Idea to buff and balance EDENCOM ships

I have an idea for the EDENCOM ships to make them balanced. Right now, frankly, they suck. I would like to propose this:

3 Modes for EDENCOM ships:

Mode 1: The same as the ships are now, but it never hits your own drones.

Mode 2: Same DPS, arcs to 5 targets, but only targets that are locked.

Mode 3: 200%** DPS increase. Main gun only hits 1 target, like other weapons.

I think this could fix a lot of issues with the EDENCOM ships, such as weakness in 1v1s, hitting own drones and friendly ships, and overall not being useful. Open to ideas.

Defeats the intended mode of operation for the ships, makes the ships OP

Defeats the intended mode of operation for the ships, makes the ships OP

You’ be making the ships into something they were never intended to be. You’d be trying to turn a hammer into a saw.


275 is probably a bit much in retrospect. The “intended” mode of operation makes no sense, e.g. why hit own drones, friendly ships, etc.

So we should create bombs/smart bombs that only hit “intended targets”? Or bubbles that only interdict enemies? Is that what you’re saying?

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No, but when it’s the main weapon of a ship, yes. It’s intended for use in fleet fights, but it’s not only completely useless in them, it’s detrimental.

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Wrong. You just are trying to use it in ways/situations it is not intended to be used in. It is not a bread-and-butter ship.

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I understand the intended purpose of it. But it’s completely useless in fleets if it’s hitting friendlies and drones. And completely useless in 1v1s due to its low DPS. This solves both issues.

Just use a ship that uses the other weapons, then.

Why are people constantly suggesting this? You’re removing the ONE thing that makes this weapon unique compared to other weapons.

Are bombs and smartbombs useless in fleets? Are bubbles useless in fleets?

You just need to know where-and-when to use them. You’re not going to use them physically side-by-side fleetmates.

Where does it say that all ships need to be useful in 1v1s?

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It is a niche ship with a ship with a niche role, if you want a good 1v1 ship, you should fly a different ship.

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The whole point of the ship line is that they are NOT another high alpha single target ship.

So No3 is out of the question

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I thought the whole point of the ship was so that fools would have something to spend their skill injectors on.

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No it isn’t!

There’s tricks on how to use it when in fleets. You just need to manage targets better, taking into account arc jumping distance.

As for one vs one yes it has limited application, but if they have drones deployed then it has an advantage in taking out drones and target. Only the battleship Thunderchild, has its own drones, so is the only one that could damage its own drones, but has better turret ranges.

You just need to think about ranges and how best to apply them. It is possible and workable.


Give Edencom ships a bonus where they can’t damage their own drones. The only balance they need. :+1:

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