-When I speak of embracing human error, do not mistake me for making an excuse for incompetence. Discipline is a virtue, control over oneself both mentally and physically Is a trait that should be admired as much as it should be desired. Through discipline we can remain consistent, reliable and valuable. Discipline is what the Guristas are known and feared for. Without discipline, the Guristas would be no different than some petty band of scoundrels lacking both cohesion and threat…. Like the Seven or some other wretched band of louts whose name isn’t worth remembering.

As I’ve taught before, we should all strive for improvement. While our humanity makes us prone to mistakes, we are capable of willing ourselves into ensuring that the same mistake doesn’t happen again. This, is something each of you must grasp yourselves, to take action to improve and become a shining example of competence and dependability.

… So I better not ■■■■■■■ hear about any of you using my teaching of ‘Human error’ as an excuse for why you ■■■■■■ up the job you were given, got it?"

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Gender…

"Man, Woman… These words are labels, no different than those of national identities like being called Caldari… They serve a purpose in providing simplicity in one’s identity, but they are inherently limiting. Is it not a cruel thing that one’s life is planned with an expectation dependent on them being born with either a penis or a vagina? Personally I find-… I-I-Im sorry. You. Yes you, in the back that’s snickering. Do these words amuse you? Is it entertaining for you that I’m up here saying penis like it’s nothing? Or was it vagina that did it for you?

… Okay no, don’t you all start now. I bring these things up because I will not teach a spirituality that shuns these types of discussions as ‘improper’ and ‘childish’ as this subject is something essential for us to understand to discover our true identities. For far too long the so-called civilized societies of our cluster have propagated shackling mindsets in their people by giving them some set expectation for who they’re supposed to be based purely off some organ between your legs. While many will find comfort, there are just as many that become crippled by a role they never asked for. Forced to fit a mold that they themselves want to reject. Forced to meet some expectation on who they are, who they are supposed to be. Gender is not a fact, they are boxes used to sort individuals for the benefit of an authority. An authority that would do whatever it can to ensure those under it’s bootheel act and conduct themselves how they deem appropriate. No different than how Caldari are expected to be Caldari, or Amarr be Amarr. Like humans are expected to be single minded insects… We’re more complex than that.

I say, to the void with these labels of man and woman. We should not weaken ourselves with these labels and instead take control of our own identities. For they are ours after all… Not done by some wider collective, or even our parents and peers. And this is not some call that everyone here must abandon what they know themselves as currently. Simply put, do not take comfort that you are a man, or a woman. Take comfort that you are you. Whatever that may be… And if you are not comfortable? Seek it out… There is no pride to be had in linearity, no pride in some label branded to you based off some organ you carry. A penis is a penis as much as a vagina is just a vagina. They do not define who you are.

… Okay, whose snickering? Point them out."

  • Suha Raibuya

Regarding Hydration…

"-It shouldn’t appear out of the ordinary for anyone when I use this position to provide beneficial life advice for those that come to see me!~ As such, I would like to take a moment to do just that! < clearing throat > … Drink some water… No seriously! Have a glass of water! What? Were you expecting me to mumble on some cryptic message that has more symbolism than clarity? No! It’s just that simple! Drink some ■■■■■■■ water! I’m fully aware that many of you love a good party after a mission that has all the different types of drinks mixed with various enriching ingredients that just invite you to consume more and more!-

-And I’m all for it! I want everyone here to enjoy themselves! Drink within reason maybe, but don’t feel ashamed if you don’t from time to time! All I am advising is that all of you practice discipline when it comes to keeping hydrated when engaging in the usual festivities. Alcohol is a diuretic! What’s a diuretic? A type of substance that increases your urine production! So when you have to go piss after drinking, it’s not necessarily because you drank a lot of alcohol, and more so that you consumed something that has rapidly increased the rate your body produces urine! Which! In turn - removes water from your body at a faster rate and leads to dehydration… And that? Is unacceptable! We owe it to our bodies to discipline ourselves into replenishing any lost liquids after enjoying alcoholic beverages. And before any of you shrug this off as something insignificant, allow me to just continue this tirade and further explain just why it’s issue that everyone here should take seriously. Do you know some symptoms of dehydration? Allow me to list a few!

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Muscle cramps

ALL of these things should be seen as a liability! Dehydration is an insidious enemy that must be fought against within the Guristas’ ranks! No Gurista should ever have their mission complicated with any of these factors that could hinder their performance. There should be no snipers that experience drowsiness aiming down a scope. No dropship pilot unde a state of dizziness when landing and absolutely no instance under any circumstances should the commander of a raid force be suffering from a kidney stone passing all because they failed to keep themselves hydrated! So please, the next time you’re sitting in a bar after a successful mission and you had maybe one to many tropical warpscrews, have a glass of water! Have three! And don’t just stop at alcohol consumption! Be sure to drink water periodically! Drink it in the morning! Before training! After training! Before a mission and most certainly after it! Hydration is the most important and easiest ritual you can make apart of your daily life! So please! Just drink some water! You’re doing yourself a favor!

“…W-What if i don’t like drinking water?”

“You better start liking it!”

  • Suha Raibuya

Nice work Avio.


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“Turmoil” Arc

The “Turmoil” arc as I’m calling it is the continuation of the former “Prosperity” arc I did for the Guristas-Themed storyline I ran between 2019-2022. Both arcs feature the same characters and contitunity, just being separated because I feel the writing moving forward is gonna be of a different tone and direction that it warrants a new branding behind it.


  1. “Looks can be deceiving~”
  • A year after the events of the Guristas’ heist of Caldari capital ship construction research. Suha Raibuya and Utatis Parinen continues to lurk in the Venal region rooting out low-threat threats to the Guristas cartel
  1. “How are you still alive?”
  • Waiting for what feels like ages for any other business contact, Suha is instead confronted with the man holding the strings to her closest advisor Utatis Parinen and given the truth behind his motivations for working for her.
  1. “Aren’t I just one mischievous little bunny?!~”
  • Now armed with new information on Utatis, Suha confronts him in person for confirmation.
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