We Welcome Our New Triglavian Overlords

These ships should add an interesting element to PvE. Single weapon array, lots of utility highs and armor tank. Thermal and explosive damage will be an interesting combination. These should give Marauders, the Machariel and Rattlesnake a good run for their money.

Repeat hits increase damage/rate of fire, so those rat battleships will be less of a nuisance.


Thermal Explosive

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Thanks (revised).

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Well, they sound a bit OP and according to what was said at Fanfest, they’re basically equal with Drifters.

Supposedly they’re a human species that’s mortal enemies with Drifters. However they’re being placed into the game as an enemy? Drifters are the overpowered enemy NPC’s, do we really need another one? From what I understand all Empire Factions and Capsuleers are looking for a way to combat Drifters successfully.

Personally I’d prefer the Triglavian to be somewhat like the Jove but more helpful, meaning giving us access to advanced Technology so we can help them in their fight against Drifters.


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