What the hell is this?

Why did they send me this video email in the game?

I got a new video.

It’s Triglavian stuff. A schematic for a big Triglavian ship or something.

For more info, google about it. This post covers some of it I think:

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Ow, thank you.

It’s all hidden in mystery, and I can imagine it’s even more mysterious if you didn’t see these videos popping up on reddit before from other players! They seem to be spoilers for upcoming Trig ships.

That is probably the wireframe model of a Hangar. Probably the benefits of moving them over to the new Object Factory thingy CCP is so proud of. At least in the past you saw the textured version when your hangar camera spun out of control.

(semi serious)

A triglavian dreadnaught with a capital weapon? Now that’s gonne be fun to play with.

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