Thoughts on the Enforcer, or ships in general

I really like the idea of the Enforcer. Specifically, the bit where it gets bonuses to sec status while you’re ratting. But… it’s a pretty terrible ship all around. The stats are wimpy, and you can make a better Stratios or something for a lot less than the hull cost alone.

One thing that I think would improve the ship’s use is adding a drone bay. It doesn’t need to be giant. Honestly, I’d be happy to have enough room for a flight of Salvagers so I can clean up after my ratting.

Which brings me to my “in general” point. What if there were a Rig that sacrificed some cargo space in order to add a drone bay? Even if it eats twice the space (losing 50m3 to make a 25m3 bay) it would be helpful for diversifying your fits. If you wanted to get really crazy, you could make the Sm/Med/Lg factor into what kind of drones you can fly. That way you don’t get someone flying Heavies in a Frigate. And/or tie in the use of a Drone Link Aug so you’re losing a High slot for the sake of some drones.

So yeah, short term I’d love to have some drones on the Enforcer. Long term, maybe a Rig so we can add drones to ships if we want. =)


Yes, please. I’d love to see 20 gank Catalysts with 100 drones out…

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Your forgetting how powerful cloak + scram/disruptor/web range is you can pick a target you can out range and just keep it there.

Stat’s is not what makes it strong.

That’s no different than any of the other Recons. Except there are lots of threads talking about how the Enforcer is still inferior to those. And it’s outrageously expensive by comparison. While I realize price tag is not a measure of a ship’s usefulness, it certainly does dissuade people from trying to make use of it. When you can cloak + scram/web/whatever in a Stratios 1/5 the price, with more guns and lots of drones…

I don’t think a flight of Lights would make a huge difference in combat. But it would be handy for someone like me, trying to take advantage of the ratting bonuses.

There are close to 300 ships in Eve and the developers job is to make sure they all have a role - a reason for people to fly them. Sometimes a ship is chosen for utility, sometimes for status. Utility is not directly proportional to price so expensive, limited edition ships are flown more for status than utility.

Enforcer is a gun boat just. Same as the marshal.

with those bonuses that thing isnt made for ratting, its made to kill other players. the sec status bonus is just a novelty much like the extra rep bonus from increasing it.

of course its subpar to using a mindless droneboat. its made to decloak, paralyze propulsion and then dish turret/missile volleys on other people ships, not farming rats in an anom/DED.

It’s a very ■■■■ ship i agree

You are mistaken. The Enforcer is a recon ship with a better active tank, nothing more.

Would you go ratting with an Arazu or would you prefer a more suited boat for the task?

They do have roles but the meta does not allow for the roles to be implemented. They have roles only ASSUMING they are in a properly formatted fleet.

Tell me what role does an interceptor have in a fleet of 1,000 interceptors?? What role does an armor fit blaster BS have in a fleet of 100 armor fit blaster BS??

answer: they don’t.

Roles only matter when you have Carriers, Battleships, Battle Cruisers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates… in the same fleet. Now the term “Role” has meaning… which will never be the case. They should just remove all ‘roles’ and make all ships a blank hull that you can build out from scratch.

0 drone bay means guns. Or missiles. But hardpoint weapons rather than drones are the focused dps output. Gun boat.

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