Add the option to type in triglavian font

It would add a nice touch to be able to type in triglavian font… no particular reason, but its just fun

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Just copy paste from word or whatever.


oh wow thanks! didnt realise there was a OTF file… could only find the TTF file which cant be copy pasted in eve or any other application

i take that back… still cant paste it in eve… dont know if its me though but it dont work for me

Why? No one would even be able to read it, including you…

The reason you can’t do this is likely because of how fonts work and how Triglavian text is implemented.

There are two ways you can go, each way has its limitations.

The first way (and probably the way that conforms to how things are actually done) is that Triglavian is just a font that renders standard characters, a, b, c, and so on in a different and distinct way. In this case you would not be able to display Triglavian text without using that font, and unless your chat box supports displaying two fonts at the same time, you’d be limited to having all your text in either using standard alphabet or Triglavian characters. Additonally anyone without the font installed would continue to see English because they’d substitute a font they do have for the missing one.

The second way is to use unique code points to render Triglavian text. This is how characters from other langauges are used, but in this case you could not type out a passage of English text and have it appear as anything other than English. You would have to use an input method editor to access characters not on your keyboard. With this method everyone would see the same text, provided the Eve standard fonts have mapped Triglavian characters to unique code points separate from the ordinary alphabet. You would need find or develop an IME to convert your English typed text so that it uses those code points, though, or painfully construct your text using copy/paste operations character by character.

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I like it

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