Ideas for Triglavian ship

As nice as that may sound, the AT cov-ops (the hydra) also gets the spool up bonus, and no other cov-ops frigates (barring AT) get a ewar bonus. Maybe we can get a cloaky vedmak, but it won’t have the spool up bonus because that’s the AT bonus. If you want further proof, stuff like the virtuoso gets a free bomb launcher as it’s bonus, and the caedes and the chremoas get no targetting delay after decloak as their bonuses

It’ll probably just be a vedmak with t2 resists, and slightly better neuts/rr/sb if anything

To be completely honest, I would love a cov-ops recon like the tiamat for about a billion or so isk, because that would crash the prices of the tiamat and hydra enabling me to buy more of them for less, but it simply isn’t going to happen.

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