Drone Boat Proteus is crying, ccp please adjust it?

I have checked page up and down on zkillboard, and only a small fraction of the fits I see use the drone subsystem, and a even smaller percentage of those again was fitted for pvp by a good margin(it is a pve subsystem basically), and the point I’m going to explore lays with the drone-boat aspect of the fit, and while I know the power of these ships is the extend of how different they can make the ship with a quick refit session, I think some of the aspects might be less desired like the offensive drone subsystem.

The drone boat: On most fits, tho I might be a bit subjective here and lean towards cloaky fits, the ship has like 3+6 lows and mid slots. I’m confused, one less slot than the stratios which has 5 + 5 mid and low slots, this is while the prot has a much larger hole in its resist profile, so to compensate it needs to use that +1 low slot over the strat to fill it, while the strat has a minor hole and only need to use a rig slot. Also many fits need you to use a cpu or pg rig to fit everything too, so basically the difference between the two is that the strat has +2 mid slots over the prot. Though the proteus get more high slots their overall dps isn’t much different at all, especially if you fit turrets on the strat too.

Proposal, give it some character by giving it 25mbit but if the power is too great tune down the drone dmg per lvl to 7.5% on the subsystem, this would put it in the sweet spot between the ishtar and the stratios.
Give it a mid, to justify that u can take away a high slot+turret hardpoint, or even two? This will make the ship more desired in pvp, maybe it will see some more uses outside the set destination, refit, run a DED site, refit, set destination home, while don’t give af about gate camps. I don’t see giving it a mid slot will help the fit much in the pve department other than +20% cap recharge which is my guess they would have it used for(though most of their fits already is cap stable so who cares).

Would love to see some love to a ship that actually looks pretty nice.

NB: Some comments below might be inappropriate, but I get triggered by trolls.

It’s not that long since T3C received the very needed nerf that they got, and it’s ok if it is going to take them a while to find a new niche, or that they fall so far out of favour that CCP make some further balance adjustments with targeted buffs.

We don’t seem to be even close to that point yet, so in terms of an alternative suggestion, mine would only be, too early to be applying buffs yet. We still haven’t caught our breath from their previous dominance, including the Proteus.

Even now, post T3 nerf, the Proteus is only just outside the top 10 pvp ships in the game in terms of zkillboard rankings of top ships. It’s #14:

And, despite the nerfs, Loki is #2, Legion is #10 and the Tengu is sitting right after the Proteus at #15.

For the number of ships there are in the game, all 4 being in the top 15 still even now (they were all top 10 pre-nerf), puts them in a pretty good place.


Cloaky blaster proteus is scary as hell if it catches you. 1k dps melts you quick.

pretty sure that doesnt reflect todays performance. also my point was to only target the drone boat aspect…


yeah, im pretty hyped about getting into a prot for that very reason, however i dont find any reason to chose the prot over strat for drone boat purposes. My entire point of this post is only about the drone boat.

The lifetime kills/losses isn’t really the most relevant piece, although it is the up to date information.

The relevant bit is on the right of that:


It’s always in the top 15 and since my response earlier, performance over the rolling last 7 days is moved it up to #13 currently.

It’s still a strong ship and still being widely used, but let’s not let actual verifiable data get in the way of a personal agenda. Just ignore the data that doesn’t prove you right. It’s the modern way.


im not ignoring any data, but if u can tell me that that stats reflect the drone boat aspect of the ship, ill keep my mouth.


No ship in the game is great at everything. Neither should they be, becajse then there’s no point using anything else. But variety is good to have. Choices are good to have.

So in order to have drone buffs to the Proteus, what are you prepared to have nerfed on the ship to keep its overall power about the same, rahter than just a straight overall buff to the ship?

CCP aren’t likely to just give you a buff with no other change. Unfortunately most proposals only want buffs to suit an individuals play, without considering the broader effects.

So what’s the trade off? What gets nerfed on the Proteus in order to give you your buffs?


Already wrote my proposal if you cared to read it.

So just ■■■■ it up as a turret ship.

Good one. This will be a real popular proposal. /s

No, I’ve posted objective, information supported by data, plus opinion on top of that.

Nothing you’ve posted in your “please make the game better for me” thread has been based on any kind of analysis other than your own entitlement.

Your opening sentence is objectively wrong, but as long as your “feelings” are what’s important, it’s no wonder your proposal stinks. The ship is still used and still is very impressive, though thankfully toned down a bit from where it was pre T3C nerf.

  1. Your “data” doesn’t show jack ■■■■ about how fits with drone subsystem perform.

  2. I have never flown the prot, so it cant be a thread of making the game better for me, after the recent t3c changes the prot popularity has dropped a lot. ppl get ridiculed when talking about wanting to get into the prot etc. It is not by a long shot a ship you would want to get into atm. The legion out perform it in many ways, its ewar is stronger, more low slots with less of a “must plug holes” resist profile.

And back to topic, the prot as a drone boat is pretty much a worse version of the stratios but at a higher cost, sure it has the versatility of being able to refit to something very different. but being worse AND cost more?
The strat has 5+5 low and mid slots.
the prot in most cases has 6+3 low and mid slots. And while the prot has so big explossive resist hole, it kinda needs a low slot or 2 rig slots to plug it. the strat only need 1 rig slot to plug its explossive hole.

How much?

Where is your data to show this. You claim it, but the available data we have shows it’s still in the top 15 ships from a pvp perspective.

So I call BS. You don’t actually know what you are talking about.

Neither does yours. You know why? Because you haven’t posted any data. You are just making claims you haven’t supported at all.


If you want a T3C drone boat look at the Legion.

edit… I miss my 400k EHP Proteus :stuck_out_tongue:

All i’m saying is why even post data when it doesn’t mean anything?
Well sorry I was in a hurry to post this thread and I didn’t go through 1. all of the proteus’ killboard to see which was used in pvp AND had drone subsystem, THEN compare it to how the killboard looked before the nerf. THEN compare it to the other T3C.

■■■■■■■ grow up already

It does.

In your opening post you claimed:

I’m having the feeling that the proteus is not utilized too much


I really feel like that ship isnt impressive at all atm

This is part of the whole basis for wanting it to be buffed. But both of those statements are objectively wrong.


Never said i wanted it to be buffed, now u put words in my mouth.
Actually this is the first mention of the word buff from my part.

So you want it to still not be impressive (your words)?

Then why change it at all if the outcome is for it to still be “no utilized much” and to be left with a ship that “isn’t impressive at all atm”?

There’s already plenty of drone boats in the game. Plenty of existing choice for that style of play.

Well if it got a mid slot, it would be used in pvp more, that is one thing. ATM im thinking with its limited slot layout it is only used as a type of DED running pve ship or something. Anything, now remember i asked for suggestions in my opening post. Idontfuc’king know it all

But it already is being used in pvp. It’s currently, by zkillboard’s ranking assessment, still the #13 ranked pvp ship in the game.

What is wrong with it that means it needs to be higher?

This is where you are wrong and why data is good, because it doesn’t matter what you think, or what I think, with data we can actually see.

And the available data shows this not to be correct.