Trig Invasion 3-4 man fleet

Prev used Leshaks and a Nestor but looking to see if this can be improved. Other option would be Snakes but would have to skill missiles on an account or 2. Marauders pretty expensive for not much more in return. (Ease of Salvage)

  1. Must be able to salvage on the fly due to thieves.
  2. Issues tracking frigs somewhat. Looking to to max tracking. Currently using 1 graple 2x webs on Leshaks is there a better way with all the ewar you face?
  3. Cap & Tank. Had some bad experiences when rogue Trig fleet warps into conduit during escalation and multibox mayhem ensues. So some safety would be nice.

[Leshak, *Simulated Leshak Fitting]
Reactive Armor Hardener
Damage Control II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Shadow Serpentis Armor Thermal Hardener
1600mm Steel Plates II
True Sansha Armor Explosive Hardener
Entropic Radiation Sink II

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Stasis Webifier II
Heavy Stasis Grappler II

Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter
Large Remote Armor Repairer II
Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator II
Large Remote Armor Repairer II
Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter

Large Egress Port Maximizer II
Large Remote Repair Augmentor I
Large Anti-Explosive Pump I

Hornet EC-300 x5
Berserker II x5

Occult L x2372
Mystic L x2698
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB5 Dose II x6
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB7 Dose III x1

I’d suggest a Vindi with its 90% webs will resolve the tracking issues. Though I’m not sure at what range the trigs engage at so that could pose a problem, but it’s what I’d look at.


We’ve run Leshaks and Snakes too.
We started just lately adding a command ship to boost target locking speeds and resistances for the fleet, seem to help.

How many do you usually run and have you had any roaming groups warp in during conduits?

On average 3-4 but every now and then up to 8.

The larger group cuts individual rewards per conduit, but normally turn sites fast enough that the fleet can do 3 systems of conduits as a single fleet and still have up to a 1 minute before the next conduit drops. And can make more rewards on average than a 3-4 player fleet

I found it. The issue is in Major Conduits.

Site can be further reinforced by Roaming Fleets warping in from elsewhere in the system. Roaming Fleets are around 15-20 random ships. If one Roaming Fleet warps in, it is very likely that two or three additional reinforcement waves will warp in over the next few minutes. (This can mean that a Flashpoint can be Sealed, and payouts given, while their are still ships on grid.)

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