The Leshak

These are some initial thoughts on utilizing the new Triglavian Leshak in PvE. Disclaimer: These are based on my personal observations with having run one exclusively in PvE for just shy of two weeks. If you have any questions - feel free to fire away.

TLDR; Leshak is working great for me (YMMV).

Pros: Weapons

• Best large turret tracking bar none. Definitely T2 over Faction disintegrators. It doesn’t need (but really excels with) a tracking speed scripted tracking computer. As with all large weapons, you can only hit orbiting frigates or drones with a pair of stasis webs/grappler.
• Instant reload. You can also “queue” an ammunition swap by stopping the current weapon cycle and instantly switching ammo types (on deactivation it automatically changes). 500-round capacity for plasma!
• Longest range ammunition (T1) also has the best tracking. Swap between Occult (21km), Tetryon (32km), Baryon (40km), Mystic (52km) and Meson (63km). I find I use Mystic the most followed by Occult and Meson for sniping frigates.
• Due to the single weapon, operating costs fall somewhere between T2 and Faction for a Marauder (less than any other Faction battleships). Surprisingly enough, you actually expend very little ammunition. If you farm/manufacture your own from blueprints/Abyssal salvage the cost is comparable to T2 ammunition.
• With V skills, implants and three T2 Radiation Sinks, damage scales quickly. Mystic deals over 700 DPS @52km and Occult deals over 1000 DPS @21km. In actual combat disntegrators are averaging about 1.15x more than stated DPS. With drones you’re looking at over 1000 DPS @52km.
• 100 Mbit of drone bandwidth and a 250m3 drone bay give plenty of flexibility. I like 2 sets of T2 sentries (Gardes and Curators) and 2 light flights of T2 Hobgoblins. You can also drop one set of sentries for 2 flights of T2 medium flights. Geckos can work extremely well if you take out opposing frigates first and keep them locked for remore reps (don’t extend drone range).

Pros: Attributes

• Very fast. Not quite as fast as the Machariel - but a close second. Due to weapon range you really don’t need a MJD.
• Capacitor is mid-range but it ties for the fastest recharge and uses substantially less than comparable energy or hybrid hulls. A large cap battery really augments it.
• Remote repair rep bonuses are great for spider-tanking in pairs or repairing drone damage.
• Lots of utility highs for salvage fits, although still not as efficient as a dedicated Noctis or Marauder.
• It’s very effective at tanking L4 missions. 100k+ EHP fits are pretty much the standard.


• With only 4 mids and 3500 shields it’s not a candidate for shield tanking.
• Fitting is very tight - especially with a T2 disintegrator. You will often be hard-pressed to fit anything that takes advantage of the hull bonuses in the utility highs.
• Comes in 3rd for armor behind the Armageddon Navy Issue and Bhaalgorn. Considering it has 5000 less shields it should really have between 12,500-15,000 base armor HP instead of the current 10,500.
• Ammunition size (0.1 m3) somewhat limits cargo capacity, although you really don’t need to carry more than three types of plasma @1000 rounds each.


• Absolutely obliterates any kind of structure!
• Great against Serpentis, Mercenaries, Angels, Gallente and Minmatar
• Effective against Amarr, Blood Raiders, Rogue Drones and Sansha
• Weaker against Caldari, EoM, Guristas and Mordu


Cons: The whole idea behind disintegrator wepon (im not even mentioning stuppid damage types it deals) kills all possible PVE usage for the ship, or any other triglavian ship for that matter.

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Not true, but how about you let me finish writing it up…

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bit of an overstatement

Triglavian theory is based on “3”

Although the Leshak is a shield based ship its slot layout looks to be armor based.

Running three Leshaks in a PvE mission could be ran in the following manner.

2X High Cap Transfer
2X Remote Armor Reppers
1X Remote Shield Repper

2X Cap Booster
1X Med Cap Battery

Fit the lows out for armor, armor rep and armor resistance. Mix the rigs with a cap rig, remote repper cap need rig and Trimark Pump.

Yes, you can spider tank it in pairs or triplets - but you can just as easily do that with any battleship (Nestor, etc.), so that’s really besides the point.

Thermal/explosive is actually not as bad as it seems at first glance. Thermal is the primary or secondary damage weakness for all NPC types, and many have explosive holes. While there’s no falloff there’s also… no falloff. You get 100%+ of rated damage for every successful hit. Misses against battleship-sized targets are extremely rare.

There’s a huge difference between stated damage and actual damage. A Machariel may indicate 1400 DPS with autocannons, but you’ll rarely ever achieve that and will probably be averaging closer to half that at most engagement ranges.


