Leshak Suggestions

I really like the new Leshak. It’s too bad it doesn’t lend itself more towards PvE. But I think there are a few adjustments that could be made to it (and the other Triglavian) ships.

• It really needs about 10% more power grid for fitting. You can’t effectively fit even close to everything to take advantage of the role bonuses (smartbombs in particular).
• It really should get a 5th medium slot - no “if’s”, “and’s” or “but’s”. This could be used to enhancer capacitor, sensor strength, EW, etc.
• It has a sensor hole the size of a barn. Since ECM and tracking disruption are its primary weak points, a sensor buff of 25% seems in order. With a 5th medium slot this would improve the survivability.
• I was really hoping for something unique with the Triglavian hulls, like a 5% bonus to thermal and explosive resistance per ship level.
• Although unrealistic, I’d love to see it generate suspect and not criminal status for damaging ships in high-sec.
• How do we get a Bastion module for the Leshak?

If you ask me, it’s way to early to start the rebalance discussion.

There are plenty of ways you can get the 10% more powergrid that you are requesting, Modules or Rigs, Smart Bombs, as you mention, are purposely made to have high fitting requirements (CPU and PowerGrid) as they are AoE-effect weapons. No ship will be able to fit everything that you want it to.

Why should it have a 5th Mid slot? What should the cost (compensation) be to get it?

What should it give up in return?, it’s Damage bonus? it’s Rate of Fire bonus?

So, basically you want to avoid being Concord’ed for your Criminal acts?!, That’s a big no. Besides it is not possible to make such things specific to a single ship within the game mechanics. It’s your actions that determine what you will be flagged by (not the Ship).

The bastion module are uniquely for Marauders and should stay that way, last I checked, Leshak is not a Marauder.


Not sure I agree with OP on most of his suggestions for changes (I’d actually rather more CPU than more PG, I’m having CPU issues fitting mine the way I want to with plenty of PG leftover)… BUT… I do agree on the midslots.

I think the main reason the Leshak should have a 5th midslot is that the Vedmak has 4 midslots. Every other slot count (H / M / L) goes up from the Damavik to the Vedmak to the Leshak… except the mids from the Vedmak to the Leshak specifically.

Gives me Paladin/Kronos fitting flashbacks to fit these 4 mids for the first time (finally built my Leshaks last week, trained into them this week, time to fit 'em up!).


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