A new class of Marauders?

I was wondering, at a Drone boat Marauder ship.
Because we got the Dominix, and the Rattlesnake, two faction Drones boat BS.
But actually, no T2 Bs Droneboats…
How would you imagine a Drone boat T2 Ship?
a Marauder Nestor would be awesome…
With maybe bonus for the high slots to drones range, or something like
that, just other than the usual tractor beam bonuses…
Just remote repair bonus to eg .Sentry Drones makes it an awesome Drones BS…

Was wondering what kind of bonus the bastion could give to drones…

What a Sin that would be…


Would be interesting for sure.

Oh yeah… I forgot about the Sin!!!
Now that would be interesting if it
could boast the bastion module…
But Black Op and Bastion… would do well in Incursions for sure!!

The idea has been brought up on an almost yearly basis by players for quite some time…and quickly shot down by CCP. One issue is that this new “jeep carrier” would become very popular with mission runners and others, resulting in a large increase in drone use. Each drone used adds to the server load (see TiDi in large fleet battles) and CCP is not willing to encourage even more drone use until server technology catches up to what the player demands are. I like the idea, but realize that less TiDi overall is more important. I think a Navy Domi is the closest thing they currently have in game, although the recent SIn changes may have bumped it ahead.


Why would a T2 BS be limited to drones? All Marauders can use them.
You have the Sin as T2 drone boat which got buffed in two patches over the last year.

And if you want op drones, you can always fly a Rattlesnake.

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My post must be at least 5 Characters

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If they made a T3 battleship, which they seem to be working their way up to, it would be nice to have a battleship that could use fighters.


Dreaming for a SOE t2 ship, but be aware of the impossibility.

Would be cool :smiley: Maybe not as a separate class becuase i think itd be strange for caldari/minmatar drone ships, they dont usually use drones. But perhaps a guristas or SOE t2 battleship? Awww yeah.

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Maybe something like the Attack battlecruisers?
Attack BS that could fit capital guns and torps but paper tank?

I can see the ads: The power of the Moros at your fingertips…
It would make quite a stir!!

And the guristas pirate attck bs with fighters… mmmhhh…
For certainty they would get a shot in incursions!

Be too easy to de-fang a dedicated drone boat marauder.

Most players know how to counter drones fast, and to counter the counter would mean massive amounts of micromanagement.

Since the source code is the bottleneck in the first place its a true catch 22.

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