Eve Triglavian Collective translator?

Is there a translator for Triglavian to English or other and vica versa?

Who created the language and how does CCP create it themselves?

Has a real linguist looked at it?

I thought Triglavian was just English with substituted (trig) characters?

I could be wrong, I never tried translating the messages myself.

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So, Wingdings?

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Don’t have a link atm but yeah it’s pretty much a direct translation. If you Google “eve triglavian alphabet” you’ll find it.

Uriel has a really thorough post about the Triglavians.

Link to his art station that he compiled the alphabet on.


Thanks, nice, would make a nice font for Linux.

I was under the impression it was google translated from english to some eastern european language and back again.


Knock yourself out its a font i acquired from another site and use it when people select the trig option at the bottom of the page

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