A little info on EdenTrigships and the current war

Howdy folks, just came back in over the weekend. Are the eden and trig ships meant to be accessible or endgame? I can find ships for sale, but am not seeing the weapons they fit for sale.

As for the war itself, do I need the new faction ships to fight, or do the original ships from 10+ years ago work? What type of fitting do I need? Can I go in a cheap frig and fight or is that going to be a pointless endeavor? If there’s a good guide, I’d be happy to look through it. Thanks in advance.

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You can use any ship to participate in this content and the new EDENCOM ships or Triglavian ships can be purchased, as normal.

If you’d like to get involved, we have an extremely active group of players fighting on behalf of the Triglavian Collective. There are two in-game channels, "The Triglavian Community” is the community channel with links to the public discord and “Kybernaut Swarm” is for fleet invites and fittings.

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Thanks very much, but I think I’m going to be fighting FOR Edencorp. What’s with the weapons for the faction ships not being available though? They’re not built into the ships are they? And if i don’t really have a home base, is it worth getting into the fight? I’m only on for about 2 or 4 hours at a time.

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trig ships are op
eden ships are ■■■■
there is no endgame

Edencom ship line is newly introduced and prettymuch unconnected to the content of the invasions. No one uses them at the moment because they’re underpowered and it’s easy to have people cause you problems due to suspect aggression / limited engagement mechanics.

You can buy blueprints for the edencom ships and weapons in the DED LP store, with LP being acquired via invasion content… however I will repeat the ships are not designed for invasion content.

“EDENCOM Defense Initiative” is one of the in game channels for pro-edencom players, and they currently use mostly shield ships; often favoring minmatar hulls.

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Thanks very much. I’m purely a missiles guy, usually in a drake. Would an assault frig or cruiser work?

I mostly want the eden ship to mess around with when I want a break from my usual. I’ll use it to irritate pirate factions.

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yeah, I know. I just couldn’t think of a better way to word it.

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You know you can just buy the ship off of the market right? And the skillbooks for it right from your character sheet?

You don’t have to participate in the invasion content; but if you do want to, both sides favor turrets because of instant application.

I know. Bought the sky breaker, and have trained up most of the skills needed to fly it, but can’t find the weapons to fit to it. I thought that was kind of odd. Are the bpo’s for the vorton wagons super rare or something?

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Vortons bpcs can be bought from the DED store. They’re just a bit expensive to produce and buy due to intentional scarcity. The gatorade that they shoot is also a bit obnoxious to acquire.

The…gatorade…that they shoot is also eye-wateringly expensive and frankly does pitiful damage.

I dunno what CCP was thinking when they dropped EDENCOM ships, it’s no fkin wonder EDENCOM lost…

Thanks for all the info everyone!

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