Edencom Vorton Emitter update/improvements

The current version is limited in pvp or any one vs one combat. What is suggested is to fix this and maintain the turrets special feature with a few modifications.

First we modifier the Edencom Vorton Emitters by reducing the number single lightning target jumps back to 5, but add a second one arc, so we still have 10 jumps, but reduced the area of effect.

Also add +100% damage on targeted target, and keep the first jump the same as existing damage model (which makes the damage for each 1/2 the primary target damage) and for each jump reduce damage by 1/5th, so last target damage reduces down to 1/5th of the first jump damage.
This will get Edencom ships a better chance in one vs one combat, but still maintain the spreading lightning damage model, but with a reducing damage the more jumps done.

Second thing is to add a mass to the range requirement for lightning jump, where larger mass increases the chances of being hit, so for every range band out to maximum range mass of all targets are checked, and largest is hit. So if a small drone is closer it’ll take the hit and continue on to the next.

Third is allow targets to be targeted multiple times if it falls within the second suggestion, this couple add a nice feature in one vs one combat if there happens to be a drone (enemy or own) to allow the lightning to jump back and forwards. If own it could add an new tactic of using armor/shield abyssal mod’d drones, ideally being able to abyssal mod TP300/600/900 drone would be a real bonus. (possible another suggestion for utility drones)

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