in my humble opinion i think that Vorton Arc Projector should be able to be fitted to all empire ships.

this way players can still side with edencomm on the battlefield this way.

I further think that damage output should also should also be valued depending on faction standing
(there is not stopping a tweek in the lore saying that edencomm can transmit extra power throughout the empire to increase damage output)

you can then further get damage output from flying the edencomm ship specifically.

vorton arc projectors need to leave friendly ships alone, be it blues, greens or purples
just this latter fix will make stormbringer a Strong contender against the Vedmak.

a fleet of edencomm players will then be a fearsome adversery and ight very well lead to some more PVP-TRIGVSEDENCOMM content, might only be small bouts but would be fun to see some battles like that.

Next you’ll suggest Triglavian disintegrator and meta-remote-repair modules will be available for all faction ships.

Rge edencom ships are by lore specifically built to support the Vorton Emitters, hence limited highslots and lack or limited drone capacity.

no, i think the trig stuff should stay where it is, having vorton projectors on normal ships but at an impeded capability means you can still join the edencomm side should you want to.

its not like ships in the game have gone through changes before be it skills, capabilities or bonuses before.

this way people can use the vorton projectors and have fun
but when it comes to the fight vs trigs edencomm are a fearsome force vs trigs

NO. Edecom ships are specific. You want to use projectors; train for the ships. Stop dumbing Eve for the masses.

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which is the very reason why they perform better with the vorton arch projector in my suggestion. using edencomm weapons sends a political message, using EC weapons whiling piloting an EC ship, even more so.

it also wouldn’t dumb it down for the masses but it would open up new forms of battle and game play especially for new players who would be curious to explore new weapons and how they work.

No it doesn’t. It sends vorton energy. It also seems incredibly hard to balance for a ship with multiple turret slots. I for one would make Emperor Palpatine marauders that spam lightning everywhere.

one projector per non edencoom ship with half damage, allowing people to join the cause without having to train into the ships, could then say that not only do edencomm ships have better damage but they also do double damage to trig ships ontop of that.

No. There are tons of things that are special to specific types of ships. Covert Cloaks only go on ships built for them. Missile launchers only go on ships that have launcher slots. Turrets the same. (Yeah, yeah, some ships have both turret and missile slots.) covert cynos only go on certain ships. Only Black Ops BS can bridge to the covert cynos. Strip miners only go on certain ships…bomb launchers, disintegrators, etc.

I did just fine with my hurricane in the fight with the Trigs. You don’t need to fly trig or edencom ships in the fight.

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