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There is very little known about the Ammatar and hardly nothing on Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions on lore and links to Ammatar lore.

Appearance, lifestyle, life in Detelik, etc.

Sad that there is so little information available when they are one of the most interesting factions.


To be honest, is far from being completely updated. For now you’re better off looking through other sources, like EVE News, the Backstage Lore Wiki (my probably the best source atm), the EVE Chronicles (although…not even CCP’s community website includes all of the Chronicles, had to go onto Backstage to find some of them), the EVE Short Stories and Fiction, the TonyG novellas (like Ruthless) and novels, the EVE: Source and Frigates of New Eden books, etc.

I’m curious as to what makes the Ammatar so interesting to you? The Minmatar call them race traitors but their leaders had the blessing of the Minmatar Elders to break off from the other tribes in order to protect the remnants of the Starkmanir. They are under the aegis of one of the most conservative religious royal families, they live like Amarr commoners (though their lives are perhaps colored by their less prosperous space and economy), they practice the Amarr religion and form a defensive barrier between Empire and Republic space. They are content with Yonis Ardishapur’s massive reconstruction and revitalization (building schools, hospitals, churches, etc.) of the Mandate and happy that they have a bit more autonomy (Ardishapurs established an Ammatar governor and Ammatar fleet commanders rather than replace them with Amarr overseers).

Aside from that there’s not much interesting about them. The Nefantar returning to the Republic got a bit more going on, drama wise. But the Ammatars? They’re just lesser Amarr citizens, like Ni-Kunni.

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I am curious in which text is a background on this “blessing”? Sounds very interesting.

Been a while but I believe it’s in the Tony Gonzalez novel The Empyrean Age which covers events leading up to the Elder Fleet Invasion of Amarr space and the second Caldari-Gallente War. Might also be mentioned/implied in the Chronicle “Beasts of the Field”.

The bulk of them were still willing race traitors, mind you. There were just some high-level “double agents” among the Nefantar that went along with the rest of the Nefantar leadership in order to help and protect the few remaining Starkmanir populations found in their space. These Starkmanir were among the first people rescued by the Elder Fleet when things kicked off.

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IIRC it was the revelation by… SoE I think? That there were ethnic Starkmanir still living in Ammatar space that forced the Elder Fleet in to action - they would have liked to prepare longer for the Invasion in to Amarr space, but now that the Amarr knew about the Starkmanir too, they had to act fast.

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It should be noted that the Starkmanir thing only happened after the Nefantar betrayed the Minmatar. Things got a bit mucked up when the whole Starkmanir issue came out, as it was written in a way that seemed to be trying to whitewash the Nefantar by implying that the only reason the Nefantar went traitor in the first place was to protect the Starkmanir, but the truth is that they were traitors who only started getting a change of heart after the genocide of the Starkmanir. The Nefantar betrayed the Minmatar, by and large, to save themselves.

There were always a few Nefantar exceptions who worked in secret against the Amarr from the start, of course, and that faction grew and started harboring the Starkmanir after the destruction of Starkman Prime/Arzad II. Most Ammatar, however, continued to remain loyal to the Amarr, and stayed behind when the Minmatar-sympathetic Nefantar leaders went rogue.

Essentially, the Nefantar are a race of traitors. They betrayed the Minmatar during the Day of Darkness, and then some went traitor a second time by betraying the Amarr after the destruction of Arzad II.

For Ammatar lore, you can look into the following sources:

EVE Source:

I hope that all helps!


Thanks a lot Quelza and Samira, much to read :slight_smile:

Thank you all for information on the Ammatar. Very helpful and interesting.

@Quelza Thanks for the question and a few reasons why I find them interesting.
I see them as a combination of Minmatar and Amarr but not comfortable in either civilisation. They have betrayed the Minmatar and Amarr and are not fully welcome and trusted by either. Should the Ammatar strike out on the own and form the civilisation of Amarr x Minmatar culture.

Any suggestions on how to make a Ammatar character since they are not an option in character creation. Maybe Gallente Immigrant with Ammatar parents.

This old forum thread might be of some help:


This character on the onset in my mind was Ammatar. To anyone else who saw him hes just another Minmatar. I focused on Amarr ships at first as he would most likely be more familiar with their tech over Minmatar.

Off topic. In rl I am of mixed decent and understand the conflict that can come when you are from different cultures that are at odds with each other. Some people fall back on their cultural background at times as justification for their actions be it food dress ect… But not being acceptable to the Ammar or Minmatar fully would have pros and cons. You are more free in your decisions making as you don’t carry any cultural or social weight on your shoulders. Yet also do not have the support you may traditionally may expect a community to give you. So Id imagine such a person in eve would be just as at home or out of place anywhere they go.


It’s speculation. But given the nature of the amarr and the minmatar personally I’d like to imagine them as an egyptian appearance wise. Lots of regality they inherit from the amarr but retaining the roots of the minmatar.

I’ve had some ideas on the topic before, but tell me first: do you want to focus on RP as a genetic Ammatar/Nefantar, or will being a Nefantar-associated/loyal party suffice?

