Any news on new trig ships?

Hey guys,
I ve been seeing skins for the new edencom ships (which i haven t seen), so it feels logical and has been rumored for some time that the trig ship line will get some additions.
Does anyone have a link or speculation of which ships and if they will be added soonish rather then later?
I m thinking a T3 and a battlrship? A carrier would make a nice long term goal:))
Just love their looks!

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Nothing soon thats for sure. They will not want to overlap that with the release of the Edencom ships. And even after that its more likely that their range gets added to than more Trig ships.

Trigs really arent missing much, all T1 ships through the sizes. T2 frig, T2 cruiser, T1 and T2 logi. T3s are basically dead at the moment so it be REALLY weird if they chose that. If anything it be a Marauder. But do we really need one? I prefer the Edencom range to be as wide as the current Trig range first tbh

I hope they do a Black-OP over Marauder.

Marauders are great, but the turret range of trig not suited for that role.

A Black-OP’s could have bonuses to ROF and multiplier that could make for an effective ship, to even counter the Marshal, like the Hydra and Tiamat are to the Pacifier and Enforcer. Though don’t believe CCP will go to that extent, more like that of the normal Black-OP’s.

Edencom are going to be like CONCORD, limited to three specialized ships.

Trig is the new faction, question is will CCP turn it into a player startable faction!

Only if they won’t be behind paywall.

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