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I call on CCP to pay a little less attention on the constant hysterical calls for game balance, and significantly more attention to narrative design, world building, immersion, storytelling, history, culture, infrastructure. The amount of suggestions I can make should be endless and near infinite, but it all comes down to this -

I desperately would like eve to be a story rather than a mere chessboard.


I think you’re playing the wrong game. Most of the people I talk to know nothing about the actual lore of new eden. Not because it’s hard to find but because no one cares about the background story when the player stories are more engaging.


While the Lore lover in me agrees with you, I think the vast majority of New Eden’s players are drawn by the player made stories and not the ones created by the devs.

Eve’s lore is interesting, and I encourage anyone who’s interested to learn about it by all means, but constantly developing new, internally consistent storylines is very hard given the litany of other issues that affect the game currently. Perhaps once we get scarcity figured out we could get another chapter in the Drifter/Triglavian saga, or new lore that gives love to faction warfare, but beyond that, I doubt we’ll be seeing anything particularly robust in terms of storyline any time soon.

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“Lore” :guffaw:

I think the great majority of players are here either to 1) get rich in-game, 2) kill other players, or 3) some combination thereof.

I’ve only met a handful of players who care about lore. They’re mostly in high sec now. (Miss ya, Provi)

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Honestly CCP does a pretty good lore job IMO. The industry changes and their respective parts actually had lore reasons centered around the Triglavian Invasion to them instead of just “yo this stuff costs more to build.” Most other non-super-boring changes have lore attached to them as well.

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EVE only has a handful of players that RP or even remotely care about lore. You are in the VAST minority…

You know… if they don’t get board of a thread, abandon it for years(if not entirely) then clumsily try to splice it into something else.

People that can do balance are not same as ones can do lore. There is no easy way to repurpose resources this way. Also CCP tend to balance things quite slow.

Other thing is that EVE already have ■■■■ tons of lore scattered here and there.
Have you ever be near eve-gate or seen monolith? Have you ever visited sansha wormhole? Have you done Epic Arcs and COSMOS missions reading mission descriptions? Do you know what Quafe+ used as Ingredients?

What you really want?

What you seek is probably a chain of quest that will hook you to EVE

hysterically calls for game balance

Soylent Green?

I think you’re playing the wrong game.

So you are asking me to go away from eve and play another game.
CCP, are you taking notes how a certain category of players wants others players to go away, go play other games?

This ‘apple cart’ attitude is a problem for Eve Online, and it has become prevalent.

You’re asking the same of people that aren’t interested in your ideas.

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No, you are being told that what you are asking for isn’t what EVE is about - literally, EVE does not appear to be the kind of game you want. Changing EVE to suit you would make it stop suiting thousands of other paying players - a losing proposition for CCP. If the elements you want are critical to your enjoyment, and EVE doesn’t provide them, then EVE doesn’t suit what you want and perhaps you should find a game that does. There is nothing wrong with a product not appealing to every consumer.


Legitimate question: What player stories?

Search for “Empires of EVE” by Andrew Groen on Amazon. It’s available on Kindle now.

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