Let's sign a petition to the ССР company

I, as a player and fan of the New Eden universe, am writing to you with a request. The Triglavian race in the game is a full-fledged fifth race in the empire of New Eden, and we believe that it would be fair to at least introduce ships analogous to the reward ships Hydra and Tiamat into the game. We are also looking forward to adding an Ikitursa-based strategic cruiser to the Triglav ship line-up, as well as a Black Ops ship and a Raider-class ship based on the Leshak battleship. We are confident that the addition of these new ship types will not only increase the variety of gameplay for all players, but will also bring greater relevance to the Triglavian race. Let’s unite for this purpose - sign our petition! Petition website: We ask the SCP company to launch Triglav's Hydra and Tiamat class ships for public access.

Good luck with the petition…

Considering those are AT ships i doubt it will happen.

Would love a triglav t3c for sure. But I somehow have the impression that ccp devs regret ever having come up with t3c’s in general.

I understand that Hydra and Tiamat are AT ships, but I think it is possible to release Triglav ships of similar classes. I cited Hydra and Tiamat as an example of the fact that the company was still thinking about expanding the line. And I would like to hope that there will be some progress in this direction.

I myself just dream about Triglav T3

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Same !! A nice trig t3c !!!

(or any pirate faction t3c even)

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