Edencom ships changes

I want to start with the fact that I haven’t really used them, so I want some feedback about these from people who did use them or fought against them.

Edencom ships seem extremely expensive compared to Triglevian ships, while at the same time giving you less than Triglevian ships. They seem extremely situational, while Triglevian ships are a jack of all trades.

One of the biggest problems they have is their single target damage. In most cases players will fight in 1v1 or 1 v few, in both cases its better to have a good single target dps

This limits them to be used in PvE against swarms, and even here only thunderchild is good while being extremely slow and extremely expensive, and in fleet fights where you can delete smaller fleets, but again this is an extremely expensive doctrine and there are better cheaper alternatives. There is some potential against drone boats, but even here you don’t have enough dps to kill the boat after getting rid of the drones.

I do realise that Triglevian and EDENCOM are supposed to mirror each other and I don’t want to take this away

1st: their cost needs to be on a similar level to Triglevian ships. This can be achieved, for example, by increasing the drop rate of parts while not changing blueprint requirements, or by making BPCs more accessible. Same goes for EDENCOM weapons, and weapon upgrades.

2nd: if there aren’t enough targets for lightning to bounce onto, it should redistribute some portion of the damage: i suggest this damage equation:

=(0.9 + 1/[targets]) * [Base damage]

Which gives you these multipliers:

For the point of reference:

Skybreakers dps with maxed out skills, T2 Small Vorton Projector, T2 Vorton Tuning System, and electro punch loaded, hot, looks like this(note that I didn’t change the first row at all):

Its single target damage is similar to the starting Damavik damage, with one entropic sink with similar range and drones.

This way EDENCOM line should excel vs drone boats, and few smaller ships, while being average in 1v1 scenarios against the rest of ships.

T2 EDENCOM variants:

I know that currently lore is focused around fraction warfare, but it’s weird that EDENCOM doesn’t have its T2 variants. It would be fun to get a cloak T2 line, with a Covert Ops frigate, Recon Ship, and a Black Ops.

It would also make a lot of sense for them to have a cloaky ship line, as they probably need something for spying in Pochven and to run their operations there without major engagements.

T2 Triglevian ships embrace the ramp up giving you longer spooling time. In case of EDENCOM you don’t need more targets, but you could embrace its burst, so i suggest:

+20% dmg

+15% fire rate penalty

Per skill level

Which gives you about +14% dps and +100% volley at lvl5

That means that a covert ops frigate that would cost similar amount to Nergal would do this with long range ammo (53km) with maxed skills:

It would have a fire rate of 7.19s

Remember that this is raw damage and it would be affected by explosion radius, explosion velocity, and targets’ resists.

I think just being able to have a switch where you can set the fire mode to single target or many. And also make sure that if you are green does not arc to yellow will already be a major improvement for the ship.

We use them but it is very situational. Cleaning drone swarm doctrines of structures works very well.

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