Triglavian Balance Pass

The Triglavian ships were never great to begin with. However, they do have some potential with a balance pass. And even though they’ve been out less than a month, they need some immediate attention so that they don’t become niche ships.

All Triglavian Ships
• Damage Multiplier Bonus Per Cycle increased to 10% (same as NPC Trigs)
• 25% increase to sensor strength (ECM, tracking disruption and sensor damps are too powerful against disintegrators with this class)
• 25% increase to armor hit points (Trig ships have one of the lowest shield/armor/hull hit point totals among Faction hulls)

• 20% increase to power grid
• 5% increase to CPU
• 1 additional mid slot

• 10% increase to power grid
Precursor Cruiser bonuses (per skill leve)
• 7.5% bonus to Heavy Entropic Disintegrator tracking speed

• No additional changes

In addition, Triglavian ships would be further enhanced with these additional Triglavian modules, rigs and scripts:

Faction Entropic Radiation Sinks
• 1.13x damage modifier, 7.5% rate of fire bonus, 20.0 tf, 10. MW
Disintegrator Burst Aerator I and II rigs for Disintegrators
• 200/300 calibration and 10%/15% rate of fire bonus
Disintegrator Collision Accelerator I and II rigs for Disintegrators
• 200/300 calibration and 10%/15% damage bonus
Disintegrator Multiplier I and II rigs for Disintegrator cycle bonus
• 200/300 calibration and 2.5%/5% damage multiplier bonus
Enhanced Range Scripts for tracking computers
• 150% modification of optimal range bonus; no falloff bonus


For first they need to be cheaper, then people will start to theorycrafting them. Remember overpriced Nestor? Now they everywhere.

Second spooling up damage? Structure bashing and small gangs meta? They have low range and when ewar land on grid that high dps is trash. If there is more than one gun maybe they would be good for pve, but who knows?

All ships would have some potential when buffed for additional damage ,100% buff to power grid 25% buff to CPU more slots to play with and projection buff to boot.

I don’t believe CCP meant to make them all out ganky,tanky,logi pwnmobiles.

if you increase the rate of fire instead of damage, then you need to replace the charges of exotic plasma on the lens

I’m not proposing that they be made op. But ECM and to a lesser extent, tracking disruption and sensor dampening can shut them down - more so than any other type of ship.

The Leshak barely has enough power grid and CPU for a Faction fit - let alone a T2 fit. And this is leaving almost all utility highs vacant.

Well given the extremely niche way these ships and their materials are sourced, how could they be anything but niche ships? In addition, their weapon system is extremely niche and does not lend itself to almost any traditional EvE role very well. So even if you buffed them, I don’t really see why they’d be used. There’s just nothing there for them to do.

I sourced all the required materials myself to build a vedmak and then got a decent fit built for it… I tested it to see for myself what it could do on a corp tanked skiff and tengu (simply a dps test)… That ship will now sit in my hanger doing nothing at all until something is done about this spool up damage that takes forever to ramp up… By the time that thing gets to a decent damage lvl the fight is long over… Forget PvE with it if you are doing anything higher lvl…

The ships look great for sure, but until they can at least compete with a T1 ship for dps, mine will sit and collect dust…

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Updated June 24 with some minor revisions.

I would cut spooling time in half, increase PG, change ammo to crystal, rest changes as You want but those are MANDATORY for those ships to have any meaning

Yes. The NPCs had their multiplier doubled so I don’t see why the Triglavian hulls shouldn’t receive the same bonus.

Btw i don’t think those ships meant to be niche, they got completely new weapon system, new tab in market (precursor) how that suppose to be niche? Thet need buff and im hoping we get more of them (battlecruiser or even maybe t2…)

With a few buffs they won’t be niche. That’s the whole idea.

I will agree that they need a bit of love to be fully functional, not a lot like the OP, just slight buffs here and there. Really minor number tweaks would do it.

However, the bigger problem with them is not the ships, but the abyssal sites where all the stuff for them comes from. I already completely gave up doing them on TQ because it has become pointless. The reward is like 10-20 times lower then it should be for the risk. Quite literally. Including the Blueprints and building mats.

So why bother with a sub par ship that requires a right down stupid amount of bling at exponentially higher risk to get. There are better all around instead of niche option ships and better ISK far far better sources. Making the ships more desirable would make a very small dent in this situation. It is that far behind.

Thanks “Resource Wars 2” …


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