In current state Vortron Projectors are almost useless

Hi guys,

so today I tested the Skybreaker and yes I like its new look and new feel, but unfortunately it’s really useless. So with my current skills I get slightly above 40 DPS… and yes multiplied with 5 you get to whooping 200 DPS… but this is just theory-crafting.

While in practice there might be some rare situations, where it is useful to split DPS… these situations are simply much to rare and even then… 40 DPS on a Frigate will be even not able to break any active tank of another frigate.

Therefore, please find a way to make those Vortron Projectors script-able (e.g. by uploading a script into the Vortron Tuning System, or just invent a new module)

Here are some scripts, which I imagine would make these ship line much more useful:

  1. Focus Script: Only two targets will get hit. Primary target gets 3x base damage, secondary 2x base damage.
  2. Arc Range Extender: The arc range for secondary and other targets gets extended by 50%.
  3. Arc Range Reducer: The arc range for secondary and other targets gets reduced by 33%.

This will give some more interesting tactical options, when flying this ship.

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Rule of thumb on the forums. When someone uses the word “interesting” to describe their idea, it’s a bad idea. This rule remains true today.

Also, why don’t you just use the ships that already exist if you want to deal high dps to a single target? The niche of this ship is that it’s able to effectively split and apply its dps to a large number of targets, making it difficult for logistics to respond appropriately in medium to large scale fights.

Why are you trying to introduce “scripts” that’ll take away what makes this ship unique and force it to conform to the rest of the weapon platforms in the game?


Why don’t you just come with some constructive proposals yourself instead of simply trolling me?

I am just thinking that the ship is at its current status much too niche and script would just add some more interesting usability scenarios for it. We have on the one hand the super flexible Triglevian ships… the EDENCOM line is at the moment simply no competition for them at all. This should change in my opinion and forums are to share opinions.

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Because I don’t see the need to propose anything?

Why do kids on the forums constantly do this? You proposed a bad idea. I’m criticizing it. I don’t have to provide alternatives when all I’m saying is “your idea is bad”.

There it is again.


Edencom ships are designed for the Triglavian arenas. Everywhere else they are silly.

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This might indeed explain their niche role… but even for this they aren’t fitted. While they are good for killing small stuff in the Abyss, they will fail if you run into these solo battleships for which you need sheer raw DPS unless you can modify the Vortron behaviour.

It’s an AOE ship, a niche ship, it is what it is.

At least you can use it outside null *cough*bomber*cough*


It would have been so much better if CCP had just released dedicated smartbomb ships and all these skills as improvements to smartbombs. Alas.


I know gankers would have loved that, but honestly this does seem better. At least having some range lets you can target something besides your fleet mates or anyone dumb enough to warp on top of you.

And I think the Triglavian Arenas were designed for these ships, not the other way around.

Generally CCP’s policy with this stuff is “lets add it and see what happens” and if they don’t like what happened then they change stuff. So far they seem to like the way this has shaken out though.

And re: solo battleships. Bring more than just Vortron Projector equipped ships?

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I dont think any changes are warranted right now…

Ive heard from a few friends that do invasions…

A group of players that know how to use these ships are very effective…
They saw something like 20 players insta blapping entire Trig fleets without a care in the world for like 20 minutes and maybe half a billion ISK in ammo.

-1 (for now)

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