Triglavian Battleship Fit Speculation and conjecture

im sorry i can help myself im just TO DAMN EXCITED :smiley:

so using what scant information is available and speculating using existing ships i will attempt to create a speculative fit for the Leshak

If you watch the video provided you will notice a segment where they mention remote repairing battleships. Now its again mostly conjecture but could you imagine spider tanking Leshaks for PVE or PVP? I CAN! For a while, I got to thinking about using these things in Wormhole PVE scenarios…probably in c4s and c5s or where ever those rattlesnakes are used. you would not necessarily have to wait long periods of time while your drones and missiles chug along to the target. I thought to myself that the Entropic Disintegrator can eliminate the long wait times. Just think what 2 or 3 remote repairing Leshaks can do. So enough of this TLDR wall of text lets get TECHNICAL!
For base stats, I used the Armageddon Navy Issue.

  High Slots 

Entropic Disintegrator II (Base optimal range 28000m) (unknown PG/CPU)
- Tech 2 ED Ammo
Large Remote Armor Repairer II
Large Remote Armor Repairer II
Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II

     Mid Slots

Thukker Large Cap Battery
Thukker Large Cap Battery
Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computer
-Tracking Speed Script
100mn Afterburner II

  Low Slots

Damage Control II
Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates
Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates
Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Corpus A-Type Armor Explosive Hardener
Entropic Disintegrator weapon mod
Entropic Disintegrator weapon mod
Entropic Disintegrator weapon mod

  Rig Slots

Large Trimark Armor Pump II
Large Anti-Thermal Pump II
Large Anti-Kinetic Pump II

Now again this is all pure speculation but using the Armageddon Navy Issue it could have 177,995 EHP
72% EM 75% THERM 71% KIN 82% EXPLO
the AB is for some reason i dunno…
Obviously the actual PG/CPU will be different. The actual data will be released by CCP in about a month. In the meantime lets discuss this sexy business. maybe someone comes up with another fit.


Also note that we don’t know how much shields, armor or hull each will feature - or what the damage resistances are. I have a feeling they will be weak to EM and Kinetic.

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i think they mentioned that it should be comparable…but true.

Bump this BI**** talk about it!

Hi there ! Those ships, triglavian modules and mutaplasmits will be available for the Alpha Clones ?

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Unless they expand the skillset for Alphas, no - as the Triglavian ships and modules require an entirely different set of skills.

Chances are no. As the precursor skill tree is being released for,these ships.

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Rise said briefly shield to armor ratio is like 20/80 % also I am hoping these guys can shoot a bit far but my gues is they’ll be brawlers with the disintegrator going maybe,MAYBE 50km for the battleship.
Even lorewise it makes sense,their space seems very confined so why need sniping when the enemy can’t run very far,or if they run too far they get crushed outside the safe pockets the Triglavians made


I’m assuming you are going to want a stasis grappler and maybe a web or two. Really let you lock targets down. With the short range guns only you are going to need to be able to do so.

If it’s like other weapons the t2 high damage ammo will be -50% range, so ~14km. if anything gets out of range you lose all damage and damage ramp up.

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I think the battleship weapon will fall somewhere between blasters with Null and pulse lasers with Scorch, ie: 40-50km-ish. The tracking is supposedly better than blasters (which are currently the highest).

This could be a sweet replacement for a Marauder as it will just hammer large rats.

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How would the Trivulgar BS work with five Large Smart bombs? Call it the Tri-Pipe-Bomb (A Trippy Bomb).


I have a feeling they will be weak to thermal explosive. Why ? Because we know their primary damage type on that Disintegrator is thermal / explosive. And we also know about most other rat types in the game, for example Angel cartel deal Explosive / Kinetic and are vulnreable to Explosive / Kinetic, Blood Raiders deal EM/Thermal and are vulnreable to EM/thermal, etc. etc.

So if these guys deal Thermal/Explosive or Explosive/Thermal, following that logic would also make them vulnreable to it. Of course, they could follow some other rules entirely, like having lower resits but equal all across the board or having no resits at all but just flat out a ton of Hitpoints, like what you get when you make polarized fits.

I think as far as fits go, it will to a large part be determined by the range and effectiveness of the ranged ammo for the disentigrator, as well as reload time to switch between different ammo types.


Eve Online may have just jumped the shark…


They can’t even balance the EXISTING game in any coherent manner… So why not throw in a wrecking ball.


I for one welcome our new wrecking ball. I just wish I could brick my MJD to 50km. Then I’d be a happy camper…


I aim to find out



I think it may work out well actually. One of the devs in one of the videos actually mentioned that you can fit smartbombs on it. They also mentioned it will have very beefy armor tank, much more skewed towards armor vs shield then what is currently available in game.

So I think with that in mind, you can most likely make an ubber armor / smartbomb fit with a disintegrator turret making it to be a very short range brawler fit.

I do not know about any of the actual stats and performance of the long range ammo for the disintegrator. If its not good then these ships may be altogether end up primarily short range / brawler types as sniping fits on them may end up sucking real bad.


@Fluffy_Moe Make a fit?

Kinda need the stats first, but I’m thinking a large battery will be in order.