Vorton Power Amplification Skill Requirement

It’s probably just an oversight, I was making a skill plan to the EDENCOM Frigate Skybreaker and noticed that on it’s Mastery rank 1, in the certificate Small Vorton Projector asks Vorton Power Amplification level 1, wich can only be trained after Vorton Projector Operation level IV, and the level IV is only asked at the Mastery rank 2. So players can’t be Mastery Rank 1 on Skybreaker due to the requirements.

In my understanding Vorton Projector Operation is the “equivalent” of Gunnery , and Vorton Arc Extension , Vorton Power Amplification , Vorton Arc Guidance are supporting wapon skills like Motion Prediction , Sharpshooter , Rapid Firing , Controlled Bursts, wich only needs Gunnery level II, so the cited Vorton related skill should also only need Vorton Projector Operation level II, not IV. This will fix the mastery rank requirements problem.

Another possibillity is that Vorton Power Amplification is similar to Trajectorial Analysis wich needs Gunnery level IV, but in that case it shouldn’t be asked at Mastery Rank 1, the Trajectorial Analysis is only asked at Mastery Rank 2 in ships that used it, so the Vorton Power Amplification level I can be moved from the Mastery Rank 1, to the Mastery Rank 2 where Vorton Projector Operation is asked to be o level IV, and to make it more similar to Trajectorial Analysis the requirement canbe increasead to level 3 to complete the certificate.

Sorry if something like that was already posted, i couldn’t find it.

You’re right, it’s a bit messed up. But then, so is the entire Edencom part. Three of the books for the certificate you mentioned (the supporting skills) do not even have a normal in game source (after extensive googling), although they can be bought directly from the skill training window. And by comparison with other basic skill books, the prices are out of whack. Unless we’re not meant to actually use these ships, and give the necessary feedback to ccp on how to fix them.

The Vorton is an interesting setup. Unlike the other systems it requires no midslot modules.

All weapon mods are lowslot, its an odd weapon as you have a good close range AOE weapon, and with ammo can be a weapon that can hit over 140km on first target with a thunderchild and snipe ammo, then remember that one shot can hit up to 10 targets and that could in theory the last target could be up to 85km+ away from the primary target.

Also remember that dps does not take into account if hits 10 targets or 1 target, that damage is equal to all targets hit, also remember damage application is based on the same as missiles.

So unlike missiles and turrets there is no script for increasing range or precision, its down to skills and lowslot modules installed, and of course ammo for range and ammo.

Against a single target you loose the AOE benefits of this weapon.

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