Long Time since playing, what's popular now?


Been over 10 years since I logged into Eve. What is the meta for ships/weapons now?


For PvP? Kiting :smiley:

So mainly missiles and arties.


That depends heavily on the area of space where you’re flying. As a general rule, Triglavian ships and Marauders tend to be very strong. Vargur and Vedmak are topping the zkill leaderboards for a reason.

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Long-range snippers are used sometimes if you can use a rohk do so Gix Firebrand Said that is somewhat good for that

Yes for PvP. I’m mainly Caldari and Amarr spec. I can rock missiles for sure.


Yea, basically kiting for 1v1 small gang.

Big fleet doctrines might get shaken up with the HAC stuff.

Tho the Muninn is now a missile ship :smiley:

Trig ships and marauders +1
Vedmak can do almost anything.

Cool. For flying logistics, is armor rep still king?

Depends. I see tons of Scimitars. Like, TONS of Scimitars.

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