I was under the assumption that they were to counter Trig ships specially. I thought they would reduce or completely remove spoolup of Trig guns. Trig ships as well as Ecom ships are not well balanced. I suggest keeping the lightning weapons but allowing them to be put on any ship with Ecom ships having hull bonuses (and balancing them as well), while giving hull bonuses to Ecom ships to counter trig ships (and as a result make them bad in other ways, such as vulnerable to a specific type of ewar, maybe because they have the hull bonus for lightning weapons they are vulnerable to jam and have small lock range?

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Your assumption is incorrect. As are most assumptions.

The ships are intended to mount Arcing Vorton Projectors as “anti-fleet” weapons similar to the Upwell Structure weapon.




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Yeah… But it’s an assumption that mirrors both the lore and balances things, which is why it is now a player feature/idea.

What lore?

Lore about EDENCOM being created to defeat Triglavians…

Created to TRY to defeat the Triglavians. It should be no surprise that those paper-pushing bureaucrats couldn’t come up with a meaningful anti-trig weapon.


Well, true, but still, it would make sense lore wise (and allow us to actually defeat a leshak fleet)

Trig ships are oppressively overpowered in so many situations. Leshaks, Dreks, Ikis, Kikis and even Nergals are nearly cancerous. While I see your point about what you feel the EDENCOM ships should be, they will not reach that same plateau of oppression and will have very limited use cases. It is unfortunate but true.

I personally would remove the armor rep bonuses and abilities of all but the Rodiva and Zarmazd. Would be a good start…

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