Useful edencom ship proposal: Destroyer and battlecruiser

So, as implemented, the 3 current edencom ships are wildly unsuccessful at finding serious adoption…

So, while continuing to play on the themes of strong shield tank, and good for fleet engagements, I present my concepts (with stats) for the edencom destroyer and battlecruiser. They’re given a shield utility role bonus similar to that of the trig ships armor bonus, but with slightly more range due to the different balance of optimal and falloff, and a bit better cap usage because of the much higher inherent cap usage of remote shield.

Edencom Battlecruiser

6% per level shield resist bonus
7.5% per level damage to Medium Vorton Projector Damage

Role bonus
Can use one command burst module
50% bonus to command burst area of effect
25% bonus to medium vorton projector arc range
25% bonus to medium vorton projector optimal range
125% bonus to Remote shield booster range
55% bonus to Remote shield booster capacitor use

Turret slots: 1
Drone bay: 30m3
Bandwidth: 20mbit/s
CPU 530 tf
PG: 1325MW

Shield: 20/20/50/50 5750HP
Armor: 50/45/25/10 1150HP
Hull: 33/33/33/33 2000HP

Capacitor: 3350gj 720s recharge (peak recharge, skills 0, 11.6gj/s, skills 5 19.3gj/s )
Targets: 7
Targetting range: 80km
Scan res: 215
Sensor strength: 22 grav
Signature: 310
Speed: 160
Mass: 15,300,000kg
Inertia: .605
Cargo: 550m3

Edencom Destroyer

20% per level Small Vorton Projector damage
10% per level to small Vorton Projector explosion radius

Role bonus
25% bonus to small vorton projector arc range
25% bonus to small vorton projector optimal range
125% bonus to Remote shield booster range
55% bonus to Remote shield booster capacitor use

Turret slots: 1
Drone bay: 5m3
Bandwidth: 5mbit/s
CPU 224 tf
PG: 66MW

Shield: 20/20/50/50 1450HP
Armor: 50/45/25/10 400HP
Hull: 33/33/33/33 925HP

Capacitor: 800gj 260s recharge (peak recharge, skills 0, 7.69gj/s, skills 5 12.8gj/s )
Targets: 7
Targetting range: 4750m
Scan res: 510
Sensor strength: 13 grav
Signature: 63
Speed: 210
Mass: 2,150,000kg
Inertia: 2.55
Cargo: 300m3


Given the nature of the Edencom weapon system, it seems appropriate to match that into a destroyer role. (Edencom defender turret anyone?)

I’ve got more of these “let’s make the edencom line not suck, and have options appropriate to the investment of SP” type of posts to go later.

Existing EDENCOM ships need to have more utilization, a wider niche, and not suck before new ships are introduced. Balance existing ships + wait for their availability and utilization to increase before adding new ones.

That’s the argument I’ve been having with myself, before writing this.

These were intended in part to see if giving the edencom line the utility highs and bonuses that mirror the trig advantages causes a significant uptick in usage, and if such usage (especially of the battlecruiser) indicates that there is major demand for more shield remote repair bonused hulls beyond cruisers and frigates. Thus, use these as a testbed that doesn’t break anything, and which might shed more light on why the current ones are SO FREAKING BAD to the majority of the community.

Edencom salvaging destroyer (AOE).

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Add it to your list, prof.

I haven’t flown EDENCOM ships myself, but I’ve heard that they (ie. Thunderchild BS) zap their own drones. If that’s true, then that makes point #178 EDENCOM ships will no longer zap their own drones. I’ll verify on Singularity. Any other ideas?

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You just need the Edencom logistics ship to repair them :slight_smile:
Of course, that ship also reps hostiles if they are in-range.

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Only the battleship even has a dronebay, and “thankfully” it’s damage application is so poor as to be nonexistent so it’ll struggle to kill them anyway.

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