Precusor T2 ships?!

Ok so we’ve seen an increase of T1 Trig ships that now give us the players all sub-capital ship classes.

We also got in the first rollout of ships both the T1 and T2 logi cruisers.

With the invasion we gained the T2 Assault Frigate, Command Destroyer and Heavy Assault Cruiser.

We can’t forget the special edition Hydra and Tiamat.

So the big question is will we see T2 Command Ships, Marauders and/or Black-OPs ships anytime soon?

But that also raises a interesting question, a Leshak as a Marauder, yes it’d be s force to fear, but due to turret limitations, how would it be done. The others have massive bonuses to range (both optimal and falloff, and missile flight-time), the Trig turrets only have optimal, and many know even with the best range modules and ammo its hard to get anywhere close to 100km.
Would the Trig Marauder get a huge drone bonus to counter is disadvantage, increased drone speed,drone capacity and bandwidth?

Interested tk see what others think on the T2 ships and trig Marauder.

I wanna see their Skiffs


…yes. that would be an interesting thing to see, or do they just uses something like a orca or Roqa?

Nah, it’ll get the usual range (optimal) and tanking bonuses via bastion module, maybe tracking for marauder bonus.

True. Might look at it later today and use the Amarr version as a base for bonus for a Trig version. Similar tank and weapon systems.

I dont get it.

What is it with peoples obsession with trying to create a mini-carrier?

Those don’t count, since they’re extremely limited edition.

Unless they make those available to everyone, or make identical versions available to everyone. Which they’ll have to do at some point if they truly intend on making a full line of Trig ships. They’re gonna need a CovOps frig and a Recon cruiser that everybody can fly.

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Easier to afk with I guess

What you class an increase from 75m^3 to 125m^3 or similar with a similar bandwidth increase a mini carrier?!

The Arma and Domi have 375m^3 with 125mb/s bandwidth, i would call them bmdroneboats, but never mini carriers.

command ship and marauder would be interesting.
command ship with link bonus and max damage ramp as iki/nergal is cool
Marauder hmm…
all other have 100% to turret damage, but only 4 turrets. Trig have 1. So a 100% bonus would be a bit op as the initial dps would then be already 1500-2000. But a bonus that removes the damage ramp limit could be interesting. So the marauder can ramp damage forever without limit. So it even outdamages capitals after 10 min or so :slight_smile:

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Youre asking for a, as you put it, “Huge” drone bonus, so yes. Mini carrier.

You are an evil person! :laughing:

As much as I like the idea, I don’t think its going to happen…

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