Is that actually true? Do you not get the usual 50%-150% + occasional critical?

I suppose I should get off my ass and check but if you happen to know I’d be curious…

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Sorry, I meant there’s no damage reduction when in falloff because there’s no falloff. Yes, you can still get 50-150% hits plus the rare criticals. Wrecking shots can be qute spectacular - especially when the damage has ramped up.

Based on the peformance I’ve seen thus far I think the average is closer to the 75-150% range. Glances are rare; smashes and pentrations are qute common. So rather than averaging 100% I would estimate it’s probably closer to 105-110%. I’ll take a peek at some logs and double check.


I pulled some data from the logs and I’m averaging 1.31x damage with the Disintegrators. That’s actually quite a bit more than my initial estimate, so I’m going to run another intensive mission and see what the next set of numbers bear out.

Some random stats with Mystic T2 ammunition (699.6 initial DPS):

Boss Battleships
• Republic Fleet Darkana … 9 hits @3.49s = 31.41s
• Republic Fleet Darkana … 11 hits @3.49s = 38.39s

Standard Battleships
• Republic Fleet Typhoon … 6 hits @3.49s = 20.94s
• Republic Fleet Tempest … 6 hits @3.49s = 20.94s
• Freedom Liberty … 6 hits @3.49s = 20.94s
• Freedom Liberty … 8 hits @3.49s = 27.92s
• Freedom Liberty … 9 hits @3.49s = 31.41s

Standard Cruisers
• Republic Fleet Rupture … 2 hits @3.49s = 6.98s
• Freedom Patriot …3 hits @3.49s = 10.47s
• Freedom Patriot … 2 hits @3.49s = 6.98s

More data from Enemies Abound 5 of 5. I used only Mystic exotic plasma against moving targets and Occult against the Smuggler Stargate. No webs, grapplers or target painters were used (just a single tracking speed-scripted tracking computer).

Complete Mission
• 233 total shots required; ammo cost ~1.165m ISK (~5k each)
• 2x Misses … 0.85%
• 32x Glances … 13.73
• 24x Grazes … 10.30
• 49x Hits … 21.03
• 61x Penetrations … 26.18
• 61x Smashes … 26.18
• 4x Wrecking (critical) shots … 1.71%
Average Damage Modifier: 1.1484x
Average Adjusted DPS: 699.6 » 803.42

This seems to validate what I suspected earlier, that Disintegrators seem to be a lot harder hitting than other turret-based weapons. I’d estimated 1.05-1.10x but it’s actually coming in closer to 1.15x.

Thus, my Leshak is actually dealing closer to 820 base DPS (with V Disintegration specialization) out to a range of 52km. This is actually 10-15% more than I was achieving with my blaster Kronos in the same range - before the damage ramp-up on the Leshak.

Standard frigates and destroyers are insta-blap. Most cruisers pop in 2-3 hits, so at best you’re picking up +5-10% with the multiplier. Battleships take 6-8 hits so you’ll gain +25-45% additional damage there.

Smuggler Stargate
• 37x shots (no drone assist)
• 129.13s to destroy with Occult
• Lowest Damage: 2707 (glance)
• Highest Damage: 25436 (wreck)
• Average Damage: 6797

Most battleships will close to around 50km which is the perfect range for Mystic. There are also quite a few that like to get in close and Occult is perfect for sitting back and hammering those when they reach 21km.

The base DPS for Occult is around 1000, but adjusted it’s probably somewhere between 1150-1200. That’s actually on par with blaster Void at the same range in Bastion on the Kronos. Void tends to miss the closer you get to its maximum range of 28km and it’s really most effective at half that.

Aside from the difference in damage profile they seem fairly comparable.


well that’s nice


I certainly wasn’t complaining!

Related topic, how long does it take to Level 5 all skills specific to the Leshak (hull, ancestor modules & weapons)?

ugh 1100ish dps good thing i didn’t buy the hulls yet

No idea on the total training for all relevant skills.
The DPS is actually quite decent considering application.

That’s… bizarre. We’ve never had a weapon that cut out low end hits. If true, that’s really big.

It doesn’t eliminate low-end hits. You can still graze, glance and of course miss - it just seems like there are predominantly more smashes, penetrations and wrecks to potentially offset this. If you look at the raw stats from that mission the number of greater hits far exceed the weaker ones.

The best hit I got was a miss followed by a wrecking shot that insta-blapped a battlecruiser.

I was hoping I could use these to replace my current dual tach nightmare setup but doesn’t seem that great

Depends. How much DPS does your Nightmare deal @70km?

I don’t need 70km need 45-50 my optimal with multi is 47 and 1070 dps