Leshak(s) + Support for C5 Escalation

Ive been pyfa diving recently on interesting and different ways to get my Corp to run C5 sites with the mix of people and resources that we have.

I was taking a look at the new triglavian ships that have just been released and I see that the loveshack can ramp up to full dps on the drifter response ship to the tune of 1500 - 1800 applied dps depending on fit.

When I’ve run this with tinker snakes, rr domi’s or nestors it takes us about 20 minutes with about 1800 applied dps so just one ship providing the same DPS as our entire fleet seems too good to be true.

Would it be possible to bring 1 or 2 loveshacks instead of our normal faire and see higher returns as far as site clear times are concerned?

Since the Leshaks have this remote rep bonus, why not advantage of it?

However just to make sure, I suggest you have 3 of them, so you have enough reps if things goes sideways.

In all likelihood I probably will fit them with some form of rap for armor or cap or both but still rely on guardians, I tried to make their bonuses work but you’d need a trip at the very least to conceivably be able to tank certain waves.

For now 2 leshaks 1 link eos, 1 web Loki and 2 guardians is what I’m about to try out, the cost of skill books is absurdly high for now, 800mill just for the specialization skill is bonkers.

Yikes! Maybe I’ll wait a few more months before I get those on TQ.

Actually, there is a chance that you’ll just have to wait for the Winter Expansion :slight_smile:

Since CCP confirmed they want the Triglavian to be more present in terms of ships and modules, they also said they want those to be cheaper. So, and you can already see it on Singularity, some structures like Triglavian Mining Drills have been added to Abyssal Deadspace as a steady income of minerals, like Isogen-10. Maybe we can expect something similar for skillbooks, as you’ll still have to get those to fly your ships ^^

And the new ones. I so can’t wait to try them out.

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