Looking for triglavian mails

I want to find all trig mails. Does anyone have a list of them all? I have now collected 27 pieces. I wonder if there are more? https://pastebin.com/5XTwLZ3E

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Such a lovely list! Would be nice to have the accompanying decoding of trig text for each of them.

Yes, I want to sort them by date and add translations later. But first I want to make sure that I found them all.
I think @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci or @Ashterothi or maybe @Makoto_Priano can help me.

I have tried to collect everything related here. If I am missing things please let me know (I know there is Pochven Stuff I don’t have): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yB8cX5vLbskrQV-gIeAup4iL4FquQVTGuQsBc_NTQik/edit#


I’ve put together a list of every message I know of - I’ll make a larger post with every link as well as the actual information/translations of what’s included in each, gimme a day or so~


What is the //RElSRUNUSVZFIDQ bit? Where does it come from? Email title? Looks to be some kind of word-level substitution cipher (maybe plain character substitution but plain-text is not English). Anyone looked into it?