Some thoughts about the new Edencom ships and weapons

The current ship and weapon bonus for the new Edencom ships looks not complete, so I am thinking about how to make the new Edencom ships are weapons more special and specific in some cases like trig guns and ships.
First of all, the weapon is kind of weak under a lot of situations in eve, how about making some new improvements? For example:
Make the damage of the new weapon system increasing when the weapon hit less than 5 targets, like 50% —90% more damage when the weapon hit one less target than 5. This should make this weapon more capable in many situations.
Or, we can make this new weapon system some interesting features which are the opposite of the trig weapon, let’s say, very high initial damage(like 500% current damage?), but decreasing very quickly when u keep shotting the same target. The current damage on the Edencom battleships has 482 single target DPS with 4 vorton tuning system II and T2 gun and max skills on everything.
Or, just decrease explosion radius of the weapons, or increase the rate of fire.

As for the ships themselves, the current bonuses are kind of shabby compared to trig ships, so we could add some kind of remote shield transfer and remote cap transmitter bonus.

What do u guys think?

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The new EDENCOM ships are not intended to compete with any existing ship - they are creating a new niche. They are expected to do well in fleet engagements where the ability to hit multiple targets with each shot should prove useful. In keeping with CCP tradition, they will likely be overpowered in this role when first introduced. I’m sure the theory crafters and fleet commanders are busy figuring out where they fit in the meta.

I personally don’t expect they will see much use in PVE or solo activity but am prepared to be proven wrong. Completely new mechanics have the potential to be disruptive and interesting things can emerge. We’ll find out soon.

:red_circle: You zap an entire fleet to death with enough of them, and you do that from far enough away so that they can’t really harm you. :smiley:

Faction Militia perhaps?

The fleet killing effect is very easily mitigated by launching drones, in a blob of 100 that’s 500 drones 100 pilots, 1/6 chance of an arch hitting a meaningful target is bad. At the long range we are talking about the drones wouldn’t be useful in the fight to do damage anyway, so can sit close to the fleet to block the damage.

Low DPS, low application, no application mods / rigs makes this weapon system very weak even for the purpose of killing fleets. Only use would be to 3rd party a fight to get on as many kill mails as possible.

The hulls of the ships are strong just needs a weapon system that isn’t a liability (in a brawl it will hit your fleet as much as theirs and at range its easily mitigated).

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