Minmatar lore needs some love

From discussions with people ingame and out, I have come to the conclusion that Minmatar lore needs a bit of love from CCP.

There are large sections of Minmatar society where there is little or no detail on how things happen. This is particularly noticeable when compared to the lore of other factions.
Amarr for example, has long articles about demographics, and how the Heir Families work, and how a new Emperor is chosen. There are also lots of smaller articles which show a great deal of detail about relatively minor things.

Look at this. A whole lore page about wheat.

There is literally more written about wheat than is written about the modern Minmatar Tribal Council.

I am coming at this from the viewpoint of someone who plays an abrasive character. The lack of detail makes it harder to come across as condescending and arrogant.

So, I ask that CCP support their lore team a little, and give Minmatar lore a bit of attention.


They could give Great Wildlands some love, too. It is a barren wasteland.


Let’s make the Amarr and the Minmatar be locked in a perpetual state of active war.

Would be nice if there were more stuff about Minmatar lore that wasn’t slavery related.



Here’s a fun exercise for everyone: using CCP-provided materials outside of paywall alone, try and find out what the Tribal Council is, what it does, how is it selected, and who exactly is on it.


Agree ^-^

Where is there a CCP paywall?

There is a lore book called EVE: Source that you can buy.

EDIT: it’s a very good book but not like most newbies to lore will have it.

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