Trig ship of choice

guys, been out an about today in systems hitting a few trigs, but when I think theres only a few a lot more warp in to help, and after taking some out I just have to warp out.
what would be the ship of choice to use…or maybe top 3, using I think I’m right, explosive ammo.
skills not a problem, although I haven’t gone up the trig route yet…should I?
and if poss a little advice on the fitting for them, on my mach I put two invuls and an explosive hard for shields.
thank you for your time n help :slight_smile:
p.s as they circle real close like 6000 or so, would a brawler fit be better…proteus?

Most people I’ve seen are in little fleets with a variety of ships. A lot of rattlesnakes which seems counter intuitive to me because of the drone penalty. Some people are soloing them though and the best ship I’ve seen for the job is the Loki with the immobility drivers subsystem. It’s got good enough damage, excellent tank that’s naturally strong against explosive, selectable damage type and of course the long web which is just beautiful.

I haven’t seen anyone flying one but another ship I think would be good is the Drake Navy Issue with the interdiction maneuvers command burst and a faction web and a nice fat passive tank. (just an idea I had, not tested)

If you’re in a group it would be best to have most of the group in battleships like the raven or scorp navy, and have one or two guys in a long webbing lokis or something. I personally find it very beneficial to have a web for these. And also missiles are good because the trigs are slippery and annoying af.

I’ve seen some vindicators which seems perfect for a duo or trio but I think it lacks the speed and range to solo effectively, and also it has an explosive resistance hole and its an armor boat typically so it’s kind of working against the grain. Shield is good.


I’m surprised that so many use a raven or cruise boat, as I thought the missiles would be rubbish as soon as they got to close too you, I know you should keep range but you know it happens. Plus the ninja salvagers :).
And yea the rattler does seem counter to what you want with drones.
We were getting swarmed in our area, and Machs, and vargurs all single not fleeted needed to warp out and return, Loki, maybe give it a try with explosive missiles or thermal mix?

I’m not sure. I’ve heard that the invading trigs do more thermal than explosive, unlike the abyssal trigs. I’m not sure if that means they’re weaker against therm. I’m sure their resistance profiles are up on the internet somewhere.

I’ve listed them on the invasion thread.

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