for the Edencom ships there is rig’s for them for shield but there is nothing for them on Guns. like increase rate of fire or buff the damage/ reduce the cap usage e.g and no implants for them to but there implants for Trigs .

Because CCP doesnt care about EDENCOM. The ships themselves are also made very niche on purpose. What purpose I dont really know tho. Anti-blob usage maybe and thats it. Weapon system isnt very flexible, damage to single targets is not a lot.

Vorton Projector are not considered as turrets or launchers.
They therefore do not benefit from any possibility of improvement except via Vorton Tuning System and skills.

Offering single target ammunition might be an idea.


Yes, it was literally designed to counter the trig doctrine of fast, small, and spider tanked ships. Knew that from day 1.

Yah, they put Edencom on a nice shelf currently. Mabye they may explore it again. Mabye not. :man_shrugging:

One thing the ships are good for is the massive shield tank on the thunderchild :laughing:

Edencom ship pilots usually produce high quality salt when coming out of the traces. Thats the EDENCOM purpose, to make miners feel like they are the police for some days… and then they get ganked by the real highsec police.


To play Edencom ships in hisec you have to know the rules of engagement which then allows very cool but very specific game play.



single target ammo would help. but it’s still a cool weapon system

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Show us the way.

I often used Edencom ships (Stormbringer & Thunderchild) for anti gank and for anomalies farm (refuge, den). Haven’t had the opportunity to see it in action on fleet pvp.

Some killmarks on my anti gank Stormbringer :


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