A small tweak to make the new Edencom ships come alive

The new ships have potential but they are flawed. We are all moaning about the DPS but like the idea of the chain lightening.
So how about if there is only 1 target to shoot that target gets a double tap. This simple tweak would make the DPS more acceptable for solo ship engagements or if you are doing PVE you do not have to fly back and get in a better ship (and cheaper) to kill a Battleship Rat.

No. These ships don’t need to be made into bland mission runners or one-vs-one ships. They should suck one on one and they shouldn’t have their niche tweaked to make them work better in every situation.

There are a hundred good one-on-one or mission running ships. Pick one.

I havent played with these ships myself (so correct me if thats already the case), but i think that ability to arc back to one of previous targets in case there are no more valid targets present should be “fine”, imo. Then max solo-target DPS would be achieved if there are only 2 valid targets present…

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Did you think at all what either 200%, let alone 500% application would be like?

well, 500% is impossible with my description, since that would imply single target. At most it would have been 300% of current (anemic) DPS if and only if there are only 2 targets to shoot, the second target would have got 200% of damage. If you think thats too much (compared to 2-3k single target DPS Leshak with lots of utility slots and options/bonuses) - some diminishing returns might have to be implemented (interference with previous hit and whatnot).

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No, it is a specialized ship and needs to stay that way.


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