Trig ships for PVP? Some info please

I haven’t actively played in a while so I kinda missed the whole Trig stuff, the past week I’ve been looking in to them a bit and it seems that for my preferred PVP style (solo PVP in null, mission busting, small gang stuff) they’re extraordinarily potent and on the verge of being OP.

I’ve not flown them yet as the old school “EVE has 4 main factions dammit, what is this weird new fad stuff!” kicks so no personal experience just yet and because of that I might very well be wrong in this. So I have a few questions:

  • When doing solo PVP, mostly in frigates cruisers and BC, what kind of chances does a non-Trig ship have when in direct combat with one. What kind of tactics will work against it?

  • is this a case of the old “for PVP train Minmatar” but now with Trigs?

Basically yes, Trig ships are stupid OP. You can only really armor brawl with them but they will destroy anything they get close to. They also track well enough and have long enough range to kill ceptors and at least drive off kites. They do high dps plus bonused neuts and can fit a crapton of tank and the fitting for it all.

They really shine though with spider tanking, find a Drek buddy you can each fit over 100k of buffer and then rep each other with bonused reps.

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remember that damages of trig ships increase overtime but are reset if they loose the target (out of range, or jam). Kiting is an option

Let’s say you are roaming in a RLML Scythe Fleet:
The Frigates: run away and do as much damage as possible while they chase after you, hopefully they’ll be pretty much dead by the time they catch you
Kiki: ram it, all-in, easy killmail, if you know you won’t catch him don’t stick around, it’s a glass cannon
Vedmak: Kite on the edge of it’s range and use ECs, if the damage gets a bit much pull range and reset it’s gun, then burn back in
Ikit: same tactic like the Ved but i’d never burn into its neuts, it’s slower and easily kited, just keep resetting it’s spool at range every time you hit reload and if you start winning try to get a point
Drek: if it has armor links it’ll out-brawl other BCs, don’t commit into these alone
if it has skirmish links, run
no links = probably a bad player, do the usual range games and see how he plays it
Lesh: run

If you have the option to refit, TDs destroy them, against Leshaks we usually bring a Keres
If you start the fight a bit closer you can usually also bait them into using a higher damage ammo and then pull away during the fight so his gun turns off while you keep doing damage

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Kitting has limited use against a twin TC Trig.

You can push trig optimal ranges i can get 76km with medium turrets and massive tracking closing, thus maintain dps amp. Even the T1 Meson doing this can maintain its damage increase to max. Throw in the large bandwidth for drones, you can screw most in one on one.

If a trig has a web or grapple and it locks you down with in 18km they can use T2 Occult ammo, and you’re screwed if can’t break its lock or get out of turret range.

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