CCP should release normal version of "Tiamat" and "Hydra"

TL:DR its time to make “Tiamat” and “Hydra” available to public in some form

As we know, CCP created triglavian version of recon and covert ops as event price.

However, the normal version (recon ship version of vedmak and covert op damavik) that is not yet released to public for 2 year. For most special ship,

there is a similar variant exist. Why shouldn’t CCP release the normal version of Tiamat

and Hydra. Those normal version (recon ship) & (covert-op) can be sepreated by having normal skin.

If CCP want those ship remain unique, 1 good option is greatly buff those existing ship, those ship

are small in number and being the only target when undocked. Buffing those ship don’t affect current

meta as there are only 49 Tiamat. Buffing those ship to double ehp/speed /dps would only matter in

solo /small group pvp. Being the nature of uniqueness, such ship would attract enemy reinforcement ,

those buff doesn’t matter as fight scale increase.

As conclusion, CCP please release those ship asap, no reason we can’t use those ship for 2 years

P.S, what i mean is recon ship version of vedmak and covert op version of damavik that can be publicly accessed

Normal versions of those ships already exist. They are called the vedmak and ikitursa.

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vedmak and davimak you mean

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Isnt the t2 vedmak called the ikitursa?

an unlimited version of trigalvian recon ship and covert op i mean, vedmak is not a recon

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an unlimited version of trigalvian recon ship and covert op i mean, vedmak is not a recon

Couldnt you say the same for pirate faction ships? Where is the guristas unlimited production recon or blackops ships? Why hasn’t my angel cartel t3 cruiser arrived yet?

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its a heavy assault cruiser, and for your reference, Utu is the special version of Ishkur and Enyo, Adrestua is a special “Deimos”, there are public access within same class, why should trigalvian be the exception

Because they have no LP shop.

Yea, but they aren’t here, i agree we should have most of them, but for trigalvian, its not only private fraction

Both those ships would be complete ■■■■■■■■

What same class of covert recon exists with angel cartel?


So what you mean is, if its not exist, it should not exist in future. My opinion is they should be here, better be here now, there is no bad if such a ship exist, then why not?

No, what I mean is, your argument can be applied to all the ships that dont exist. But we wouldnt ask for all that because it’s silly and a pain to rebalance such a huge inclusion of new ships.

So why not have the dev’s fix the game before breaking it further with the inclusion of new ships?

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It’s funny how people come up with these elaborate reasons and “logic” to try and justify silly stuff, but then suddenly don’t understand any logic when people call them on it.

And by funny I mean obvious/hilarious/terrible.


There is no conflict between getting new ship and fixing the game, and adding new element itself may fix the problem, if CCP really want more fight, why don’t they more ship in game, more option mean more choice and more counter to one op ship

Stop lying, it’s insulting.

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It has to do with balance.

What if the new ship is extremely powerful? It would lead to a broken game. CCP would need to spend time fixing it.

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Inb4 game breaking Trig Titan.


Oh my god, this thread gives me cancer.

Just to be clear, the dude is asking for non-limited edition versions of a Triglavian Recon and Covert Ops -which currently do not exist. He then offers some opinions on how the limited edition variants could be distinguished from the normal variants.

Now, you may disagree with his opinions for how to distinguish the ships, but I hardly consider it unreasonable for someone to want the Triglavian ship line to be filled out a bit more.