Precursor T2 and special release ships

Pardon my newbro-ness, but I’m not sure how the special edition type ships are handled.

As a player that thoroughly enjoys the the pre-cursor ships (even though they are rather sub-optimal) is there plans to make a Tiamat-like and Hydra-like ships available to the populace? Working toward a higher end Trig ship is something to look forward to, but attempting to purchase, let alone use, a Tiamat or Hydra is clearly not smart.

AT-rewards are often too good to be made widely available, so likely you will never see a ship similar to those. There could be a cloak-capable precursor-ship, but it will be similar to other cloaky-ships in that they have worse stats usually than other types of the same hull.

Thanks. I kinda figured as much, and that’s a cool prize to give for a high level event like that. It just sucks not to have a timeline on attainable T2 ships to look forward to.

All I want to know is when the Eve Gate is going to reactivate for a short period of time so we can get some Terran designs to play with.

T2 Trig logi is coming in the next update

While I appreciate the line being expanded, the ship prices are already incredibly expensive due to a shortage of abyssal materials. Tossing in logi and, worse yet T2 logi, that are likely to be primary targets and destroyed often doesn’t help that situation.

the materials are more easy to gather than previously, also skill books arer cheaper thn ever. But demand may at last be higher so that may negate some tendancy for these to become even cheaper.

I’ve been watching the prices closely as I manufacture precursor products. The price is quickly dropping as time goes on thanks to the boost in material drop rate from Onslaught. The price is completely dependent on PvEers willing to do a very specific niche in content, that many aren’t interested in due to the risk. The biggest cost factor of the ships is ammo because the trig ship eat it like candy and, unlike all other ammo, it requires harvesting from PvE content. Since the ships also use a very large portion of Zero-Condensate the price of Trig ships and their ammo will likely stay relatively high.

Skill books are a one time need, so the price will tumble as time goes on. As interest fades in the new content filament prices will tumble as well, boosted only as the price rise from further depleting abyssal mats.

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CCP should do a deal with our mate Sheridan and Time Warner to bring us vorlon ships. Very lucrative me thinks.

Vorlon’s are little Fairies. :halalparrot:

Edit: I’d rather have a Shadow Vessel. :wink:

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Ok bring me a shadow planet killer super titans blow up the moons they are mining ooh have i just hit the nail on the head.


Overrated? Blowing up moons is awesome, not for mining just for laughs. Imagine a full moon splattering all over the system never to be seen again. Not even after downtime, let three month or so go by before its back. That would really shake ■■■■ up, imagine delve being under attack and whammy the moons gone for three month or so. CCP could release an expansion called the attack of the moons. Might even gross more than Clones did for Star Wars. :rofl:

Hmm, moon killers don’t impress me.

Now if you could take out an entire binary star system in a single shot, that might impress me; Maybe.

Binary Star system pff, how about a constellation killer? Fire the weapon and you cannot enter or leave that costellation for a month that includes cynos in and out. How about that for Space shaking. To make things interesting it should take 2 full days to power the weapon before firing. Now that’s what i call a conflict driver. All those goonies not being able to bring their shizz to the Jita Market, even though they have replaced Jita out in null. They also have no true adversaries, making it impossible to oust their god like power or should I say the Meta. bow. Cutting of space to null-sec could help conquor those stations owned or run by null entities creaming high-sec, with no help coming that would drive conflct. Only one constellation can be cut off at one time just to make it interesting concords rule some such stuff. Leave it to the story or lore guys.

Oh, my bad, I was talking IRL.

In-game a moon killer would be dank!

IRL now we are talking TR3B.

A real life moon buster would not have sufficient magnitude to impress you?? Or did you mean in real fake life (star wars et al)?

On the flip side, an in-game moon/planet buster would be incredibly cool, but knowing the Eve community we’d end up with very empty solar systems VERY quickly.

It’d be a great way for CCP to retire Eve… let the players introduce their own resource scarcity, until all that’s left are stacks of atrons manufactured for cyno alts. Eventually, all of that would be gone too and we’d all be flying rookie ships out of the last NPC station in all of Eve.

How would that happen if every 3 month or so the moons magically reappeared like the belts do after every down time. That would not be the end, just the beginning.

Id like too see ccp implement pirate battlecruisers and navy/pirate dessies, not sure why they havent as we have pie/navy frigs, cruisers and bs.