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So… I’m not quite sure where a topic like this would belong on the forums, so I’ll just put it here…

I’ve watched the video that The Scope put out on Dec 12th about eight times now, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what exactly the Triglavians are saying in the message they broadcast over the billboards. I understand some pieces of it, but was hoping someone here might be able to transcribe their message in the video in text format here. Please & thank you.

The link to the video in question:

I’d appreciate it.

Dodge Panala

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The sub-forum you’re seeking is this:

I think @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci would be the foremost one to answer any questions about them.

You might wanna check out his thread:


I’m glad CCP decided not to remake the mistake they made with Incursions.
Back when incursions were live events - not yet prime time content - there were players wanting to join with Sansha.
When incursions started, it was nothing but more farming content, and no interaction prospects.

Even WoW lets you work for the pirates if you want - I don’t recall the name of the cartel or the one they were against but I think you got a parrot out of the deal, or something. I have not played WoW in 11 years.

So kudos to CCP for realizing that this is something players wanted and delivered.

Now if you would fix lag…
just kidding

There are also Pirate factions epic arcs for some time in the game. I hope Trigs will eventually get some too.

Also CCP should rather put unanimated player avatar pictures than demonstrating how awful their lip syncing (motion capture?) software is when taking source material from video.

I watched in utter horror how characters in video try to move their lips… and cant. :scream:


lol, at least they’re trying.

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