Will we be getting new ships to fly?

I wish yes but i expect no. but according to some sources:


there is a bunch of new ship stuff inbound. will we get to fly any of it?

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Yes we will be getting new ships to fly.

But I doubt it will be those. And I doubt it will be any time soon.

There is a new ship coming out in March release. But its not what you think …

What is it?

Interesting looking hulls, could be a new NPC faction though

Read the bloody blogs dude.

There’s plenty of ships in game already, just exactly how many are required to actually play this game anyway?


We will definitely be getting 1 new ship in March - the Monitor flag cruiser. CCP haven’t yet told us anything about the Triglavian Collective but it does look like a new NPC faction and the quality of textures and detailing on the cruiser and battleship hulls suggests they will be available to players. I doubt they will be part of the March release - more likely a Fanfest announcement.

9 years later, still waiting on proper bhaalgorn model.


The last thing we need are more ships. There are far too many that are obsolete as it is.

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There’s an SoCT battleship in the works.

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