Precursor Interdictors and other ship ideas

Hello everyone,

Coming back to the game a month ago after 9 years, I’ve noticed we got these new Trig ships. I’m a huge fan of them tbh.

But I’m quite disappointed with CCPs abandonment of them and lack of variation.

I would absolutely love to see more renditions of these ships. (For example, a Kiki hull interdictor.)

There’s so much potential for these ships and they play really nicely. Sure some people might immediately cry “OP” but really, no small ship is really that OP. Especially these precursor ships, they take time to get powerful and their tanks aren’t any different than other ships.

Pair that with only one turret and it’s quite balanced.

Anyway, what other trig ships would you like to see?

Precursor titan has definitely crossed my mind

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Carrier, trig fighters, titan, obviosly the transport ship they made a model for - maybe it could do as salvager and mining ship also at the same time, covert ops frigate, black ops battleship.

Command ship drekavac model, it could get bonuses for skirmish and info.

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Triglavian Collective Mining Barge as they would be different than "Outer Ring Excavations*

The strip miner module could even be different to ramp up the yeild the longer it is extracting.

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Leshak Marauder :pray:

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Abandonment? The Edencom ships have been completely forgotten.


The Trig mining barge should suck material from blue stars. That would be in character.


its always the same … players want more more more …

“hey this new stuff is really cool but i want this, that and so on”

it’s so ridiculous


ah yea btw. move it to:

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Other ship ideas…

Its a bout time ccp launches some more trig stuff.
T2 drek, Trig carriers, trig titan etc
Ooooo maruder now that would b interesting

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Well, that would be interesting for sure! I don’t think I’d even have an issue with that haha

omggg yessss


lol, jk jk

Yea, Edencom definitely should get some attention. But, to be fair, they don’t even have their own slots in the ship trees.

At least Trig does and isn’t considered a normal faction ship like edencom ships are. Perhaps CCP should change that?

But yea, those ships are pretty bad regardless.

In every game that exists, players get bored of current and replayed content.

Requesting new, interesting and different things is what keeps a game community alive. Change keeps things flowing and fresh. Stagnation kills literally anything that touches it. Look at nature for existence.

So there’s nothing to be complaining about here. You should be happy to see features being requested and changed, it changes the game you’re playing and makes it newer.

You could ask for an Eve 2.0, but honestly, that came around 2007/2008. There have been many new releases of Eve over time and even the engine has had its changes. All done in the background.

Clearly something is keeping you around.

They’re the shaman of New Eden.

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We’re still waiting on the indie ships, which happen to be in game as npc indie ships as seen in trig fleets.

We’re also still awaiting the standard T2 version of the Hydra and Tiamat, which would give us the much wanted cloaking frigate and cruiser.


Here’s my totally sensible very balanced request lol

How about a Triglavian Attack Battlecruiser? Worse tank than a drek and no links, but a battleship sized gun :japanese_ogre:

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Command ship first! Then Attack Battlecruiser.

And then there’s the question marauder or black-op, but that would require the Hydra and Tiamat versions first.

Ccp needs to come out with some new stuff. I dont care i just want new ■■■■. Something that helps drive demand in the market. T2 caps would b ace. Imagine the industrial race to field the 1st t2 dred fleet etc


Triglaivan World Arc Supercarrier.


Cloaky trigs: triglavian recon or black ops battleship would be fun!

What type of EWAR would a triglavian recon bring?