Ideas for Triglavian ship

So, considering a few things such as the leaked capital thats being worked on in a triglavian ship yard and theres a entire line of those ships and like each like of other ships they have there own alpha corvette. So why not have Triglavian corvette avaiable to alphas. Stupid sounding yes, but it would go along with the entire ship line type. Now here me out on this, if it is avaiable to Alphas, you’d have no guns or acess to triglavian guns, yes i get it and your probs ganna ask,

“so if you make a ship like this, why not have a civilian precursor gun” and to that I say that is up to CCP and I do not argue with them. As for the ships name, CCP decides or you can come up with your own. I came up with something with my friends a name like “Revas” and tbh it sounds like a horrible infested Raven Class Battleship.

Now as for any buffs or things applying to it, up to ccp. but since its a corvette what id recommend is
10% to all precursor guns
5% to armor buffs.

but you guys decide.
If ccp looks into this thank you, if not well ok.

The four (4) Corvette’s that is already in the game is from the four main factions, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar all of them are playable races. If they decide to design a Triglavian Corvette they would also, first, have to make a Corvette version for all the already existing non-playable races, Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Guristas Pirates, Sansha’s Nation and Serpentis.

I do like the idea but it will also have to fit in lore and game perspective-wise.

thats what i was worried bout, Like if I could write for eve online bout lore, eh itd be ok but idk if I could even make lore other than like this “The founding of This Triglavian Vessel was due to when a certain player raided finding a blue print set. At first no industry company could even make it until Ishukone stepped in and soon after the vessel was deamed safe and a corvette. According to CONCORD though, the Triglavians had made this as a prototype for the Davamik”

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But ccp has already made corvettes for all the pirate races you listed. 2 of them even have unique models. Search for “Taipan, Echo, Hematos, Immolator, Violator”.


Ya I know pirate factions have corvettes, im implying about the triglavian shipline compared to it

oh you were talking to ISD, XD

Pirate corvettes are a thing.

Where would CCP distribute these tho? Next fanfest? Pirate corvettes are already very seldom used, so apart from introducing another extremely niche ship to eat up dev time what would this accomplish?

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And yet these Pirate Corvettes are not acquirable. They were most likely given out, if any exists at all, at some kind of special event way back (Taipan and probably the others were given as a promo at Pax East 2013), before SKINs existed; there are some Limited Edition ships besides AT ships

They’ve also made a Trig CovOps frig and Recon cruiser, that are not acquirable.

If they intend to make Trig a full line of ships, what’s going to happen to those? Are they going to re-release them? Or make something shockingly similar? =)

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You can aquire them from jita, I’m selling them regulary as I have a stash. They were given out years ago with the purchase of HD stream licence for fanfest that you could pay with ingame stuff, it was not expencive, I bought a huge amount of these licences.

One cool way that ccp could distribute trig corvettes would be a small chance that in the last highest level abyssal room there would be one lying around. So for the player to retrieve it, he would have to leave his cruiser behind in order to pilot the corvette out of the site.


Would probably make it ridiculously expensive but who cares most limited edition ships are expensive, well it being accessible that way wouldn’t limit the access to it. Neat idea though :laughing:

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not only would it be expensive, but it raise a ton of questions.

I don’t see the point at all, besides giving Alphas another ship.

This seems like make work for the devs.

What role or purpose does this new ship fill?

its more of a lore up ship, as every pirate faction has a corvette, and tbh if the triglavian had a corvette itd fit lore wise and ship wise

I doubt alphas would get access to this, trigs are already blocked
And yes, this is just a lot of extra work for no gain

We’re prob not going to see a cov-ops trig frig or recon, but we’ll prob see a HAC at the very least. TBH though, regular recon/cov-op ships for empire lines don’t play a dps role, so a trig recon/cov-ops that isn’t AT would most likely have little to no dps and instead focus on reps/neuts/sb, more of a cloaky repper/neuter

If you were following the news from the recent world tour, they’ve already announced a VedHAC coming “in the Spring”.

And I don’t think they can make a cloaky recon rep / neut boat… b/c that’s not what Trig are about. Amarr recon are neuts, b/c Amarr’s spec is neuts. But the Trig spec is spooling dps, and longer reps (not necessarily better), and smarties… they have a very diverse portfolio =) So the AT ships are pretty well laid out for what the Recon would need to look like. Not focusing on any of those avenues specifically, but doing each of them just a tiny bit better b/c it’s T2.

Really, if they plan on making Trig a full line as they’ve promised, then they have to re-release the AT ships, or something exactly like them. Which I am ALL for, personally. I would love a cloaky Vedmak =)

Recons are not built for higher DPS, but rather for better utility. At most, a Trig recon would have better buffs towards it’s current utility, like lower neut cap 5% per level or something, or smartbomb cap. We’re not going to see an AT ship level ship released for the masses, that breaks the balance of the game.






Each one gets a bonus to their main weapon system. Either guns, or missiles, or drones (for the Pilgrim). And each one gets pretty significant bonuses to their racial spec; Damps and Scram, ECM, Painters and Webs, or Neuts. The Trig gets… the same bonuses as the T1 hull, and then a bonus to Probes and a faster Spool up on the gun. It doesn’t do extra-extra damage, it just spools faster. I will admit, the Trig looks like a longer list. But it’s not really “better” at RR, or Neuts, or Smarties. It’s just not as Cap hungry while using them at their base performance.