Concept discussion - triglavian recon ships

Now that nullsec is becoming w-space, all we “need” is triglavian recon ships and I already have an idea for the combat recon:

some triglavian name for the combat recon:

  • Slot layout: 4/4/6/2

  • Shield 500hp

  • Armor 60.000hp

  • Hull 55.000hp

  • 4000 powergrid

  • 600cpu

  • Resistance 70/75/60/80

  • Align time 0.1s

  • Drone bandwidth 100mbit / 100m³ bay

  • Base speed 750m/s

  • Signature radius 40m

  • Radar strength 40

  • Signature resolution 400mm

Role Bonus:

  • +300% spoolup time per triglavian cruiser level
  • +500% damage per recon ship level
  • 50% capacitor use for smartbombs, remote reps and neuts, so many neuts and only neuts because neuts are king and cap is for beginners
  • Cannot be seen on d-scan
  • Interdictor nullified
  • Immune to all capital weapons and effects
  • Immune to drifter doomsday weapon
  • +10% stasis webifier effectiveness per recon ship level
  • +50% stasis webifier range per recon ship level
  • +50% long point range per recon ship level
  • +25% heat effectiveness
  • -50% heat damage per recon ship level

(Extended for the force recon)

  • 90% isotope consumption for cynos

  • -90% cycle time reduction for cynos

  • Can fit covert ops cloaking device

  • both recons are immune to links to not make them overpowered or anything

That should fit right into the triglavian shipline.


How can it have both no dscan and covert cloak? These are typically split between two classes of hulls usually. Also nullified???

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They’re being sarcastic. “Now that nullsec is becoming w-space” we may as well throw any semblance of balance out the window. If they can’t have free intel from Local chat, then they think the game isn’t worth playing.


not gonna happen. as much as i like the idea of Recons becoming popular due to delayed local there are at leas 3 impotant points on why a Triglavian Recon cannot exist:

  1. the number of Triglav ships are too low compared to the other empires, as of now there’s no base Triglavian EWAR/Disruption cruiser to fill the bill for a T2 version

  2. Triglavians dont have a defined EWAR/Disruption combination as the empires do, or at least not yet. Amarr has already covered neuts on its T2 recons, Smartbombs in theory would be the best candidate but they’re not precisely an EWAR platform, they’re some kind of support/disruption module

  3. Entropic Disintegrators dont sound efffective for a stealthy kind of gameplay, of course there’s exceptions like the stealthy droneboats but yeah, you’ll probably die by the time the damage has ramped up

Trig recon already exists guise


Sure, if they’re gonna make the Alliance Trophy ship open and available to everyone.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t say 49 ships in the entirely of New Eden count as filling the slot.

That’s because we have force and combat recons. It should be clear that one of the bonuses doesn’t apply to the other.

Lets see all Trig ships have Neut fit bonuses, there are 3 T2 Trig ships.

Not sure where this comes from.
All Trig ships have bonuses for Nuets and Smartbombs, and there’s no reason medslot disruptors can’t be mounted.
I have an Trig HAC that does this just with good fitting.
Even capable of doing Armour Logi in fleet.

I think OP is talking about a Black-OPs BS, and not Recon Cruiser.

With the way Trig Assault ship turret bonuses work a Black-OP ship could possible get a faster spin up time and damage.

No different from the CONCORD Enforcer…

There are a hell of a lot more than 49 Concord ships available, and many ways to get ahold of more BPCs.

There were ever only 50x BPCs for the Tiamat, and one confirmed kill already. So there will only ever be 49x left for anyone to fly.

If they’re going to make a full line of Trig ships as they’ve said they will… they’ll either have to re-release the Tiamat to the general public for mass production, or make something shockingly similar to it.

I believe at some point CCP made the CONCORD specials more available through Discovery and a few other ways.

There’s no reason something similar couldn’t happen for the Trig versions, after all those were released around the time the Trig was announced.

And now we’re seeing the Trig becoming more like the four major factions, with more T1 ships been added and lately another 3 T2 ships added, its likely we’ll possible see Trig NPC stations soon and LP Store options.

…and yet we got a ridiculously overpowered OMG-WTF-SOLO-BBQ-PWN-mobile HAC. That is only “slightly” above super captitals.

And if that wasn’t really clear, the current “balance of power” goes like this:

Triglavian HAC < supercaptials < triglavian ass frigate < triglavian tech one <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< else.

Thank Bob our ship lines are almost balanced.

No silly, I was being sarcastic.

give it a bonus to scanning, say 25% bonus to scan strength per level. it’s not a feature used by the other races and would be very useful in null. also like the idea of reduced cycle for cyno. since this ship would be used mostly for blops hunting I would think.

they just need to tone down the bonuses… is all.

25% per LEVEL?

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