New Edencom vorton weapons tweak

3 things need to happen to the new vorton/new Edencom weapon/ships to make them more useful.

  1. The ability to selectively focus or chain lighting enemy ships. The new weapon’s dps is lacking so give us the ability to focus the weapon on a single enemy for slightly below the average dps for the weapon class. Then, either by selecting an option on the weapon or by script allow the weapon to chain lightning out to multiple hostile targets. This should increase the ship’s/weapon’s utility to the average player.

  2. Allow for selective weapons chaining. Instead of the weapon chaining to ANY random target within reach force the weapon to only chain to random targets of the same type. If your shooting directly at drones it should chain to other drones, if your shooting directly at ships it should chain to other ships, if you’re shooting at structures it should chain to structures, etc.

  3. If there are fewer targets available than the number of chains the weapon can output then it should continue to chain between the number of targets in chain range to keep dps nominal.

CCP introduces new weapon that can bounce between valid targets. Your idea is to remove or cripple that ability.

If you don’t like bouncing around, maybe use normal turrets? Trigs are one target oriented already.

New weapon system is trash. I don’t deny that. But limiting unique feature that weapons where suppose to introduce is no fix. Increase of damage is first step to make them at least considered choice.


Yeah, the Vortron guns are lame. Don’t use them.

The weapon’s DPS is not lacking. It’s an AoE weapon and needs to be applied as such. You need to make better use of it and accept it will suck one-on-one.

Try a group of vorton weapons against a group of enemies. Any other application is weak by design.


Dps is most certainly lacking for 1v1 situations. If there are 2 or more targets then the weapon should continue to chain between the targets in chain range to the maximum numbers of chains per firing.

By allowing players to focus the weapon it increases it’s utility to the average player allowing more people to enjoy it. I want it to be improved not nerfed. I’ve wanted to see a weapon like this in the game for a long time, but I think it could use a little tweaking.

I hope they add ice spells to the game next.


I like them, but they need tweaking. It’s good to finally see a weapon like this in the game.

Webifiers work good enough already for slowing down ships…

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I don’t want to limit the weapon’s ability. I want the weapon’s ability to be enhanced so as to be more useful. I don’t want structures, drones, or wrecks soaking up damage when I’m trying to help take down an enemy fleet. Selective weapons chaining helps with this.

The weapon system and the ships to fit them were specifically designed as anti-fleet weapons platform. You are asking to change the primary concept and purpose of this for your own use. I agree with your right to ask for what you believe is to your benefit but disagree with the premise that the Edencom ships be redesigned specifically to benefit solo users.

The ships and weapons are there, if they don’t fit your purpose then choose another. They should be balanced for their ability to function in the fleets they were created for.


One way these is/would be very effective is as anti-F1-monkey; less practice of just “keep at range” to the FC and just locking and hitting F1 when FC tells you to :wink:

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but even in fleets the use appear to be very low
the thunderchild a beautiful ship was loosed by ccp aurora … not much more

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No -1

Of course it is. That’s how it was designed.

What’s your point?


There is some debate in the community as to whether or not all ships must be good for solo use - it’s one of the reasons why the community is divided on rebalancing the Orca/Rorq down to essentially being a fleet-only ship outside of hauling by obliterating its mining capabilities from what it is currently. In this instance, I think the case for “some ships should only be good in fleets” has been stronger with the introduction of these weapons, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. (And since a firm precedent has been set, maybe we can nerf those mining bonuses…)

This would make the weapon OP the same way “hostile-only” smartbombs would be OP

Nothing wrong with a fleet-only ship :+1:


The only real tweak to them i’d like to see is a downward trend in ammo cost. Especially the large variety

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Farm those sites and bring numbers down. Demand vs supply.

The problem being no one that really wants them for more than extorting HS players can get to them. It took two days for trig stuff to come down due to player engagement. Putting sites low and null only was a bad idea in the first place. It will probably tank usage for most players.

Check back in a year.

The ammo prices are too high. I agree