Stratios Fit

So i have been playing around with the stratios to find a fit that does really well in combat deds. Absolutely no PVP at all and i know this costs a fair bit but only fly what you can afford to lose. Hit me with those comments

Stratios 1.1

High Slots

Sisters core probe launcher
Covert ops cloaking device 2
Black eagle drone link augmentor
Black eagle drone link augmentor
tractor beam

Mid Slots

Domination 50mn microwarpdrive
Gistum A-Type medium shield booster
Pith X-Type em ward field
P X-Type thermal dissipation field
Sentient sensor booster

Low Slots

Sentient drone damage amplifier
Sentient drone damage amplifier
Sentient drone damage amplifier
Sentient drone damage amplifier
Syndicate damage control

Rig slots

Medium Anti-Em screen reninforcer 2
Medium Anti-Em screen reninforcer 2
Medium Capacitor control circuit 2

Augmented acolyte x5
Augmented infiltrator x5
Subverted JVN-UC49 x5
Curator 2 x4
Hornet EC-300 x5
Warden 2 X4

So obviously this fit is designed for em damage sites but you just switch up resists and drones to suit the damage type you up against. Resists as follows 83 76 49 57, all resist types are similar when you change them around, with 21.739k ehp, you could go full stupid and put x2 pith invulns on to give 81 79 84 87 with 28.342k ehp which would mean no switching up resists but puts you at around 6bil in price tag
The idea is warp into a site and burn away to range, with my skills it gets to 1749.5 M/S then once out to around 115km you drop sentries and let them go to work on everything except the BS. The sentries kick out Curator = 583.69dps
Warden = 527.20 dps
so those alone wont take long at all. Once all you have is BS remaining you burn in and launch your subverted drones and they really do get to work fast dishing out 727.44dps
the only ded i still havent tried to use it on yet is a 10/10 so thats next

Total build cost stands at 3.4bil so not cheap but very effective
BTW i dont do everyday normal builds, i like to have fun with them.
So let me know your thoughts on this people please.

on a correct fit you just keep the commander at range, shoot it, and loot it before 1min. That’s less time than you need to reach 100km range.

Sorry that’s for NS. then how do you handle the ded6/8 that have like 4 webifier turrets, plus web/point rats ?

6/10 you just warp into the final room cloaked, move away still cloaked til you get out of web range then burn away. the frigs cant catch you once decloaked. you land at something like 50km from web turrets and only need to get out to around 60km, if your decloaked when you land warp out and back in again never been decloaked more than once. you can tank the small frigs anyway so worst case you launch your small drones and deal with them .
The idea behind it is to still be able to to run these deds but without the added pain of always needing to restock on ammo. just drop your loot off at a nearby station and keep going

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i fly the loki so i know it can and does do a better job at clearing the sites but i also know how often i need to restock. My loki does 1140dps and tanks like an absolute god but the stratios makes life easier not needing to cycle every rat and reload etc

Don’t! You will have a really bad day!

I know it wont handle the angel 10/10, the alpha if the overseer hits will 1 hit that thing, the sansha 10/10 it will finish with ease as i can sit still in that in my loki and not even think about it. not sure on the serpentis or gurista 10/10 as its been a while since i have run those 2. Also it will tank the blood just fine too and the neuts are not an issue due to the range

Ha! In the loki maybe but not in that Stratios you don’t.

I ran the Serpentis 10/10 twice in my Myrmidon and I accompanied 2 buddies earlier today in the angel cartel 10/10 but I was flying a tempest, so no idea about a loki, neither of us had one.
Once that Antimatter, whatever the last name is, shields are down it goes poof really quickly and then it’s just clearing the rest and warp off with the goodies - if any.

As a side note, it completely escapes me why people “need” tech 3 ships to run DED complexes, when you can run them in a tech 1 battlecruiser.

I am very confident, I can run the Sansha 10/10 in my Myrmidon as well.

For the Guristas Maze, I should not attempt to do that in a Myrmidon but a t1 battleship will be fine - last time I was in a Maze, I was flying a Raven.

I haven’t run the blood raider 10/10 yet, so I don’t know.

They need it because they want to do it in less than a day.

if your clearing the whole site your doing it all wrong, in the final room just kill the overseer bm the wreck and get out. The loki can run and clear all 10/10 sites with ease. But now were going off topic. this is about the fit i linked. im after constructive criticism as to whether this looks like a viable fit. not if something can do it better as we already established that.

i think you won’t be able to run blood raider 10/10s, where incoming damage when entering the last room is huge, and, with a bs, you need to mjd quickly to survive.

yeah it will, you dont face the dps you move away cloaked then when at range and i mean 120km range then you drop your sentries and orbit them doing over 1k m/s so the incoming dps will be pretty much 0

oh i see but moving to 120km while cloaked will take you a while…

no you move out of range of neuts etc the MWD at 1700m/s

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