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To those that know me, I’m a pretty huge fan for the Guristas faction and of late I’ve been trying what i can to get other people interested in this faction. In order to do that I’ve figured it was necessary that i put together a post putting together all the lore sources i can, both official and non-official and creating a space for any and all to ask questions and discuss the lore surrounding the Guristas.

Without further-ado, here is all the lore i can find, i encourage others to bring sources i’ve missed or eft out so they can be added.

Official Lore

Fiction Portal Page

Possibly the most important link in all of this post would be the official page of the Guristas on the Fiction portal, a lore wiki ran by CCP and maintained by the volunteers of ISD. The fiction portal page for the Guristas is updated, thus will contain much information on how they operate, their history, and even their relations to other factions in New Eden.

This is the first thing anyone interested in the Guristas should check out.

Fatal and the Rabbit Chronicle

This chronicle is probally one of the oldest peices of Guristas lore, a short story showcasing the two founders of the Guristas as they flee from the Caldari Navy and make a name for themselves kidnapping the Gallente Ambassador to the Caldari State, Luecin Rileau.

EVE:Source Page

EVE:Source is a purchaseable lore bible that includes it’s fair share of unqieu facts and tidbits about all the factions in New Eden, the Guristas are no exception. I’ve managed to find a online preveiw of the Guristas pages which give a little more context than the Fiction Portal and Chronciel above do, along with also expanding the backstory behind several mission agents found in Venal

Epic Arc guide

The Guristas have their own epic arc! Anyone with 3.00 standings with the Caldari State or Gallente Federation will be able to access and agent to start the rather short chain of missions that take you out to the Guristas home region of Venal. These epic arcs are rather simple and can be ran with a interceptor, so worry not about bubble camps preventing you from running any of the missions.

Ruthless Novella

The Ruthless Novella tells the story of the former CEO of the Ishukone Corporation, Otro *Garushi, who fell into the life of the Guristas due to unfortunate circumstances within his normal life as a Ishukone citizen. This story will show how he went from Gurista to Ishukone CEO, with characters such as Fatal even playing a role in the story.

EVE:Valkyrie ECHOs archive Video

EVE:Valkyrie is the VR spinoff game where you take control of a immortal fighter pilot and take part in what can be best described as a high-tech gangwar between the Valkyrie and The Schism. This self contained story in New Eden is actually HEAVILY tied to the Guristas, with Fatal himself being the second big star in the game right next to the game’s frontlady Ran Kavik.

The cloning technology seen in EVE:Valkyrie was in fact designed by the Rabbit and used by Fatal to start up an elite group of fighter pilots “Hand-picked” by him to use this tech to it’s’ fullest potential. Ran would be one of these pilots to be brought in and would eventually betray him and The Schism to form the Valkyrie. This video (made by me) shows all the game’s audio logs that tell more about the story adn reveal more about Fatal’s character and personality.

It should be noted, that to the wider public of New Eden - Fatal is died or MIA after the raid on Crielere where he was podded. The Rabbit is the current public face of the Guristas

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Player-made Lore

This player-made lore section is all unofficial content surrounding the Guristas, i myself have taken time to write my own content about the Guristas. I will of course be listing content made by other people in this section, so if you got something - feel free to inform me and i will add it to this section.

Venal Prosperity Network

The Venal Prosperity Network is what i would call the closest thing to functioning Guristas content people can get involved with, started by me - the Prosperity Network aims to bring economic and cultural prosperity to Venal. Gameplay wise the aim is to hopefully make Venal a livable area for people to come to and actually play in, seeding markets, using discord to establish communications with other residents.

I also aim to make VPN a platform for anyone to make their own Gurista player lore with, be a means to help generate more Rp for this faction and give it more representation. So far, this objective has been accomplished in helping turn 6NJ8-V into a trade hub that is helping the Guristas out.

The Hissi fit Lounge

Operated by @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia, the Hissi fit Lounge is a Guristas friendly RP channel. It’s a “Physical location” channel found aboard the Guristas Logistics station in 6NJ8-V. The channel itself also acts as a neutral ground, Therefore, reps of differnt factions are allowed to come in and take part in the festivities.

Player Fiction

That’s it for now, once again - if anyone wants to discuss the lore and ask questions, do it here. I’d love to talk with people interested in the lore of the faction!



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Some of the official lore links don’t seem to work :confused:

They don’t and have not since the new Fiction Portal went up. Some of the old material is preserved on Backstage wiki

Originally we were told stuff from the old Evelopedia would be checked and would go up once it’s confirmed to still be “canon”, but it’s been years, and no real progress lately. So the status of the articles missing from FP but on Backstage is unclear.

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