I ask because not all members of a Tribe and its clans have to be of that bloodline. For example, The Tribal Chiefs of the Krusual and Vherokior are of Brutor descent. Only a fourth of all extant Minmatar in the cluster actually live in and identify as members of the Republic. Most are itinerant freemen or live in the Federation, or are criminals or slaves. The business representatives for a tribe (like the Agents we intract with) are also not restricted to any particular bloodline.

So, before I get to thinking about suggestions, who do you want to be in the New Eden cluster?

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I think genetic Ammatar/Nefantar or Nefantar-associated/loyal party will depend on the backstory. I’m open to both options. I think I will want to base myself in Ammatar territory and nearby.

Thanks for the enthusiasm.

Keep in mind that, if playing an Ammatar, you have no tribe or clan. The actual Nefantar Tribe is a purely Republic group, made up of the defectors from the Mandate. The Ammatar themselves organize according to families and aristocratic houses like the Amarr.

Now, with that being said, Quelza is right that you don’t have to go with an ethnic Ammatar/Nefantar. The Mandate, as with all of the nations in New Eden, is a multicultural country and “Ammatar” includes Minmatar of all ethnicities, as well as non-Minmatar. There’s Ammatar Brutor, Sebiestor, and Vherokior, and even True Amarr Mandate citizens who would still be called Ammatar.

To repeat what I said in the previous thread linked by Teinyhr, I personally recommend not claiming to be an ethnic Ammatar/Nefantar (at least, not primarily. Multiracial individuals certainly exist). As ethnic Ammatar/Nefantar are not available in game, but your chosen race is listed on your character details (and as EVE operates essentially as a full-time IC setting), there’s always the risk of people going by your listed race, not your claimed one. IMO, it’s best to just be an Ammatar Mandate born-and-raised citizen, but of a non ethnic Ammatar/Nefantar race (of which any can work, but a Minmatar or Amarr race is probably best). If Minmatar, figure out a reason why your character happened to go through the capsuleer program in a Republic institution. If something else, an Ammatar Ni-kunni or an Ammatar True Amarr could work (Ni-kunni probably make up a good portion of the Mandate, as they’d deal with less racial persecution there, while True Amarr retainers of the new Ardishapur Holders are probably becoming more common).


Samira’s hit on a lot of points I was going to bring up (and explained them better than I could).

OP, the hardest part of your Matari character’s background to resolve is your graduation from a Republic-sponsored capsuleer program. However, the lore detailing the aftermath of the Elder Invasion, as well as that discussing Jamyl Sarum’s emancipation edict (thought by some to have been a strategy employed to destabilize the Republic) give prospective Ammatars some narrative wiggle room.

If you haven’t yet, read the Chronicles “Scars” and “Beasts of the Field". These two Chronicles detail conversations between individuals of the Thukker, Starkmanir and Nefantar following the Republic’s call for the return of all tribes to form a stronger Republic after the Elder Invasion. Look up the name “Abel Jarek” too, for an example of how Matari followers of the Amarr religion might fare in the Republic. “Daughters of the Revolution” is another good Chronicle to read, if only because it contains some rationalizations for romantic relationships between Amarr and Minmatar individuals. The Republic has a political goal of unifying the Minmatar people and emphasizing a return to cultural roots. But the average Matari citizens still have their prejudices, and not all may find the Republic a welcoming place.

What I’m getting at, is that you can RP as an individual on Matari descent living within the Mandate that tried, and failed, to re-integrate back into the Republic. It’s been 10 years since the Elder Invasion and the events that followed. Enough time for you to have faced discrimination, to see hindrances of one type or another to your advancement and ambition, to come to realize that you don’t have much of a place in the Republic. You take an opportunity (a scholarship or whatever) to pursue capsule training in the Republic since you don’t have access to it elsewhere, and you exercise your newfound independent status as a capsuleer with his own starship to return to the place that felt like home to you: the Mandate.

When I was considering RP an Ammatar Mandate citizen, this was the path I was going to take. But then CCP stopped adding more of those glorious Nefantar SKINs :frowning:

TL;DR Intelligent, talented Mandate citizen followed the crowds back to the Republic, hoping to find a place to call home. Integration failed for whatever reason, got his capsuleer training in the Republic and used newfound status as an independent, elite starship captain to return to the place he knew best as ‘home’. This way you don’t have to use animosity towards any faction as a defining feature of your RP (a hard thing to do for Amarr-aligned RP if you aren’t Ni-Kunni).


To be fair, Abel Jarek went and put up an Amarr church near a sacred site to the Krusual Tribe, who are with the Brutor most antagonistic towards the Amarr, of all the tribes. So he kinda asked for trouble. As long as you don’t preach Amarr religion to those not of the Faith, and especially on Matar itself, you’re generally at least tolerated.

Years ago in the some of the official lore, I read that Ammatar are experts in agriculture and developing improved strains of plant crops. Kind of specialization for them, making them maybe the best in the cluster at that field. But I’ve never been able to find the lore source posting again.

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Usually with Amarr lore threads I just skip everything until I find a wall of text by Samira Kernher. Then I go back and read everything else, hahahahaha

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